Phoenix, Arizona - Strange
Objects Video Taped

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Phoenix, Arizona Objects Video Taped
Date: June 23 - July 11, 2004
Hey Brian! I know I told you I would send you some video on my sightings but I actually accumulated over 2 more hours on top of the 2.5 I already had. So I am going to blow your mind and start you off with a little preview with some pictures from these sightings I have on video. They start from June 23 to 7-11-04. Hope you enjoy the preview. I will send a few emails so I can fit everything. Picture 14 is the same object as picture 16. This is what I spoke briefly about on The Jeff Rense Show. The object came from the west and looked as though it changed shape (obviously). It stopped and straightened out and acted like a pendulum and also turned itself upside down then scattered after 18 minutes (length of sighting). The object appeared to be about a mile or so from me and only 500 1000 ft. high. Picture 3 I originally thought was 2 balloons but in the video it appeared to spawn 1 or more balloons but no more than 4. The way this object moved was like the white "balloon" was the center piece and the other black "balloons" rotated around it. Also the object was going against the breeze that day so balloons are ruled out for now. Video is on the way by weeks end. Object from picture 3 was about 300' high from the beginning and didn't seem to go any higher than 1000' high towards end of sighting. On all 3 of these pictures I did use the binoculars and the video really doesn't show what you are seeing completely. But it'll do. Thank you again bud and talk to you soon.
Thank you to my friend for sending the report and photos.
HBCC UFO Research would love to hear from anyone who resides in the Phoenix, Arizona area that has witnessed these objects, or any other objects of an unknown nature over the years. Thank you, Brian.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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