Another MP's Strange
Encounter At Base
Nuke Facility

From Brian Vike Director
HBCC UFO Research
Alameda County Deputy Sheriff Relates Story
Several years ago, I walked into court and seeing the Alameda County Deputy Sheriff reading Whitley Strieber's Communion, asked whether he'd ever seen a UFO.
And he had. He had been in the Air Force in the early 70s, working as some sort of Military Policeman at McClellan Air Force base, Sacramento.
On the night in question, he was dutifully riding around the base in a jeep driven by his partner. He says there were nukes on the facility, stored in silos or something underground. They were driving toward that area, came around the corner of a building or something, and of a sudden, the driver just stops. My guy says he turns and looks at the driver to see what was going on, and sees him, mouth agape, looking up out the front window. Following his gaze, my guy sees a light hovering still and silent.
They both exit the jeep, walk to the front, and lean against the hood and watch. The light, the size of a basketball, is just there, hovering over the silos, about the height of a telephone pole above the ground. There are no telephone poles or any other structures in the area.
After a time, out the side of the 'basketball' comes another light, smaller, the size and shape of a Kleenex box. It separates from the first light a foot or so off to the side and it stops and hovers. After a while, the box light goes back into the basketball light, and then the show's over. The basketball either just winked out or disappeared up and away.
Our two MPs turn and look at each other, both of their mouths agape and eyes wide, jump back into the jeep and head back to from whence they came. Their boss tells them to stay in place, in quarters, that they will be interviewed by appropriate investigators.
It's a busy night. In quarters, they pick up reports that on this evening, UFO reports are coming in from Air Force bases all over the West, including other bases in Central California and Montana.
And no one ever shows up to interview them.
Thank you to the person for telling me the story.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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