Large Meteor Observed
Over South East Texas
From Stan
It'll be interesting to see if this gets reported in the mainstream media.
At 04:15 06/27/04 an operator at a major Petro-Chem complex in Texas City, Texas observed a brightening of the sky on one of the unit video cameras. No sooner than his attention was diverted to the camera he observed a very bright streak across the sky in his field of view which is westerly. At this point he rushed out side the control room in time to see a very large colorful meteor streaking across the sky west to east at a high altitude. This was also observed by other employees at the plant.
Simultaneously another employee in League City, Texas was walking from his house to his car, leaving for work, and observed the same object. He described it as lighting the sky about as bright as a full moon with a nebulous head similar to a comet. It was leaving streamers of blue, red, yellow and green behind resembling the tail of a comet. He described it as larger than an airliner at low altitude but was very high and appeared to skip off the atmosphere and dissappear.



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