Why Is Israel So Concerned
About Earthquakes?
Jewish State Taking
Earthquake Preparedness Measures
By Michael Goodspeed
Over the last several weeks, the Israeli government has seemed particularly concerned about the threat of large scale earthquakes.
On June 14th, Israel tested a new "earthquake measuring device" by setting off a 28-ton explosion that registered 2.9 on the richter scale. The test was done in the Negev deser near the border with Jordan. Source:
On July 1st, 2004, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles reported that Professor Vladimir Kellis-Borok, a UCLA seismologist who has achieved notoriety in California for his ability to forecast earthquakes, is actively seeking to provide his services to the Israeli government. The JJOGL writes, "Keilis-Borok is convinced that Israeli seismologists, geophysicists and mathematicians have the Yiddishe kop (Jewish brains) to build on his method and warn their country and the surrounding Arab nations of impending major quakes. He urges his Israeli colleagues to shrei gevalt (scream for help) to persuade their government to fund their work." Link:
While earthquakes are not rare in the area, the last major one to strike in 1927, near Jericho in the West Bank, measuring 6.3 on the richter scale. The quake killed more than 200 people.
It is perhaps worth noting that another country to be taking earthquake preparedness measures is Delhi, which announced on June 20th its plan to draw up "earthquake vulnerability maps." Link:
It is also worth noting that earthquakes around the globe have made news headlines numerous times over the last 3 weeks. A list of the most significant activity
June 12th, 2004, Russia: 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Link: http://
June 14th, 2004, Mexico City: 5.8 magnitude earthquake. Link:
June 15th, 2004, Chile: 6.1 magnitude earthquake. Link:
June 15th, 2004, San Dieo: 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Link:
June 21st, 2004 Japan: 5.1 magnitude earthquake. Link:
June 27 th, 2004, Alaska: 6.7 magnitude earthquake. Link:,1413
June 27th, 2004, Chicago, IL: 4.5 magnitude earthquake.
June 25th-June 30th, Lakeview, OR, was struck with a total of 15 earthquakes, 6 of which were strong enough to be listed as "felt." The strongest quake was a 4.4 which struck on June 30th. Source:
July 1st, 2004, Turkey: 5.1 magnitide earthquake struck remote villages in eastern Turkey, killing 18 and injuring 27.
July 2nd, 2004, Philippines: 4.1 magnitude earthquake.
Additionally, as pointed out by a reader of the Surfing the Apocalypse website, media in Iran reported that on June 29th, 2004, a quaked measured at 6.2 by the National Earthquake Information Center in Denver, CO, killed over 25 people, and injured 400. Later estimates by the USGS put the quake at only 4.8. Link:
Looking at this recent seismic activity, one can only wonder if Israel is now taking extra earthquake preparedness measures...because they know something we do not.



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