Gunmen Shoot Dead Interim
Governor Of Basra Province

(Bloomberg) -- Gunmen shot dead the interim governor of southern Iraq's Basra province, site of the country's second- largest city and source of most of its oil exports, a U.K. military spokesman said.
Hazem al-Ainachi, coordinator for the Basra Provincial Council, and two other men were shot dead in the attack at 7:55 a.m. Iraq time, Flight Lieutenant Mike Cannon said by telephone from Basra. Another person was injured in the attack, Cannon said, without giving more details.
Ainachi, 59, was killed as he left his home in the Jubaila neighborhood in the center of Basra to go to work, Agence France- Presse reported, citing his son. Ainachi took over the governorship after judge Wael Abdul Latif was named minister for governorate affairs in June in the caretaker government of Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, AFP said.
The killing is the second assassination of an Iraqi public official in three days. Issam Jassem Kadhem, a Ministry of Defense official, was shot dead late Sunday near his home in Baghdad, AFP reported.
On Saturday, Iraq's justice minister escaped a bomb attack in Baghdad that killed at least four people and wounded three, AFP said, citing government and hospital officials.
Basra is a majority Shiite Muslim city. The Shiites mainly opposed ousted leader Saddam Hussein.
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