Magnetic Poleshift Monitoring
Project Site Now Open

From Ted Twietmeyer
A few months ago, I wrote an article here on Rense about pole shifting taking place. Poleshifts have been a source of contention in many science circles for years. Lava layers which have solidified in the bottom of oceans over many millennia, have proven that the earth's magnetic poles both move and have changed positions many times in earth's history.
There are some theories that such a shift is underway even now. In an effort to see if this is indeed happening and measure it, there is now a website for this. Not only can anyone can learn about this, but they can become a member of the project and provide their compass readings fomr anywhere in the world.
No particpant names will be sold or disclosed to anyone. Finally, understandable science for everyone to be involved in, and not a select few !
NOTE - The website does NOT solicit donations, and does not employ tracking cookies or banners. It exists purely for science reasons only. There are many statements on the site that some scientists will laugh about. It does not exist to support or to deny the validity of mainstream science. Rather, we would like to obtain as much data as possible, from as many people as possible. No government money of any kind funds it, nor are any business groups involved. Just gathering data for science is the sole purpose. The website is also intentionally internet dial-up friendly. No flashy graphics, just the essentials as science should be.
In short, it is the way websites were 10 years ago when the web became a public highway. There will be futher additions and enhancements to the website in the near future.
To visit the site and see if you would like to participate, please visit to read more.



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