Clark AFB Philippines -
Sighting Of An Orange Disk

From Brian Vike,
Director HBCC UFO Research
Dates: From 1973 to 1976 - 1984 to 1988
I was stationed at Clark AB in the Philippines ( now closed) from 1973 to 1976 and again from 1984 to 1988. During the first period I mentioned, I worked in the Base Fuels Distribution Office and one night between 1130 and 1200 we had an incident happen that was very reminiscent of this article. We were responsible for refueling all aircraft at Clark on a 24/7 operation. As such, we would send out a truck between shifts and relieve those individuals that were refueling aircraft or receiving fuel into bulk storage for refueling at a later date. One of our storage points was known as the Hill Area, and it was about 10 miles from our main location. We received fuel there via a pipeline from Subic Naval Base ( Olongapo City) .
During one particular night in late 75 or early 76, we sent a truck up to relieve the personnel who were receiving fuel at the Hill Area and bring them back down so they could go off shift. The type of truck we used for this purpose was a 2.5 ton general utility vehicle with a canvas top over the cargo area. Anyway, as assistant shift leader, I was dispatching trucks that night. When the truck arrived with the individuals going off shift, they were all visibly shaken by something. I asked what was wrong, and was told that they were followed about 1/2 way from the Hill Area by a glowing orange ball about 3 feet in diameter. This ball trailed the truck and would rise up above, then drop to just below the top of the canvas so that all in the truck could see it. At the 1/2 way point, it raised up above the canvas once again and disappeared.
Now, you would think the story ended there but it didn't. When I returned to Clark the second time, I changed jobs and was responsible for training at the airlift wing stationed at Clark at the time. In each unit we had other training people known as training managers that were responsible for that squadron's training programs. Because of the nature of the job, everyone who was a training manager had originally been in another field. It happens that one of the squadron training managers and I were talking one day and I found out that he had been a security policeman also stationed at Clark during 1973 - 1976 . We started talking about old times and he asked me if I had heard of the UFO encounter at Clark. I thought that he was talking about the incident that I related above but found out that it he was aware of that one, but was talking about another incident that happened the same night. It seems that he was sitting on the desk and one of the Security Policemen on the flight line called in a report. He was in an area known as the "J " ramp which was directly in front of the Clark AB control tower. His sighting involved an orange disk directly over his position, approximately 75-100 feet in diameter. According to the individual relating the story to me, the disk sat there for a few seconds then shot straight up, disappearing almost immediately. The individual relating the story said that since this was a highly peculiar incident he then called the Security Police commander who asked if he had made an entry on the police blotter ( a logbook of incidents taking place on a shift) yet. He replied no, and the commander said not to and to forget that the incident ever happened. I heard nothing from any of our drivers myself that night because they were all occupied refueling aircraft at the far end of the parking area.
Over the years I have thought about this incident allot, and I sure would like to talk to some other people who saw either craft. I imagine that especially those individuals working in the control tower or sitting at the ground control radar that night would have quite a story to tell.
I would like to ask that any service men or women who were working at the Clark AB Philippines at the dates given in the story who have information about this incident would they please contact me. Not only would I like to know but the gentleman who is relating this story would like to hear from you also.
I would like to thank this person for telling us this fascinating story.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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