Official US Body
Count Is A Lie
Is Anybody Paying Attention?
By Linda Gale Nolen

902 GI's died since war began in Iraq as of JULY 24, 2004
Hello? Wake the town and tell the people!
Does anyone REMEMBER August 17, 2003?
MAZEN DANA, Reuters' photo-journalist was murdered outside of Abu Grhaib Prison after filming and interviewing PRISONERS there.
I wrote an article months ago that some of you may have read:
Journalists and Photographers Die Trying to Tell Us Truths
Mazen had previously filmed DEAD U.S. soldiers buried in the desert and in another location more DEAD U.S. soldiers wrapped in plastic by their fellow U.S. soldiers, who were ordered to HIDE the bodies.
While I don't remember the EXACT "Official Body Count" in August, 2003, I did watch continuously from that time to see if the body count went UP to include those DEAD soldiers.
It didn't.
And it will never include those unknown dead at the early phase of the invasion of Iraq. But, nearly a year later the media continues to publish the Official Body Counts AS IF they are true.
As another August is near and the o-ne year anniversary of Mazens' murder is o-nly a few weeks away, I am saddened by the apparent acceptance by so many Americans of the Military claim that his death was an accident.... and the case is OFFICIALLY CLOSED.
Mazen KNEW last August what was happening to the Abu Ghraib prisoners and he was prepared to show his film o-n TV in a documentary about that and the dead U.S. soldiers when he was murdered.
Recently, we have been bombarded with the atrocities by some U.S. soldiers at the prison. However, every article and every TV news report has continuously stated that the "problems" began in or discovered in or was discovered in October/November 2003.
Mazen was there in AUGUST, 2003, folks!
I've also wondered all these months if the families of those DEAD U.S. soldiers were ever told what happened to them? Were their bodies flown back to the US? Were their families given any explanation for their disappearance? Were they listed as MIA's?
So, today when you read and hear the TV reports that the Pentagon's Official Body Count has risen to ONLY 902, will you be content that it isn't MORE? However, by the time you read this it will be MORE as we seem to have daily deaths now.
I've noticed many of the newspapers, TV media, and even credible online journalists are quoting the Pentagon's Official numbers. Now, even the Associated Press is perpetuating the lie by using the Pentagon's count in their news articles daily.
Will you BELIEVE that it is an ACCURATE count?
How CAN you, when you know about Mazen's discovery in 2003?
Why is no one standing up and correcting this lie?
I sent this article to more websites than I've ever submitted to in the last year and only ONE posted it. I talked with a fellow writer who also wrote two articles on this topic and no one was interested. That was last year!
I'd like to think it's just my writing style and not the topic that they objected to as their reason for not posting it. I'd welcome any journalist to take this topic and with their superior writing talent rewrite it so that this LIE will be exposed and stopped!
We KNOW there are THOUSANDS of dead US soldiers. Why are those who are in positions of authority not saying anything about this? Are we a nation of cowards now? Are we reduced to whispering our beliefs? Is the fear of losing job home and maybe life making cowards of Americans? What good is living in fear? If the pioneers were afraid to risk their lives for what they believed in there would be no United States of America today.
Clearly we are a divided nation now as never before. The greedy wealthy Americans who will not risk losing their elite lifestyle and the working poor who feel defeated already. Is anybody listening for TRUTH? Does anybody even care that we are losing our freedom and will soon be dead or living in servitude in the Ashcroft Camps?
DO we not have even one Barbara Frietche among us? Do we not have even one Nathan Hale? Do we not have even one Patrick Henry? Do we have ANYONE who even knows who they were and what they said and did in defense of this country? Do we have only the haves and the have nots and never the twain shall meet?
For those of you reading this today, remember that our days of the luxury of the internet, the telephone, the elctricity, the water supply, the food supply, the gasoline supply, the medical supply and other things we've taken for granted until now, are numbered and the numbers are much lower than the Pentagon's body count numbers.
Each day we lose one more day that we lived in freedom and one morning soon we will be wishing we had the good life. The life we wouldn't FIGHT for will be gone forever.



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