CJD/Mad Cow Deaths Not
Reportable In 28 States

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
This is amazing. Here is a list of States where CJD is reportable/not reportable. How do we get accurate numbers of cases when 28 States, including large states like California, are not obligated to report the diagnosis? I am amazed. I thought that it was reportable for all States.
It is not reportable in Oregon or even District of Columbia.
If time permits, I would like to go over this list. The fact that 28 states are not required to report the diagnosis, makes a big difference in CJD stats and numbers of US cases. The families of victims, understandably, would not want the doctor to publicize the diagnosis of CJD and many cases in these 28 states go unreported. This totally skews the stats. We therefore have a probable loss in the 28 states, as well as many cases misdiagnosed as Alzheimer Disease. My guess is that CJD is not the rare disease the CDC would have us believe it is.
States Where CJD Diagnosis is Reportable by Law
Information on all US Individual State requirements for doctors who make a diagnosis of CJD. Report when necessary is made to the proper state health department.
State Status Comments
Arkansas Reportable Within 24 hours of diagnosis
Colorado Reportable Listed as TSE's reportable within 7 days
Connecticut Reportable For under 55 within 12 hours
Florida Reportable
Georgia Reportable Suspected within 7 days
Massachusetts Reportable Effective Feb 2003
Mississippi Reportable
Missouri Reportable 3 days of first knowledge or suspicion
Nebraska Reportable Within 7 days
New Jersey Reportable
New York City
not CJD??? Reportable "Mad Cow Disease" listed
New York State Reportable
North Carolina Reportable
North Dakota Reportable Within 7 days
Ohio Reportable
Pennsylvania Reportable Within 7 days
Rhode Island Reportable Within 4 days
South Dakota Reportable Listed as TSE's reportable within 3 days
Texas Reportable
Utah Reportable Within 7 days of identification
Vermont Reportable Within 24 hours
Virginia Reportable
Wisconsin Reportable Voluntary -Soon to become officially reportable
Wyoming Reportable
Alabama Not Reportable
Alaska Not Reportable
Arizona Not Reportable Under Review
California Not Reportable
Delaware Not Reportable
District of Columbia Not Reportable
Hawaii Not Reportable
Idaho Not Reportable
Illinois Not Reportable
Indiana Not Reportable
Iowa Not Reportable
Kansas Not Reportable
Kentucky Not Reportable
Louisiana Not Reportable
Maine Not Reportable
Maryland Not Reportable
Michigan Not Reportable
Minnesota Not Reportable
Montana Not Reportable
Nevada Not Reportable
New Hampshire Not Reportable
New Mexico Not Reportable
Oklahoma Not Reportable
Oregon Not Reportable
South Carolina Not Reportable
Tennessee Not Reportable
Washington Not Reportable Reportable at Doctor's discretion
West Virginia Not Reportable
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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