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By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

Definitions have to be updated. Words and phrases that no longer apply have to be identified. Moreso true nowadays than ever before. We shall add to this list from time to time.
Words and Phrases Defined
American Resistance---forceful opposition to the domination of the U.S. by the British Monarchy considering the U.S. as an actual colony, the inhabitants subjects of the Crown rather than citizens of the supposed American Republic. Term forbidden to be uttered by the Monopoly Press as stooges of the Aristocracy.
American Republic---cancelled phrase, no longer effective, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights having been effectively nullified by a stolen Presidential election as an emerging and more and more evident Coup d'etat. Still mumbled , however, by backward-looking dreamers and propagandists are the obsolete words "American Republic".The term should be removed from all future books, magazines, and speeches to reflect reality or, at the minimum, explanation made as to why the term is obsolete.
Lone Assassin---Not used much in Europe, primarily American home-grown phrase to lull know-nothings to accept version of history promulgated by newsfakers on behalf of "the powers that be", the ruling elite, and other poobahs.`Seven U.S. presidents since 1841, assassinated for the benefit of among others, the British Monarchy, all perished either "by accident" or "lone assassin",
[Visit the extensive series "The Overthrow of the American republic", also at ]
Secret Societies---according to the oil-soaked, spy-riddled Monopoly Press, they do not exist. The elite reject discussion of the term as mere blather by "conspiracy theorists", crackpots, and other malcontents. Bilderberg Society, Bohemian Grove, Poor Richard's Society, and similar groups are forbidden to be discussed by the popular press except in a humorous manner to impress readers, viewers,and listeners, that there is no basis whatever for serious iinquiry as to these shadowy control and destiny-creating groups.
U.S. Presidential Election---well-orchestrated magic show scripted six months to a year ahead of time, by the Secret Societies, most often, the Bilderberg Society. That group is a highly well-guarded, extremely secretive enclave, meeting in a different country each year. The members consist of the iindustrial, academic, financial, media, and other such bosses who anoint who is to be promoted and crowned . as the next U.S. President as well as when Wars and Depressions, caused by the Secret Societies, are to begin and how the same are to proceed to knock-down U.S. Labor and to steal the prosperity-gptten properties of the purported Middle Class.
Prior to the phantasy show, the so-called "U.S. Election" , the media moguls shape and direct U.S. public opinion, through fake stories in the press, slanted straw polls, and similar Big Lie devices.
If those methods prove ineffective, then the media bosses feed fake election returns to the state and local election boards, reversing the legal process of the election officials feeding the vote totals to the media. If that does not work to steal and falsify the election returns, then the voting machines, driven bv proprietary domputer codes known only to the mostly foreign-owned voting machine-makers, produce fraudulent returns. In the process of that, legitimate votes cast are rejected, voters are falsely labeled as "convicted felons" who have lost the right to vote, and so on.
To enable the monopolists and the Aristocracy to control who occupies the Oval Office and the key positions in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, step by step America has slipped into abandoning the voting process known as the secret Australian paper ballot.
"Right to vote for U.S. President"---as narrowly defined by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia,in "Bush versus Gore", no Americans have the right to vote for U.S. President. Rather, they have the very limited right, if at all, to vote for State Electors who, in turn, decide who, if anyone, should get the State's vote as part of the Electoral College process.
This Fascist-inclined purported Judge minimized the role of voters as being of no U.S. Constitutional consequence. Omitted by the Monopoly Press are the facts tending to show that the Five-Judge Majority on the high court in "Bush versus Gore", had most serious conflicts of interest or were straight-out corrupted. In short, they purported to rule as a Military-Dictator Junta, drumhead Justice, rule by the Fist and Nazi and Fascist salute instead of rule by Law.
[See "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", parts 9 and 10 in particular.]
"Fight to promote American Freedom"---American soldiers sent to foreign battlefields to be shot to pieces or die, "to promote American Freedom". These words and phrases are entirely phony, particularly in recent decades. The term has to be modified to state, "American soldiers sent to foreign battlefields to be shot to pieces or die, to promote the theft of oilfields and minerals, the attempted intervening in some other nation's civil war, and similar imperial prerogatives of the American/British Aristocracy.
The term "Fight for American Freedom" to be excised from all current magazine and news items, speeches, and other utterances, as being the Big Lie.
"Die in vain"---No longer has the necessary impact. as to the U.S. Military sent to Afghanistan and Iraq, to be shot to pieces or die. It should be modified to, "Die for no American purpose". Either way, the term is difficult to deal with by the loved ones who lost their friend, relative, family member by the treason and deceit of the White House and the Pentagon.
To deal with their private grief, the family members for public consumption have to state their loved one died "a hero", "Fighting for American Freedom". They have to lead others to understand that the loved ones believe this fairy tale, as aiding them in dealing with their grief. It takes a very brave family member to admit their son or daughter or wife or husband and so on, died in Afghanistan or Iraq, merely to assist the oil cartel to steal further oil and natural gas propeties or for oil and gas pipeline purposes.
Nevertheless, in defining the term "Die for no American purpose", it should be emphasized that the U.S. Military sent to Afghanistan or Iraq, went in good conscience upon being "ordered" but are being misused by the White House, the Pentagon, and others, acting on behalf of the Aristocracy which has no mindset on behalf of humanity.
More definitions and details coming.
Stay tuned.
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