Are Our Leaders
Criminals & Satanists?
Resistance Radio

By Henry Makow, PhD

Cloak and Dagger Internet Radio says you can add "murderers, traitors and liars" to this list as well.
Each week host Nelson Thall ("Lenny Bloom") and regular guests, Tom Henighan and Sherman Skolnick "uncover the cover-ups."
A typical show last week revealed that President George W. Bush ("Bush-fraud") was involved in a satanic mass murder in 1984 in Brownsville TX in which 17 cult members were slain and /skinned. / During the 2000 election campaign, reporters confronted Dubya and he /didn't deny it./ Apparently Dubya's teeth marks were found on one of the victims but Daddy Bush, a practicing satanist himself, got it covered up.
Gradually people are recognizing that mankind has been swindled on a cosmic scale by a satanic cult headquartered in the City of London.
Is it really so unbelievable that mankind's moral development would /not/ be in the interests of the financial elite and that they would take elaborate steps to control, stunt and even destroy us? Is it so unbelievable that they would adopt a perverse ideology to rationalize their Rule of Evil?
This is a war of consciousness and satanists control the big guns: the weapons of mass communications. The resistance, who believes man's duty, is to express his Divine not lower nature, has one weapon, the Internet.
Many leaders are guilty of depravities that would discredit and render them ineffective if widely exposed. This is their Achilles' heel.
Recently, Tom Henighan reported that shocking information is contained in Kerry's divorce records, and is used to blackmail and control him.
John Kerry ("Cash and Carry") has been filmed in a snuff porn video with underage girls in England.
Henighan, a friend and advisor of Al Gore with Intelligence agency sources, says Kerry is an agent of British Intelligence (MI-6).
Not only are both Presidential candidates members of a secret satanic society, the /Skull and Bones/, they are related as well! Kerry is a third cousin of George W. Bush on his mother's side.
A word of caution: sometimes the Cloak and Dagger hosts seem a little over the top. Take it all with a grain of salt and see if subsequent events prove them correct.
For instance, /Cloak and Dagger/ reported for months that Canada Steamship Lines owned by Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's family was smuggling cocaine.
On July 1, authorities found $13 million worth attached to the hull of one of his ships.
The media stated that smugglers had secreted their stash without the company's knowledge. Would this explanation work if it were found on your car?
Henighan says John Edwards made his reputation as an injury lawyer by bribing his juries. Edward's agenda is to expose Kerry's improprieties and bump him from the ticket. Jay Rockefeller will become VP.
Henighan is passionate in denouncing the political elite as "filth." He says the US media is "the enemy of the American people" and he has the dirt on most of the news celebrities. His indignation, so natural yet so rare, is refreshing and inspiring to hear.
He calls Al Gore the "elected and uninaugaurated President of the United States." The last election was "stolen."
Apparently thousands of black voters (Gore supporters) were prevented from voting by the Florida governor, Dubya's brother Jeb, They were pronounced "felons" and removed from the voter's lists.
Much of this skulduggery is supported by top-secret documents posted on the cloak and dagger site.
Henighan maintains that there is a war raging within the US government between the Bush-Clinton-Kerry "fascist-criminal-cabal" and those who want to bring them to justice. The French CIA is assisting the latter.
Henighan says Sandy Berger was caught removing National Archives documents that would implicate him and accomplices in the millions of dollars made from put options purchased on airline and insurance stocks before the 9/11 attacks.
The /Cloak and Dagger/ show is on Sunday through Tuesday at 9 p.m. E.S.T. You can subscribe to their revealing archives for $20 for six month.
I also recommend the veteran Resistance Voices: the Jeff Rense program and Alex Jones' show.
Jones recently had an interview with John DeCamp who exposed the pedophile ring in the Reagan Bush White House.
Rense's archive contains invaluable interviews with experts like Webster Tarpley, Tim Rifat and Joan Veon. His show is always inspiring.
Crime and depravity is the elite's soft underbelly. Let's support these courageous shows and spread the word.
The elite depends on our credulity and docility. If we can expose them, they cannot govern. If we insist on the law, we can put them in jail where they all belong.
Henry Makow Ph.D is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing feminism and the new world order are found at his web site He welcomes feedback but recommends you use an anonymous email address.



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