Temple Mount Activist Says
Blowing Up Dome Of
Rock Is 'Worthy Act'

By Arik Bender
Maariv International - Israel

"Blowing up the Dome of the Rock is a worthy act", Yehuda Etzion, one of the leaders of the Movement of the Temple Mount Loyalists and a former convicted member of the "Jewish underground", has told Army Radio this (Sunday) morning.
Etzion's words came as a response to Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi's comments on Channel Two's Meet the Press, by which, "The prospects that Jewish extremists could carry out an attack on the Temple Mount in order to prevent the disengagement plan from being implemented are growing".
The right-wing activist's response stirred uproar among members of the Knesset. MK Ran Cohen (Yahad) called on [Attorney General] Mazuz and [ISA chief] Dichter "to use all measures in order to prevent a handful of extremists from igniting the entire Middle East and lead Israel into a religious war against hundreds of millions of Moslems".
Cohen's fellow party member Yossi Sarid said that the government should lock the Temple Mount's gate to Jews. "The Temple Mount area is not a playground for opportunists from Sharon to Etzion. As Tish'a Be'av (day of fasting in memory of destruction of first and second temple) nears, every man is responsible for not allowing extremists to destroy the third temple".
Likud lawmaker and former senior ISA official Ehud Yatom has termed Etzion's words as "extremely serious".
Yatom, who took part in the 1984 arrest of the "Jewish underground" while he served as the ISA's director of operations, added, "The authorities must deal with those whose words are so inappropriate. If there are such people who try to undermine the government and wish to carry out such actions, I suggest they be placed under administrative detention".
Meanwhile, the High Court of Justice will debate on Tuesday a petition filed by the Temple Mount movement whose members wish to descend to the mount during the Tish'a Be'av Tzom (a day of fasting in memory of the destruction of the first and second temple).
The movement's leader, Gershon Solomon, files a suit with the court every year before the day of fasting demanding police allow his entrance to the mount. According to police, the reason behind the refusal is that Solomon has been "marked" by the Palestinians and his entrance to the site could stir riots.
Until today, justices have rejected Solomon's petitions but emphasized that the denial of his entry must be based on updated intelligence estimates.
Another leading right-wing activist who refused to be identified has told NRG Maariv, "I don't know any person who would blow up the Temple Mount but if this situation persists and the Palestinians would continue to control it, I wouldn't be surprised if thousands of Jews would forcefully make their way up to the mount in order to pray. Hanegbi and other officials are preparing groundwork for administrative detentions. We will continue to act; they wont intimidate us".
Earlier, a senior police official reiterated the statement made by Hanegbi. According to the official, there have been "quite a few statements made by Jewish extremists as of late regarding a possibility of an attack on the Temple Mount in an attempt to derail the disengagement".
The official stressed, however, that specific information on such a plot does not exist, but added that the police deployment around the mount would be round the clock "24 hours a day, 7 days a week". This, he says, "in order to prevent any attempt to perpetrate such an attack".



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