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by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom
Historians, with Establishment credentials, seldom emphasize a cascade of events as possibly having a little understood if actual singular cause. The liars and whores of the press too often portray happenings as mere unrelated episodes of random selection. That is, unconnected railroad boxcars of news, with no known driving force.
It is so of past as well as current events. After all, when are we, the peons, the shirtless ones, ever told that the warlords of espionage/dope and satanic finance---the ever Secret Societies of the planet---have fallen back upon their panic mode?
To search engine-eyed examiners, some things are self-evident.
On November 6, 2000, as a reasonable starting point, began the deluge of intentional episodes. It was the day before the Presidential Election. Saddam Hussein, appearing to break away from CIA control, proclaimed he will accept only the Euro currency as payment for Iraq's oil.
There began an obvious danger that this rebel fixation would spread elsewhere in the oilfields of the Muslims and the Persians. If so, it would destroy the credit and financial infrastructure of a declining former world power, the U.S. The so-called "U.S. Dollar" would be destroyed. Of course, it is actually backed only by hot air ---Federal Reserve notes--- masquerading as U.S. government currency.
Under these circumstances, the stooge and scapegoat of a faction in the Aristocracy, George W. Bush, had to be selected and arbitrarily installed as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. It mattered nothing that Albert Gore, Jr., won the popular vote by 600,000 and the essential Florida Electoral College vote was stolen by bribery. Strange, but the circumstances were nearly identical to that of 1876, when the election winner was refused to be inaugurated.
[Even more strange, was that in the Spring of 2000, was reprinted as paperback, Gore Vidal's prophetic opus entitled simply "1876" detailing how at that time corruption of the Florida election officials and corrupt high court judges installed Rutherford Hayes as the President, yet Samuel Tilden won the election. Hence, thereafter Hayes was called "Rutherfraud" and now we call "Dubya" as Bushfraud. How was it that the purported 2000 Election was patterned, almost identical, to the 1876 Election, involving the selfsame Florida, bribery of judges, and more. ]
[Scroll way down the website, for numerous stories about 2000 election, bribery of Florida officials and such. Also, as to corruption of U.S. Supreme Court Judges in 2000, in Bush vs. Gore, see part 9, "Coca-Cola,CIA, and the Courts".]
Now, to continue discussion as to oil. After all, key petroleum players were the degenerate Saudi royals. The Saudis, since 1973 were jointly with Japan, large buyers of U.S. Treasury securities. They propped up ballooning U.S. debt. These two are the only ones guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury to be paid, if asked or demanded, in gold, were the two to want to redeem or sell the securities. Of course, U.S. citizens are not so benefitted or privileged.
In the 1970s, was a little-remembered campaign by a very brave, outspoken journalist, Tom Valentine, to force an audit of the supposed U.S. gold at Fort Knox. After one vault there was finally opened, all that was found was an orangish mess, not suitable for world trade, apparently very impure melted down gold coins from the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration in 1934, outlawing gold to be possessed by U.S. citizens, and ordering the U.S. Secret Service and others to grab whatever gold U.S. citizens may have had tucked into their "deposit boxes" (run by a separate entity, not generally known, a safe deposit box company, separate and apart from the bank but within the bank house).
The American Ruling Class, with foreknowledge, shipped THEIR gold out of the nation before President-elect Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933. The banker-judge reactionaries, sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, arbitrarily, in an infamous, poisonous ruling in the Gold Clause cases, in the1930s, approved of this grabbing of the gold of common Americans.
Only a populist publication, "Spotlight", dared publish the comments of a U.S. General, as to where the U.S. gold had gone years before the public inspection of one Fort Knox vault in the 1970s. A convoy of trucks, under the General's command, whisked away the Fort Knox gold to New York. From there, it was shipped to the Bank of England, 1968, to stem a run upon that rotten, treasonous enterprise.
The faction in the Aristocracy, installing Bush, had to use these corrupt means. The purpose was simple. To use supposed foreign terrorists inflicting violence on American soil as an excuse to invade Afghanistan, as step one, to the invasion of Iraq as step two. Demanding payment in Euros instead of Dollars had to be stopped. It was the basic excuse to want to seize Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein. He was a son-of-a-bitch, BUT he was the Iraqi son-of-a-bitch, acceptable to most of his countrymen. Yes, he was brutal to the dissident element the Kurds. Yes, he cut off the ears of those who deserted his Army. As we have detailed in earlier stories, Iraq was one of the most prosperous nations, secular government not clerical, in the Mid-East. That was, until Saddam had a falling out with his private business partner, in 1990, George Herbert Walker Bush. [Visit the website story "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" as well as numerous parts of the series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic"]
In earlier articles, have been raised in the Overthrow series, that Kurds turned over in December, 2003, a virtual twin or double of Saddam, to the American military. The real Saddam, as we stated in April, 2003, may well be in a basement somewhere in Moscow. And remember, the U.S. is so fearful of what "Saddam" or actually his double might say, that at a recent court hearing, the audio of what "Saddam" was saying was mostly all turned off, and the written reports heavily censored.
If the inclination for the Mid-East to demand payment for their oil treasure in Euro currency to become commonplace, what would it mean? The upshot would be that the European Union would have cheap if not free energy. They would run their printing presses, churning out paper money, to pay for oil.
In the struggle between the "U.S.Dollar" and the Euro currency, the winner would control the Western World. The insidious Queen Elizabeth II of England, actually of German royalty, not fully satisfied with the Euro, would nevertheless have an even stronger hold on America, infested as now, by a heavily pro-British American monopoly press. Continental Europe, as the winner, could have more and more of an armlock, growing now, on America.
It would be the Overthrow of the American Republic, the final, fatal shot to American Imperialism.
So the demand of the Euro currency instead of Dollars, for oil, starting at least right before the U.S. Presidential Election, 2000, if not before, was the single most important event. It was the driving force. All the other descriptions of episodes by the press fakers and propagandists, were just so much diverting noise.
In their often sexified, often degenerate mind, the Aristocracy justified fraud, treason, corruption, and vast bloodshed, as mere collateral damage. The fight between the Dollar and the Euro currency, in their mindset, warranted the corruption of the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore. Bush could be counted on to follow orders. It made acceptable, killing three thousand Americans in the home-grown violence of 9-11, to be falsely blamed on Arab patsies. This, to cancel the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It made proper and appropriate, to pretend to "Bomb Iraq Into Democracy", as a pretext to stop the oil-soakers becoming addicted to the Euro, not the Dollar.
Have we all forgotten, upon the fraudulent decision of the high court in Washington, that Gore the actual duly elected President and winner but not to be inaugurated, did NOT concede supposed defeat? Gore merely permitted, for the moment, for Bush to be the evil King of America, the stick-up man of Justice, the squatter eating and sleeping in the White House.
History may not soon enough chronicle the Euro-Dollar war. and Iraq. But an accurate report would profoundly explain plenty.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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