Making The World
Less Safe For Americans

By Terrell E. Arnold
7-2-4 (Updated)

Wednesday, June 23, the Congress of the United States passed an incredible resolution. By a vote of 407 to 9, the House passed Concurrent Resolution 460 to give total support to Israel's hard right Likud government to annex the great bulk of Palestine and make it part of Israel. The Resolution, which appears to have been passed with little discussion or debate, expressed two main thoughts:
It strongly endorses the April 14, 2004 George W. Bush letter to Ariel Sharon that gives US approval to Israeli Likud plans for the West Bank and Gaza.
It supports efforts to build Palestinian institutions to fight terrorism that will "prevent the areas from which Israel has withdrawn from posing a threat to the security of Israel."
But the really devastating language of this resolution is in the whereas clauses, those statements made to justify the resolution. Those clauses in summary affirm that:
President Bush and Ariel Sharon already have made a deal, and the Palestinians, the United Nations, and all third parties no longer have anything to say on this subject.
"The United States will do its utmost to prevent any attempt by anyone to impose any other plan." (emphasis added).
In light of 'new realities,' mainly because the Israeli settlements exist (they are called 'Israeli population centers' in the Bush letter) they have become part of Israel.
The Palestinian refugee issues can be resolved only "through the establishment of a permanent alternative and the settling of Palestinian refugees there rather than in Israel.(emphasis added).
"The United States remains committed to the security of Israel...and to preserving and strengthening the capability of Israel to deter enemies and defend itself."
Stripped of any polite language, this resolution is a total commitment of the President and the Congress of the United States to creation of the Zionist dream of a greater Israel. To the Palestinians, this resolution says any territory they retain in this deal will look like a piece of Swiss cheese and include no more than 10% of their ancestral home. Israeli peace activist, Ury Avnery, called this plan "a recipe for continuing the war."
Particularly to Arab states, the resolution is take it or leave it: "All Arab states must oppose terrorism, support emergence of a peaceful and democratic Palestine, and state clearly that they will live in peace with Israel."
Moreover, the resolution leaves no doubt that the United States will continue to arm the Israelis. Arming them also means that the United States will continue to look the other way while (contrary to US law) Israeli forces use modern, powerful, US supplied weapons to repress the Palestinian people.
Why would Bush and the Congress do this now? The Bush letter, says the Resolution, "will enhance the security of Israel and advance the cause of peace in the Middle East." Such an outcome is devoutly to be wished, but the Bush statement is pious nonsense.
In fact, even considering the chaos in Iraq, the Congress of the United States has just codified the most powerful terrorism generator that has come into existence since 9-11.
While most signs have been at best ambiguous for several years, this resolution tells the Palestinians that they should abandon hope, recognize that their future will be worse than their past, but get in line, and cooperate with the inevitable. The prospect this paints for them is that they not only must accept loss of their homes and property, and the withering of any viable Palestinian state, but they should expect no compensation and they must look elsewhere for a place to live. Not only are Palestinian extremists strengthened by this, but their support bases will grow among the Palestinian people and among other peoples of the region.
On the day before this resolution, it already appeared clear enough that Osama bin Laden was having no problems recruiting new adherents to al Qaida. On the day after, bin Laden is probably ready to thank the Congress for making his job so much easier.
What is most striking about the situation is that the Zionists have to know that the risks of Palestinian terrorist attacks, as well as attacks by sympathizers, will greatly increase. Perhaps the Zionists are so dedicated to the idea of greater Israel that they do not care, but as several analysts recently have concluded, and as the overall tone of the Congressional resolution suggests, Sharon could not move ahead with his plans, and he certainly would not receive promised levels of US support, if the terrorists stopped attacking.
Probably no members would concede that this resolution makes the President and the Congress responsible for coming rounds of terrorist violence and military reprisals in Palestine, as well as attacks on Americans abroad, but that is the simple fact. In a slavish bid for political support in November, both the President and the Congress have bought into Zionist plans. Neither seems aware that polls show the majority of American Jews oppose Sharon's plan but are too intimidated by the Zionists to object. In any case, in order to get themselves elected, Congress and the President have assured continuing violence in Palestine and they collectively have chosen to make the world less safe for Americans.
Author's Note:
This writer wishes to note that he has the utmost respect for believers in the traditions of Zionism that existed well before the writings of Herzl early in the last century. What has happened since Herzl is, itself, a tragedy. The Herzlites adopted an extreme right political agenda that hijacked the name of Zionism and perverted its values toward the land grab and hard line treatment of Palestinians that is now manifest by Likud and other followers of Ariel Sharon.
In addition to spending mountains of money on political lobbies, the Herzlites have done two things to protect their position: They have had unfortunate success in labeling the Jews who object to or criticize the extremist agenda as 'self-hating Jews.' They have labeled all Gentiles who object or criticize that agenda as anti-Semitic.
Christian Zionists have bought into the Sharon/Herzlite lead; they have warped the values of Christianity toward a repressive treatment of the Palestinian people and support for the hard line Zionist extremist agenda. Christians and Jews alike must speak out against the distortions of their faith by these extremists. Both should object strenuously and in writing to the pandering to those distorters by the US Congress in passing Concurrent Resolution 460.
The writer is a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer of the US Department of State. He will welcome comments at



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