Fahrenheit 911 - On The
Virtues Of Not 'Moving On'

By Carol Schiffler
Have you ever noticed, when you're being disregarded,
there's a singular phrase the politicos say
For the good of the country pretend nothing's happened
Just close your eyes and make it all go away, hear them say
For the good of America just forget it, cause it's time to move on"
but the truth is, you know it when you hear it
their lips are moving but they're doing you wrong
Rod MacDonald ~ "For the Good of America" (from the "Recognition" CD)
"Are you tired of the constant stream of America-bashing from the shamelessly liberal news media and left-wing politicians who use every negative news story to launch a political attack against our military and our commander in chief? Then join with the millions of Americans who are uniting to 'Move America Forward' to win the War on Terrorism." So states the Move America Forward website, whose founders would like us to believe that we are in grave and imminent peril from American-hating terrorists and leftists if we allow people to - well, ask questions.
Yesiree, questions will be the downfall of Mom, apple pie, shopping malls and everything that represents the American Way of Life. Questions will be the death of our brave men and women in uniform and little white babies all over the country. Questions are a knife in the heart of Jesus. Our inerrant and infallible commander-in-chief, whom God, Himself, is directing cannot, and will not, be questioned if Move America Forward has anything to say about it because "we are winning the war on terrorism."
Oh really? Then perhaps the decidedly leftist "Washington Times" is just America-bashing in their June 11 article entitled Terror Reality and Rhetoric. The lead paragraph states that "Claims by President Bush, and embraced by many lawmakers on Capitol Hill, that the United States is winning the war on terror have been shot down by news that the number of terrorist incidents and victims increased sharply in 2003, an important fact buried in today's major newspapers."
Well that certainly raises a few questions, doesn't it? Actually, if you look back honestly at America's very bloody history, you might find yourself wanting to ask quite a few questions. But if you are the kind of American who just wants to "move forward" there just isn't any time for questioning. And that's where Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 911 comes in.
You see, Michael Moore is one of those unfortunate souls who do not want to move forward. He has questions about what really happened on September 11, 2001. And worse yet, he has the sheer unmitigated gall to ask his questions on the Silver Screen where tens of thousands of previously unquestioning, Bush-loving, Muslim-hating citizens might be exposed to them and turn into American-bashing leftists, much like the Washington Times. No questionsnothing to see heremove along.
Michael Moore would like to know, for example, about the business relationships between the Bushes and the bin Ladens. He would like to know why the Taliban was entertained in Crawford Texas prior to 9/11. He would like to know why the pResident of the United States just sat there in a room full of human shieldsI mean school childrenreading a book when the Twin Towers were in flames. He would like to know why the Saudi Royal family was allowed to leave the country on September 11, 2001, when every other plane in the entire United States was grounded.
These are questions that concern me, as a voting, tax paying, God-fearing citizen too. And I have a few more. I would like to understand how, in the remains of a conflagration hellish enough to melt steel and reduce human remains to cinder and ash, it is possible that someone stumbled across the remains of Mohammed Atta's passport. Who found it and how? And I would like to understand how it is that Islamic fundamentalists, who presumably were such fanatics that they would die for Allah in order to punish the godless heathens, would be spotted in a strip club in Florida just prior to undertaking their most holy of missions. And I would like to understand why Jeb Bush had all the records from the flight school, where these murderous terrorists were trained, destroyed. And I would also like to know why the pResident and the vice-pResident keep insisting that there are ties between Saddam Hussein and al-Queda when it has been indubitably proved that there were none. And I would like to know why the blood of Americans and Iraqis alike continues to be shed for invisible weapons of mass destruction. And I have a lot more questions where those came from. But Move America Forward is not interested in the answers to those questions. It is apparently, far more desirable to keep moving forward, at a frantic pace, without thought or care - without checking first to see if you are stepping on firm ground, in dog crap or on a land mine.
If you ask me, there has been far too much moving on in this country and far too few questions. For example, had we questioned the way we treated the Native Americans in this country's formative years, would we have been so eager to enslave African Americans? Would we have had lynchings and Jim Crow laws and the Civil War if we had recollected the awful injustices done to the indigenous people who occupied this country long before Christopher Columbus stumbled onto our marshy shores and said, "Say, this looks like a great spot for a Wal-Mart Super Center?" If we had paused for one, lousy moving forward minute to reflect on the My Lai massacre, would we have found ourselves staring at the horrors of Abu Ghraib? If we had taken a minute to recall the shame we felt after World War II, when thousands of innocent Asian Americans were thrown in internment camps, would we have tolerated the disappearance of who knows how many Arab Americans after September 11? And if we had taken a moment to meditate on the reasons that our Founding Fathers took up arms against an oppressive, imperialist government back in 1700's, would we have been so swift to embrace the PATRIOT Act? I wonder.
There is a time for action and a time for analysis. Generally speaking, the time for analysis precedes the time for action. Unless, of course, you are Move America Forward, a group that would much rather see a thousand ravaged third-world countries than ask one honest question.
Lots of things engage in mindless forward motion. Wheels move forward without reflection or forethought. A clock moves forward without taking time to dissect the minutes that came before. Lemmings don't spend a whole lot of time pondering the edge of the cliff toward which they are madly rushing, either.
One expects a bit more of sentient human beings. One expects questions, accountability and truth. Whistling past the graveyard does not make you immortal. It is high time we stopped moving forward and took a moment to look back.
Take action:
Write Regal Cinemas and thank them for showing the film Fahrenheit 911. You can reach them at <>
Visit the 9-11 Visibility Project and find out how you can get involved:
Join the International Fahrenheit 911 campaign:
And most important - go see the movie and take a friend. Oh yes, and don't forget to ask questions. It's not just the American thing to do, it's the human thing to do.
June, 20 2004
From Allen Furford
It has been posted in the news that the American Feds (Party organized politicians) are going to possibly ban advertising a documentary film that won the the European version of the academy award, on a technicality based upon corporate structure electioneering. The impact of this film is that great, and the concept that powerful enough to totally upset any political party at any given time from this point forward in the American election process. In short the programmed elitist power structures based world wide, and controlled mass media of the United States of America, is running scared like a pack of child mauling dogs under fire by irate neighbors. Like dogs in a pack, one by one the bullets quickly find them and knock them sprawling, to kick their last and whine with mournful eyes as if they were innocent of tearing the child to pieces in their wild blood lust.
The animals are not innocent and fully deserved the justice for dogs in a pack will run again and again and again...
The American people have seen the moves to war scenarios over and over again by means of controlled media encirclement just as the innocent child is when beset upon by a pack of beasts, a thrill tactic of the organized pack that even wild wolves shun, for wolves hunt for food, not for power, money or the thrill of killing. Well fed dogs do this for the thrill of it all. So do the well fed elitists.
This day and age times have changed for the world with the advent of the internet and information exchange. News events witnessed and photographed by the average person who happened to be in the vicinity are noted within minutes or seconds by others around the planet. People can and will band together to eliminate the dogs of war. The political elitist dog pack fights back with evasive maneuvers and wild barking or running and dodging in silence hoping to escape the on coming barrage of bullets which will end them forever, as volley after volley screams from vindictive rifle barrels. Some dogs will be lucky and escape to crawl home with their tails low between their legs, only to recieve a final bullet from their masters who realize it is time to get another dog.
Fahrenheit 9-11 in reality is the first volley from the people and Dog Days are almost over in America. Merely load your rifle and vote independent to save the children every time you squeeze the trigger. The dogs are only in the area because you invited them...
Allen D. Furford
The Mobius Insight



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