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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date: Late 1950's
My Mother who is 78 told me this story. My mother & father back in the late 50's were headed into Albuquerque, New Mexico near dusk. She stated that numerous cars were pulled over on the highway & my father became frustrated at the hold up. Then my Mother told him to look into the sky, there were 3 UFO's and they were not far off. They held in place and the top section turned with lights and so did the base edge that went around the bottom. Mother never talked about this until she saw my photo of the Rodeo and more importantly the sky!
I would like to thank the person who filed the report.
Concord , New Hampshire Meteor
Date: 1960's
Back in the early to mid 1960's when I was about 7 or 8 years old I saw a meteor. I lived in Concord New Hampshire USA at the time and it was late afternoon and I was outside standing by a car that my dad was working on and I heard this roaring/hissing noise and looked up to the southern sky and immediately saw this giant boulder traveling across the sky that was bright red /white hot with sparks flying off it in all directions. My Dad was under the car working on it and I kept yelling that I see a flying saucer as at the time, I knew no better. He said I was crazy and finally he stood up and saw the meteor as it hurdled out of site. It was rocking side to side and it was incredibly huge and had a bluish/white vapor trailing behind it. I was so excited by the event, I was shaking. We went for a ride after in the car that my dad was working on and heard a news report about the meteor 1st being spotted around the Virginia area and they said they think that it probably touched down somewhere in Maine. I'm 48 now and have never heard anyone ever talk about it much less remember the event. It was the most incredible thing I have ever saw. Have you ever heard anything about this, Thanks.
Thank you to the person for their report.
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Wreckage Of A Saucer And Small Bodies
Date: 1968
Hi Brian;
It must have been about 1968 at Hickam Air Force Base AFB, where I was fulfilling my Air Force duty as a Air Policeman at the time, latter to be renamed Security Police. Sometime during that year I met two Air Force Policeman who had been newly transferred from Wright Patterson AFB, to Hickam Air Force Base. When I asked these new guys why they had been reassigned I was shocked to hear their answers. According to both of these persons, they had been guards outside at a top secret aircraft hanger, and instructed never to enter inside . Yet one night they both decided to enter and check it out, inside they found themselves staring at the wreckage of a saucer type of craft, and some small bodies laid side by side. A Government civilian contractor entered the hanger after them. Shortly thereafter they were reduced in rank,and transferred to Hickam Air Force Base. The story stayed with me, and I believe it to this day. When they told me the story, I think they were still in shock from their experience.
Thank you to the person for this report.
Cannon Air Force Base Object and Light Beam
Date: Early 1968
This report below was told to me by a fellow who had heard this story from one of the Military Security Police Officers who he bunked with at the Cannon Air Force Base at the time of the incident.
The gentleman told me that in 1968 he was a Military Security Police Officer and was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base which is located just outside of Clovis, New Mexico. The man said he was sure that the information he was going to give me was declassified, to a point. He said at that time the base had the only F111 Flight Simulator in the United States Arsenal which was located at the Cannon Air Force Base so they certainly had the Security.
At 1:00 to 2:00 a.m., the Zantop aircraft would be landing. The fellow said the Zantop was in the same line of work that the Air America was in, but the Zantop would carry around classified equipment, for example if some important classified equipment was needed from one of the manufacturers this aircraft was sent out to collect it.
On one particular night in early 1968 glowing objects were spotted beyond the fence line of the base and in the distant perimeter. The staff at the Air Force Base pretty much ignored these lights on the first night, wondering if it was just someone playing around, or not thinking a whole lot about it. On the second night a couple of Military Security Police were up on the flight line when they observed an object above them and as they watched they saw a white beam of light came down from the object. (From the person who is relating this story he said to his understanding the light was attached to the object when first noticed).
The two Military Security Police ended up watching the object leave the vicinity, but the beam of light stayed and moved around the flight line. The Security Police were in a position to challenge the beam of light, and when they came near to it ... it skirted them. The light almost matched the Police Officers moves. The Police challenged the light on three different occasions only to have it move around them.
One of the Police Officers new someone who was in the air traffic control tower at the base, the tower people officially said nothing happened, but unofficially they had observed the entire event. This all took place on the second night.
On the third night after the strange lights were observed around the Cannon Air Force Base the beam of light reappeared and went over towards the building where the F111 Flight Simulator was housed. Around the building was the Base Security and it was reported that the beam of light penetrated the building as it was seen inside. Shortly afterwards the beam of light was gone.
After the three nights of the unusual experiences at the base the men who were with the Base Security and who witnessed all of this were talking about what they had witnessed. Eventually folks from the Internal Security showed up and interviewed all of the Military Security Police Officers who were there. There were approximately 14 or 15 personal (SAT - Security Alert Team) who were involved in this event and who were dispersed thoughout the different Air Force Bases. Only one of the Military Security Police Officers who was a Sgt. remained at the Cannon Air Force Base. Not one of the SAT members failed their duties, they were just moved around to other bases because of the strange phenomena that took place in early 1968. I would guess someone wanted to keep a lid on what happened the best they could.
Thank you to the ex-military man for relating the story for us all to read.
Also again I would really appreciate hearing from any military men and women who have been witness to this event, or to other events of this kind which have taken place over military bases.
Hagerman Idaho - Seven Objects Appeared
August 17th, 1995:
I received a phone call from my father while I was residing in a apartment complex in Twin Falls Idaho at the time. He told me that him and my mother have seen something very strange up in the hills just above Hagerman Idaho, known as the Bill Rapids (Its actually spelled Bell Rapids ~ ). Hagerman is my old home town.. I have grown up in that town while attending school in Gooding. However, I didn't believe him but he told me that he wasn't lying and wanted me to come down and pay a visit so he could show me.. I said sure.. but had to wait for the next day because my wife was using our car to visit her parents at the time.
August 18th, 1995: 1900HRS.
I arrived at my parent's house in Hagerman. My dad was telling me that he saw something that "crashed" up in the hill and it looked like a atomic explosion during the night before. He said that it was more of a purplish explosion like a shell type went off or something like it and these things were flying around it aiming a beam at the place where a thing, supposedly a UFO exploded.
Then my mother, dad and I went up to the hill roughly around 2100 hrs. This is a area where the government announced that Bell Rapids is to be the fossil bed monument for its famous fossil horse.... we have had talks in the past with suspicions that the government had other reasons to seal this part of the desert off to prevent any damage to the desert....however exactly at 2230 hrs, we were at the overlook there standing there, my dad was having a beer, my mother was just sitting there talking and talking like there is no end...
Then all of a sudden 7 objects appeared in the sky, mainly in the area of southwestern desert, These objects were huge and they all glowed like orange-yellow balls going around in the sky. At first I thought there were forms of lightening balls, but not in that color type.. when the lights were flashing in the sky, they went dim and I could see red specks in the sky circling something... then whatever they are, turned the lights back on and one of the object disappeared and reappeared assumingly like 30 miles apart from the original group.
However, in the back of my mind, I knew something was going on up there in that part of the desert.. something very strange is going on at the time and the way these objects acted, it looked exactly like as if they were circling around a piece of land there and I could tell that these objects were huge and at a distance of 35 to 40 miles away that one of these objects would fit exactly the size of the city of Hagerman itself.
When these objects moved, they were moving in a circular pattern, almost like Orion pattern (constellation Orion) and exactly what I saw in movies...when the show first starts up, the Orion pictures show the symbols of stars circling...exactly as that. Then when one of the objects disappeared and reappeared so far away from the main group, it had shown to me that it looks so familiar to something that I have seen before. I then remembered at the exact moment when we saw these objects in the sky, that there is a Indian burial grounds up there somewhere near there that we saw when I was a kid. There were small mounds of rocks positioned in a large circular pattern and one of the mounds are far away from the group. This is near where I found that stone....
Then...when the objects were circulating in that area, the object which left the main group reappeared back with the group and left the area... they left real fast too.. Then when we went back to my parent's house, I had wished I could have had a video camera, or even a photo camera or anything that I could have recorded that moment. Due to lack of finances, I didn't have anything like it with me at the time.
Then later on during the week, there were reports coming in over the bearcat scanner and CBs' that truckers where they go up during the night to load the sugar beets on their trucks, mysterious objects keep pestering them from time to time. This has been going on ever since. Then when I came into town of Hagerman a few years ago when I first moved to Utah, I asked my father about these things and he said that these objects keep doing this to people who were driving vehicles up in the desert. People of Hagerman just decided to keep their mouths shut regarding these objects because of fear of being intimidated by the government or such alike. They also have decided that any object that pestered with them, they wouldn't report it over broadcast or in any form of communication just as long there isn't any accidents or injuries caused by these objects.
This is one thing that had gotten me wondering after all of these years, which people are not coming forward about these things. One of the reasons is the fear of US government intervention regarding property rights which the US govt. announced that the entire area is a fossil beds monument and the government had other reasons why they have done these things in the desert.
Several years ago, there was a report on TV in the local area that a army helicopter went down from Gooding Idaho,(about 30 miles from Hagerman) I think from the national guard there and they had kept everything under tight wraps on how it crashed. Then later they explained that there was some form of equipment failure that caused to down the helicopter. They just closed the "case" right there from the start, no more information allowed.
I know that you would find this interesting until I ran into a website on the internet explaining about a human mutilation in that area...Bliss Idaho is only 7 miles from Hagerman...and 22 miles or so from Gooding Idaho... This site explained about a human mutilation in Bliss Idaho but I strongly believe that it was caused by lightening but however there is no conclusion on what it could be. You can read it at: <> but however that site seems sluggish or is down. If it gets back up, you can go to that site and look on the right side of page which shows a mutilated human on that and it explains the whole thing.
Thank you to the witness for this report.
Bonavista, Newfoundland Big Orange Globe
Date: April 23, 1999
Time: Evening
My name is (removed) and I live in Bonavista, Newfoundland and on the night of April 23rd, 1999 me and my friend seen a Big Orange Globe of some site over the water in Bonavista it scared me so much it was like nothing I ever seen before, I went a bit closer and then it got brighter. My radio signal was getting bad and there was a boat of some kind underneath
the UFO which was strange cause it had weird lights on it but I am sure it was a boat of some kind. After about 5 minutes watching it I left and tried to get someone to come and see it with me and my Friend. Then it got brighter and it dropped altitude faster then anything I seen and came up again, it was like it was following us and it got to us so quick I knew a plane or a small air craft wouldn't have been able to do that and why would it be interested in a car on the highway, So I went and in a matter of 2 minutes I came back and it was gone. However this is not the first sighting around here like this one. My friends father had the same experience as well just like mine 30 years ago around the town of Eliston (near Bonavista) he seen a big orange globe so that is why I am certain that it was a UFO. So please if there are any information on this can you send it to me or get in contact with me.
Thanks for your time. Yours truly,
I would like to thank the witness for the report.
Top Secret Bunker Visited By Hovering Craft
Howdy Brian;
Personally I have seen many things and there is definitely life out there - however; I write about what my brother told me some ... 15 years ago. My brother (removed) is now sleeping in the ground due to a leaking nuke that was wheeled in on him and his crew - he died slowly for 15 years or so; many on his crew never walked out of the room alive and a few did not last as long as my brother ... however all are sleeping and can no longer speak about their experiences.
My brother's job kept him underground most the time and seldom did he ever know where he was working - or where on the planet he was at. He was top secret classified and was not allowed to talk about much concerning his job, however; he told us once about a special sighting while in a bunker that had fourteen foot thick walls and ceilings.
I believe that this may have occurred in Maine, one of the few times he knew where he was - he and his crew saw over the base looking out one of the few windows and said there was a vessel that was hovering over the base about 100 feet ... it was humming at first and just hovering - then the humming began to become louder and louder and forceful. After a short time the vibrations actually began to crack the walls in the bunker. Then the vessel just floated off a ways and then at a very
high rate of speed left view.
Thank you to the person for telling me this story. On a personal note I am very sorry to hear about the fellows brother.
Osoyoos, B.C. (east of) - Bolide/Fireball
Date: June 10, 2004 ?
Time: Approx: 3:00 a.m.
A friend of mine who lives in Fruitvale, B.C. (close to Trail) saw a flash which momentarily lit the region he was driving near Osooyos "like noon" leaving an orange streak branching to five, suggesting the flash happened at a break of a single
bolide into five portions.
Additional Information Below:
He was on Hwy 3 about two hundred meters (his guess) up the Mountain to the East of Osoyoos, on a Thursday morning, about 3 AM, on a switchback facing South when the sudden day light illumination immediately faded and revealed an orange streak branching into five, over, or some small number of km to the West of Osoyoos - probably on the 10th of June (between his recollection of 'the first half of June' and my memory of him telling me 'last week I saw ...' about two weeks
Thank you to the person for this report.
Portland Oregon Unusual Object caught On Film
Date: July 8, 2004
Time: 9:08 p.m.
Hi Brian,
On July 8, 2004 I was puttering around the backyard when I looked up and saw something blue-black in color, no apparent lights, moving to the south somewhat slowly, not as fast as the typical single engine airplane. It appeared almost overhead, but shifted say 60 to 70 degrees above the western horizon, low enough to be easily seen. As an object it seemed a bit large, or a bit close, say 1000 to 3000 feet altitude, and made no noise. This was a real photo snapshot opportunity, excepting the poor lighting conditions.
It took me 30 seconds to run and get the camera. The first picture Pict5702, is zoomed in 40x (10x optical, 4x digital) and is overexposed and out of focus. On subsequent photos I then switched camera modes for manual exposure so I could underexpose the pictures, as this seems to capture more detail. In the midst of taking pictures I did get one QuickTime movie, about 21 seconds long, Pict 5706. The last photo is Pict5710.
Photo Listing:
5702: 40x zoom, 1/10 sec exp, time stamp 21:08:00, looking WSW
5703: 10x zoom, 1/125 sec exp, time stamp 21:08:30, looking WSW
5704: 10x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:08:44, looking WSW
5705: 40x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:09:06, looking WSW
5706: 10x zoom, 21 sec QT movie, time stamp 21:09:22, looking SW
5707: 10x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:10:08, looking SW
5708: 40x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:10:40, looking SSW
5709: 3x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:11:20, looking south
5710: 3x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:12:12, looking south
All photos are straight out of the camera. Some pictures are blurred due to the seeing conditions at 9:08 pm pdt local time being nearly dusk. The camera, a 3.2mp Konica-Minolta Z1, would not lock focus on the object due to the low light conditions. I had to focus lock on the farthest away tall tree (about 500 feet) then find the object again for the photograph. Oh, what a manual focus ring would do for this camera!
I am going to take some measurements, etc of where the photos were taken, and the time stamp is in each picture's exif data file, so with this information I should be able to get some average speeds of this object, if I can make some refined accurate estimates of the object's probable altitude. It did not seem to change its altitude very much or very drastically. A little sketch diagramming and calculation will be necessary and that will take some time.
The video (20mb file size) shows the object making some mildly erratic changes in direction during its slow flight progress, this can best be seen 14 to 18 seconds into the movie, as there is a roofline showing there. Regarding weather conditions, it was not windy to speak of, only the very mild evening breeze which usually comes in from the north, and mostly blue sky was showing. If there was any breeze it was barely noticeable to me. What I'm getting at is I don't believe what I saw was a balloon carried in a breeze.
Some of the photos show an aura, or atmospheric distortion waves, around the object, particularly the one that is overexposed.
The object did not seem to rotate much about its own axis as some other UFO objects that I have witnessed have done (I haven't told you about those... yet.). Visually, it had a squarish, or four lobed appearance. This was evident when it was at its closest, when I first glanced up and saw it.
Will get back to you with more data soon. All pictures less the movie, (8) files total, are sent to you in two emails. I will regular mail the full movie as I have no way to cut it down by edit right now, except in still frames.
Thanks for looking,
To view the photos, please visit:
Thank you to the witness for the report and photos.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Bright Light
Date: July 9, 2004
Time: 12:30 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: One bright light.
Full Description of event/sighting: I was driving home from work when I saw a bright light in the sky towards Harrisburg, Pa. At first I thought it was a star but it was way too bright. So I stopped in my development and watched it. It wasn't moving at all. Then it was just gone like someone flipped a switch. Maybe it was just a airplane with its lights on and then they turned it off but it wasn't moving. Also I rolled down the windows and didn't hear any airplanes. My development is right in the flight path for HIA we always hear airplanes even from a distance. Weird maybe someone else saw it?
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Vancouver, B.C. - Couple Filmed Object
Date: July 10, 2004
Time: 1:40 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Above Vancouver City taped from Cypress lookout.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Appeared round and very bright white.
Full Description of event/sighting: My wife and I,and my daughter and her friend went to Cypress lookout point just to see the view we had our camcorder with us, my wife was taping the kids then I saw a white light over the city and said that's not a plane so my wife tapped it for as long as it was visible, it went into a cloud burst that was over the city, then it was gone we kept looking to make sure it was gone and it was.
I telephoned the witnesses to see if I was able to gather some more information on this sighting. I talked with both the Husband and Wife who both observed the object. The object was traveling low and to the west. There were no FAA lights seen when they zoomed in on the object. When the fellows wife was filming it they observed the object flying into a cloud burst as he called it, it disappeared from their sighting upon entering the cloud. There was no trail or tail following behind it. No sound was heard, but this may be due to the distance the object was from the witnesses. The husband figured it was controlled movement and the object did not make any unusual maneuvers.
Thank you to the witnesses for this report.
Phoenix, Arizona Objects Video Taped
Date: June 23 - July 11, 2004
Hey Brian! I know I told you I would send you some video on my sightings but I actually accumulated over 2 more hours on top of the 2.5 I already had. So I am going to blow your mind and start you off with a little preview with some pictures from these sightings I have on video. They start from June 23 to 7-11-04. Hope you enjoy the preview. I will send a few emails so I can fit everything. Picture 14 is the same object as picture 16. This is what I spoke briefly about on The Jeff Rense Show. The object came from the west and looked as though it changed shape (obviously). It stopped and straightened out and acted like a pendulum and also turned itself upside down then scattered after 18 minutes (length of sighting). The object appeared to be about a mile or so from me and only 500 1000 ft. high. Picture 3 I originally thought was 2 balloons but in the video it appeared to spawn 1 or more balloons but no more than 4. The way this object moved was like the white "balloon" was the center piece and the other black "balloons" rotated around it. Also the object was going against the breeze that day so balloons are ruled out for now. Video is on the way by weeks end. Object from picture 3 was about 300' high from the beginning and didn't seem to go any higher than 1000' high towards end of sighting. On all 3 of these pictures I did use the binoculars and the video really doesn't show what you are seeing completely. But it'll do. Thank you again bud and talk to you soon.
Thank you to my friend for sending the report and photos.
Pictures can be view at:
HBCC UFO Research would love to hear from anyone who resides in the Phoenix, Arizona area that has witnessed these objects, or any other objects of an unknown nature over the years. Thank you, Brian.
Sonora, California Glowing Object
Date: July 11, 2004
Time: 9:05 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Glowing object.
Full Description of event/sighting: As I walked out to the back patio, I looked up to see a glowing object slightly to my right and forward of my position. I was facing east and this object was moving away from me. Object dropped down behind some trees that are about a half a mile away from me. This is the fifth glowing object that has appeared over the skies of Sonora in the past four days straight. I don't know why, Brian, but the sightings of strange objects over Sonora are increasing!
Thank you to Mark A. Olson, D.M. - for this report.
Phoenix, Arizona Two Or Three Orbs
Date: July 11, 2004
Time: 10:05 a.m.
Hey Brian. How's it going? I am sending you some video I shot on Sunday the 11th of July @ 9:33 a.m. to 10:05 a.m.. It's just a 30 sec clip of this set of orbs going straight up. It looks like it's taking a staircase up into the sky. Like it's taking steps. I have allot of time on the weekends now so I always start my day by going outside and looking to the sky for "stuff". It paid off yesterday. I saw a cloud that has been hanging around since 3:00 a.m. and I thought that was strange enough so I grabbed my digital camera and started taking pictures to see if I can blow it up and see something on the computer later. Well as I am doing this I see a chemtrail being made, 9:25 a.m., (pictures and video of this too) and out of the trail I saw this white orb appear right out of it. At first I thought it was a plane because it wasn't close to me, about 10 miles or so and about 500-1000 ft.high, I grabbed the binoculars and saw that it was 2 to 3 orbs together traveling in my general direction.
The biggest orb was golden-white and the other(s) were blue and black. I set my video camera on the tripod and captured over 30 minutes. The object traveled North to Northeast at a steady pace (approx 5-10 mph) at least that is what it looked like to me and was on a steady rise until it reached a certain point in the sky and then it went straight up and that's the 30 second clip I sent to you, 9:50 a.m.. You can tell it's not balloons because the object pauses for about 1 sec. takes a "step" up and repeated this for about 5 minutes. until I had to leave. As I am video taping this I also saw 7 more chemtrails being made and videotaped that as well. The only reason I stopped taping wasn't because the object disappeared it was because I had to meet family for breakfast. I am getting all this video together to send to you and see what you think. I didn't expect to capture so much stuff so the project is getting bigger as we speak. I promise you will see this soon. Ya know...I know that this sounds too good to be true and believe me if I was on the outside looking in I would think that everything has an explanation like balloons or satellites or whatever.
With God as my witness I feel that I am capturing valid UFOs and if there is any explanation please point me in the right direction. I feel very lucky to get these videos and pictures but ever since I had laser surgery in March I started seeing better (20-15 vision) So my odds of seeing and believing have been enhanced greatly. Ever since April 15th when I saw my first night orb I have been looking up a whole lot more. Besides I am not the only one in Arizona seeing this stuff so that puts me at ease a little more rather than if I was the only one! I thank you very much and that's not enough. I'll get back to you soon bud and have a great day.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Brian Vike, Director
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