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Perth, Western Australia - Marks
1970 (ten years old) and 1997 (37 years old)
When I was say ten years old I woke up with a red substance over my hands. I checked my body and nothing (and I checked everywhere) there was smell and the stuff was dry. I went to the bathroom and washed the stuff off--very easily, it dissolved away quickly. No pictures!
Next occurrence was aged 37. Woke up with the same stuff on my left hand. Next to me, my partner at the time, woke up with a red hand too, except her coloration was under the skin. I didn't recall any thing happening during the night, but partner had a dream where she was pulling out pins from her hand.
Again my stuff washed away easily. Partners faded during the day. No pictures (oye ve!) or samples. Never come across anything like this before. And the color was like orangey red, almost like earth pigment.
Scoop mark: Age about ten etc (hard to pinpoint): woke up and there is a big problem on my shin bone--a "hole" full of pus. Mother took me to the doctor the same day--he said that the wound was from a TRAUMA (ie big bang etc)--but I recalled no trauma, accident etc. The scar healed -still have it.
After both younger accounts I forgot about them until much later. With the first red mark experience the memory that I carried around in my head was of somebody at my primary school asking if anyone else had ever woken up with blood on their hands. Years later I had this thought and suddenly hit me--it was MY bloody hand and how the hell could I have gotten so confused.
There is other stuff too--a case history if you like, but no UFOS until 1994 when the my life changed dramatically and UFO's were everywhere (most with witnesses)...this lasted until the last major sighting in 2001 when I actually got scared and screamed to them to bugger off and leave me alone--they did, no more sightings.
There have been some pretty spectacular ones, but never metallic or clear-- I mean obviously by movement and soon these were EXTREMELY fast and not anything 'we' possess.
So...just a quick run down.
Thank you to the person for this report.
Anza Borrego Desert East Of San Diego
Date: 1973
I'll tell you what happened in 1973 as briefly as I can, and then tell you why it came back to my mind so sharply, 20 years later.
In January, 1973, my first wife and I took a camping trip to a remote area of the Anza Borrego desert east of San Diego. We were at a spot called Dos Cabezas, which is a box canyon with a spring that attracts wildlife and migratory birds. It is actually not far off the freeway, but separated from it by a range of steep, rocky hills, and only accessible by miles of dirt
tracks that come in from the other direction. There are steep hills and cliffs all around, and it's very wild (or was 31 years ago, anyway).
Our first evening there, a huge windstorm came up. It seemed as if it would blow the tent away, and we could barely hear ourselves talk. We finally got to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was sometime after midnight. The wind had completely died down, and it was dead silent. My wife was shaking me awake, and the tent was lit by a brilliant, bluish light that came from directly overhead. I climbed out of my sleeping bag, unzipped the tent fly and poked my head out. At that very moment, the light went out. I looked up into a perfectly clear night sky - there was nothing there! And we never heard a sound. I know it was not a helicopter, and there is no way any vehicle could have made it to the top of one of the surrounding hills - they are way too steep and rocky. Besides, the light came from overhead, and it was at least as bright as daylight. From the time I came awake until I unzipped the tent and looked out, possibly thirty seconds passed. I think
it was probably less.
One thing I noticed at the time was that the light was not yellowish like a standard car headlight, but bluish. Nowadays they have halogen lights like that, but not back then. I know it wasn't a helicopter, because there was no sound. I've told quite a few people this story, and always ended by saying, "I don't know what it was. And I cannot come up with any explanation that makes sense. So maybe it was aliens."
Twenty years went by, and I didn't think about that night very much. Then one day someone handed me a paperback copy of Whitley Streiber's book, Communion. There is an illustration on the cover of a typical "grey" alien. The first thing that happened when I saw that was, I blurted out: "They got the mouth wrong." I have no idea why I said that. I was totally shocked that those words just tumbled out without any thought, but the memory of that night in the desert came back instantly and vividly.
There's one other detail that makes this story interesting. Years after the fact, I spoke with my ex by phone, and I reminded her of that night. She became extremely agitated - angry, even - and she shouted at me, "That never happened! Never! And don't mention it ever again!" She slammed down the phone, and that turned out to be the last time we ever spoke. I have no idea where she is now.
Well, that's the story. I don't know what we saw. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to be hypnotized and see if there's anything buried in my memory of that night. Then I think - Naaaah! Who knows? This is a true story though, and I hope you find it interesting.
Thank you to the gentleman for this interesting report.
Quesnel, B.C. - Ten Or So km's South Of
Date: June 1997
Time: 12:45 p.m.
Until I stumbled onto the Rense website, I wasn't aware of a 'local' UFO group. I'd like to relate an experience my father and I had back in 97, while on a car trip to the lower mainland. At the time we were living in Prince George, and we were going to visit my grandfather there. It was the beginning of summer (I think it was June sometime, although neither me or my dad can decide exactly what the date was in that month) and seeing as how hot it gets going through the canyon (Lytton is scary in midsummer for heat) we preferred to travel at night. So it was sometime after midnight (I'm fairly certain the time was 12:45) when we had passed through Quesnel. We were travelling south, at about 100 kilometers an hour and were maybe 10 or so km's south of Quesnel past Dragon Lake, when I noticed a blue light in the sky ahead of us on the highway. I watched this for a few moments before I said anything, and finally asked my Dad 'Do you see that?'. I think what he said was 'I wasn't going to say anything..' What we were seeing, was a slowly pulsing blue object, about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon. The approximate size was probably equal to the size of a nickel held at arms length (estimate). The object would brighten and darken about every 2 seconds, very slowly. It's color was similar to the backlight on an Indigo wristwatch (for the record I was wearing one at the time, however it could not have been a reflection from the windshield because both of us saw the object in the same place and it did change position in the sky as the car moved through turns on the highway, and I checked my watch to see if it was lit and it wasn't). It held it's position in the sky and was steady and we continued to watch it for at least half a minute. I can't say for sure how far away it was, because it didn't increase it's size much (it did a little) as we approached it. Anyhow, it stayed in the sky for at least half a minute and then suddenly began to descend in behind the trees and we lost sight of it. My father and I agree completely on what we saw, in every detail, and are firmly convinced that what was up there wasn't conventional in nature.
Other hopefully helpful stuff: If I had to describe the light it emitted, I would have to say it was 'luminescent', i.e. it was emitting a glow of it's own. Plus, the sky that night was quite clear, and stars were visible around the object, and as it descended it clearly blocked out one of those stars as it dropped. Also: Moving my head from side to side while looking at the object didn't change it's position on the windshield, it was definitely something outside and away from the car. The color of the object wasn't exactly the shade of a Timex watch, it was more bluish than greenish (I lit my watch for my dad a couple of minutes after the light disappeared and he said it wasn't the same).
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Fremantle Perth, Western Australia - Gleaming Metallic UFO
Date: September 2002
Time: Daytime
Report of sighting of gleaming Metallic UFO over Perth, Western Australia. September 2002.
I was new to Perth, and a friend told me about a car park sale. I had a lot of UFO books to off load amongst other things.
Later a lad of about 21 or so came by and was very interested in a mike I had...a sure 57. He went off but later came back and I gave him my number...because he really wanted it. No interest in the UFO books I might add.
Time came to pack up and go home. It had been a good day selling things for good prices, very quickly.
The next day, or even that afternoon, the 'microphone guy' rings up and says have I still got it and he wants it and can I bring it over. Well, city etc, but I said yes.
Got to his house, a sort of 'home unit' thing with a small patch of grass at the back. Ok he makes me some instant coffee (or something) in his very clean unit (apparently shared with a woman). We go outside-maybe I wanted a smoke- then he says for me to look up in the's bright and sunny. I can't see anything and tell him so. No. he said. There, eventually I see it, and sure enough it is odd!
Stuck in the one spot was this shining thing, very hard to see, a very small sight (but how far was it away?). This thing was definitely gleaming and seemed to be made of metal. I recall it having the quality of something with edges because of the different intensities of "gleam coming from the object as a whole--it did NOT glint or glitter--it remained absolutely stationary and continued to do so until I left. The guy who was quite nonchalant about it (unusually so...) said he had seen this thing, I think, a week or so? Or maybe a few days, like three or four.
Well, I went home trying to remember the orientation of the thing. When i got home I could not see it at all!
So there you have it. This was in Fremantle Perth, Western Australia in 2002 around September.
Witnesses Comments: It was coincidental that this happened when I was having a UFO book sale, but the guy doesn't buy one of those, no...he doesn't notice them but buys a microphone but he shows me a UFO.
The Guys attitude was quite unusually un-excited. The actual object was definitely clear cut and gleaming like metal uniquely stationary, for at least the time of my observation-let alone the length of time this Guy had said that he had seen it.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Quesnel, B.C. - Barkerville Highway
Date: May 2000 ?
Time Evening
It's odd, but no matter how open minded people claim to be, they always question your sanity the moment you suggest or speak of something outrageous, which is why none of us have reported this before. I live in Quesnel now (oh the irony) having moved here form Prince George two years ago, and there's been a lot of strange things going on around here. From what I've heard from other people I know here, there's been several sightings around here of strange lights and whatnot, and they aren't surprised in the least that I've seen something myself (Something to do with Dragon Lake, but no one knows what exactly).
So this brings me to my other experiences. It was the first year I moved here (we're on the Barkerville Hwy) which would have been the summer of 2002 (May, not sure of the date), and I was outside having a smoke at night and watching the sky like I usually do. We get some really clear skies here sometimes and you can actually pick out the Milky Way if it's dark enough (course you're form Houston here in BC so you probably know all about this). So, I'm out looking, and I followed a few satellites that went overhead, and then there was another. It slowly lit up as it went north (could have been more northeast) as they do when they catch the sunlight peeking around the earth.
Only (and this is where I go off the deep end) it changed direction. It was subtle at first, but gradually it hooked around to the east, and disappeared. There were no flashes of light, or anything else for that matter, just a pinpoint of light coming out of the dark, making a course correction and fading out of sight. The time was around midnight, I *think*. Whether or not that's worthy of discussion, I don't know. But it was peculiar. Now, last year I had another sighting, right here in the driveway. And this one, while it might appear to be obvious as to the cause, isn't so easy to dismiss in my opinion. It was in mid October of last year, and I was in the house, and the dogs were barking a little so I went outside to check on them (we had an orphan bear cub show up last winter, not long after this all happened, strange side note there).
I shone my flashlight around the property and into the trees (2 acres, trees border the property save for the highway side and the second driveway) and seeing nothing I decided (you guessed it) to have a smoke. So I'm standing there, looking to the east up the second driveway and I catch a glimpse of a bright green light behind the trees. Being so close to Halloween I assumed it was just someone shooting fireworks, but as it passed behind the trees and through the gap where the driveway was, I could clearly see that it's trajectory wasn't diminishing like a falling object would. It was falling in a straight line at about a 10 degree angle towards the north. It may have had a tail, but it was hard to tell because it was bright enough to leave spots in my vision, although I seem to recall that there were sparks? falling away from it as it flew (meteor? Are they green?). Anyway, it went on to the north and I lost sight of it in the trees, and I looked around for a while and didn't see anything else (about an hour actually) and then I started thinking of what it could have been.
Here's some facts and observations:
1. This light was close, and travelling roughly parallel to the large overhead power lines that are a quarter of a kilometer east of where I live, which puts it at maybe 250 meters away.
2. It was a bright light, bright enough to burn my vision, which could indicate a pyrotechnic of some sort.
3. The light didn't 'curve' towards the ground as it went north, but was straight, and when it came into full view it was definitely below the power lines. When I saw it through the trees, it was definitely above them.
4. There was no noise, and the light (object?) didn't explode, nor was there any flash of light.
5. I haven't dismissed the possibility of it being Ball lightning, because of it's close proximity to the power lines.
6. The next day I took my dirt bike over to the clearing where the power lines are, and searched for a good 4 hours or so and found no evidence of burnt grass or impact (I might have missed it entirely, that's always possible). On this same thought, I checked the other side of the highway, and I couldn't find any evidence of 'launch tubes' for roman candles etc, nor could I find anything that might indicate that someone had even been there (no paths, footprints, the grass was still upright, and though it was mostly dead it looked totally undisturbed. Any how, this could just be a meteor, but without going under hypnosis, I'll probably never know for sure.
Thank you to the witness for the great report.
Escondido, California Object Caught On Film
Date: May 2004
Time: Daytime
Message: I have read that UFOs are common around chemtrails, which I have been photographing for years. So I went through a bunch of my photos to see if there was anything there I had not noticed when taking the pictures. I found reflections, a bird or two, and some probable dust on the lens, but there is one photo which is unusual. It was taken in May, 2004, looking north from Escondido CA, which is about 35 miles north of San Diego.
The object is very high up, and only appears as a white dot in the photo. My camera does not have sufficient resolution for more. I did use several digital methods to enhance the area of the photo where the object appears, and there is definitely something there. If you'd like to see it, email me and I will send it to you.
Picture can be viewed at:
Thank you to the fellow for the report and photo.
Newport, Gaspe, Quebec - Photo
Date: June 2004
Time: Evening ?
HBCC UFO Note: I have written back to the person who sent along the photo to me and requested any information they might be able to provide.
Hi Brian! I am sending you a photo that was taken by my father a few weeks ago near his home in Newport, Gaspe, Quebec. I have not really had the chance to discuss it much with him, but he told me that the object dashed in and out of the clouds a bit then took off. I will be keeping a much closer eye on the sky out here and bought myself a new camera for the evenings round the bonfire. Take Care! Love your site!
Picture can be viewed at:
Thank you to the person who sent along the report and photo for us all to see.
Avondale, Arizona - Estrella Lights Video Clips
View Video Clips In Full Screen Mode !
HBCC UFO Research Note: I have posted a little here from the witness who took the video footage. Also below the short report is another report for June 16, 2004 which some would have read before.
Brian, On June 15th I also went out and got some video of what I saw. It was taken with a canon elf and the wind was terrible that day. I had two wittiness that day, (removed) my girlfriend and her friend (removed) These shots are nothing like what I got on video. ( Video Clips found at my website are for June 15, 2004) The 5 video clips can be found at my site at:
Date: June 16, 2004
Time: Evening
Hello, I writing about the lights found in Avondale, Arizona on June 14th 2004. My girlfriend and I had witness these lights, a string of 17-20. On June 16th I got my video camera out and got some night shot video. 2 light then 4 a quick 5th one then back to 4 then 2 move slowly behind the Estrella Mountain leaving 2 ,one burns out then reappears above where it started. Any help would be wonderful.
Brian, (removed) in Arizona, Sorry I have been writing these reports for a week now and really nobody,s got back to me! You have been the first and the fastest, so I,ll make you this offer I,ll send you a copy not original of what I got. Please check it out for me, To tell you what,s around here we live in Avondale which is to the west of Phoenix, to the west of me less than 2.8 miles is Goodyear airport, to the north of me about 15-20 miles is Luke Air Force Base. Now the base already made a statement of not dropping any flares on that day. You will hear on that news clip that the military have been trying to fly planes near them but the lights go out. On my video between me and the activity a plane with the flashing FAA light goes through the shot, about 34 through the tape. I never timed the whole event but its about 5-8 minutes. Write back so I can get an address to send this tape.
Thank you to the witness for the report and being so kind as to send a copy of the tape to me.
The video clips shown here are ©2004M. Di Silvestro. Please respect the gentlemans copyright as he is kind enough to share the clips with us all.
Kelowna, Westbridge and Grand Forks, B.C. Meteor
Date: June 29, 2004
Time: Approx: 2:40 a.m.
Calls came in from Kelowna, Westbridge and Grand Forks, British Columbia after a blue colored object was observed traveling in a southeasterly direction through the night sky. All of the witnesses, a total of 5 people who watched the event said the blue colored ball of light was traveling horizontally. A short tail was seen following behind and a couple of times, sparks could be seen dropping from it. All the folks reported no sound was heard and the sighting lasted only 3 or 4 seconds at the most. As the object continued on the witnesses lost sight of it due to mountains, trees or buildings in the way. Two of the witnesses thought that it wasn't all that high up in altitude. Everyone figured what they saw was a meteor.
Thank you to all of the witnesses for their report.
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
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