More On The F-16 Happy
Hooligans And Flt 93

By E. Gothenberg
Stockholm, Sweden
Dear Mr. Rense,
Regarding the article you posted: Pilot Who Shot Down Flt 93 With Sidewinders Identified?
There is no way to verify that Rick Gibney of The Happy Hooligans really shot Flt 93, but, after reading the congressional Records from Sep 19 2001, one may conclude that one of The Happy Hooligans pilots did shoot down Flt 93: I found it amazing that the safty and security of the United States on 911 was at the hands of amature pilots who fly just one weekend per month as a hobby. This make it very easy for the NWO to use them, if they wish, for any unethical purposes as these innocent pilots are 'out of the loop' and will never comprehend the total picture.
I therefor searched Google to find additional information regarding The Happy Hooligans. I attach it below.
I hope it can help.
E. Gothenberg Stockholm
1. Major Rick Gibney is the third from the left in this photo:
2. Since he is the old, could he possibly also be the 1976 NFL player: 310 Colts Rick Gibney DT Georgia Tech - 57k
3. The Happy Hooligans do exist: "Looking for current, qualified F-16 Pilots to work one weekend per month."
4. The Happy Hooligans did participate in the 911 events:
THE HAPPY HOOLIGANS (Senate - September 13, 2001) [Page: S9388] --- Mr. CONRAD. Madam President, when the Pentagon was attacked and F-16s were scrambled from Langley Air Force Base, those fighter planes were the 119th Fighter Wing of the North Dakota National Guard. I didn't know that myself when I saw those planes flying. I can tell you, they made an awful lot of us feel much more secure when we saw F-16 fighter planes in the air protecting Washington, DC. So imagine my surprise and my pride when I learned that those were North Dakota National Guard fighter planes.
This is the group we affectionately call in North Dakota the Happy Hooligans.
The Happy Hooligans are America's best. The Happy Hooligans have been called the best fighter unit on the planet Earth. They have been called that because the Happy Hooligans have been recognized in competition after competition as America's best. Not only have they won the competitions--the William Tell award, for example--as the best active fighting unit in the United States, but they have not only been in competition with other National Guard units but the regular Air Force. The Happy Hooligans come out No. 1.
So, not only are we incredibly proud in North Dakota that a key part of this Nation's defense at this time of tragedy and attack was from North Dakota but that we sent our very best and that our very best are America's very best.
5. The Happy Hooligans history:
6. After reading Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota comments regarding 911 and The Happy Hooligans, one may conclude that he knows that one of these Hooligans actually shot down Flt 93 :
7. See photos of the close association between The Happy Hooligans, Bush and the Israeli Air Force.



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