Fox's Call To Replace
Americans With Mexicans

Mark Andrew Dwyer

During his visit to the U.S. last week, President Vicente Fox kept pushing his agenda of opening the American border for hordes of Mexican "migrants" and granting them "rights" that would make it easier for them to entrench themselves in our country once they managed to put their foot on American soil. The usual bull about how just it is for Mexicans to improve their lives at the expense of American taxpayers, and how Fox disapproves enforcing of the U.S. immigration law and seeing his hard-working people fear of "La Migra", was repeated at nauseam, over and over again. But there was also a new tune in Fox's hypocritical preaching on the socio-economic necessity of mass "migration" of Mexican unskilled labor to the U.S.
In an article published in Investor's Business Daily (see [1]), Fox was quoted saying that "an aging U.S. population would be well served by allowing more free-flowing immigration of a decidedly younger Mexican population into the United States." In case you don't see anything wrong with Fox's statement, consider this. Nations that use birth control in order to avoid overpopulation and enjoy high longevity of the residents have naturally, and unavoidably, older populations that the nations that don't. If a nation reaches the equilibrium and controls the fertility rate so that it stays at the replacement level, the average age of it's population is roughly equal to half of its longevity, that is, about 35 in the U.S. No matter what the morons and charlatans from the anti-aging lobby say, there are only two ways of permanently lowering the average age of population: by lowering the average longevity, which means that people live on average shorter lives, or by having more kids than 2.1 per family, which means an exponential population growth (importing children or young adults belongs to the same category).
So, here is what Fox is really telling you when he postulates the "free flow" of " younger Mexican population into the United States". You, suckers Americans, used birth control while refusing to die early, so now we, Mexicans, will fix your problem by relocating our young, whose parents bore as many kids as they could, to your country. These young Mexicans will lower your national age average by making up for (a lack of) the children that you haven't born. The real insult in that message is in that it suggests that Americans are not able to have enough babies of their own, or that they don't know how to make them, so that they must import the youth from other countries, like Mexico. In other words, Fox uses planned parenthood paradigm prevailing in American society as an excuse to replace the American population with Mexican one that doesn't believe in rational planning. (I wonder, why didn't he go all the way and not advised Americans to stop procrastinating altogether so that the population replacement may be carried out smoothly and expeditiously.)
We will be much better off trusting our future and the future of this country to our own children rather than to "younger Mexican" workers. After all, they (our kids, that is) are more likely to continue building on what our ancestors and we have accomplished.
Here are some other detrimental effects of Fox's postulate of the "free flow" (the list is far from being exhaustive).
1. The average level of job skill on American market will go down as a vast majority of Mexican "migrants" have virtually no education and can only perform low-skill jobs. And so will the average productivity and income, so vital for the solvency of social security and retirement plans. To make things worse, low-skilled workers are more likely to retire by the time or before they reach age of 65, as opposed to college graduates whose jobs are less dependent on physical strength. For instance, university professors often work past age of 70, some of them remaining professionally active in their 80-ties (you can still write a book while in your 80-ties but don't even think of picking fruits or packing meat at that age), thus decreasing demand on social security and rudimentary retirement distributions.
2. The national IQ level will go down as well; Mexico's average IQ is about 87 while U.S. average is about 98, and we don't even get even average intelligent people with mass "migration" from Mexico. This will have a negative impact on technological progress and well functioning of our elective democracy. (Look at what's going on in Mexico if you want to see a sample of society with relatively low average IQ.)
3. The average education level in America will go down as well (or the criteria for passing will be lowered, which basically will have the same negative effect) as Mexicans are notorious for dropping out from schools and not being interested in pursuing college degrees.
4. The health care costs will skyrocket as Mexicans are cultivating unhealthy lifestyles (never mind the taxing jobs they perform) and are more prone to obesity; the latter alone will mean that, according to projections based on data on obesity among Hispanics, about one third of their population will have to undergo a bypass surgery - a tens of thousands of dollars procedure. (This cost alone will, most likely, offset a regrettable gain resulting from the fact that people with a lower IQ have a tendency to live shorter and, therefore, consume less retirement funds.)
5. Once the Mexican electorate in the U.S. becomes a majority, God have a mercy on America.
One must be blind to not see what Fox and his "compatriots" are up to, but if you think that he promotes his "migrants" cause just because his heart is bleeding when he sees poor "migrants" suffering from poverty and discrimination, think twice. As soon as he gets back home, he becomes insensitive not only to the needs of his own working - often jobless - poor, but also has no sympathy for hopes of "migrants" from Central and Latin American countries that crossed the Mexican border in their search for better lives: all illegal aliens in Mexico are promptly apprehended and deported to where they came from, and any protests of their native countries' administrations are harshly rebuked by the Mexican government as unacceptable interference with internal Mexican affairs.
Let's face it. Fox is no altruist and everything he does has only Mexican national interest in mind and no one else's interest. Injecting as many loyal to him Mexicans as possible to the U.S., a prelude to future "peaceful" takeover, is one of his main goals. We, Americans, have no stake in Fox's plans. Whatever reproductive levels fit best our national objectives, our children and not foreign "migrants" are the rightful heirs of this land of the brave and the home of the free. If we chose to have two kids only, it's NOT because we wanted to leave more room for "younger Mexicans" whose parents refused to use birth control. So, please, do whatever you can to prevent the replacing Americans with Mexicans in our homeland, or you and those you love may find themselves living in a foreign country in a not so distant future. Because all that is necessary for the triumph of Mexican takeover is that good American patriots do nothing.
[1] xico's
Fox says job losses call for NAFTA cooperation.
Originally published in the June 20, 2004 issue of the Independent



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