Facts Why Bush
Will Remain President

By Ted Twietmeyer

Here are some of the numerous reasons which will insure the beloved dictator in the white house for the next four years, or perhaps even longer. (Remember that everyone you talk to today will categorically state they didn't vote for him in 2000.)
The NWO needs an obedient puppet. He has been their best one so far, stuttering and stammering his way to infamy. The spoiled illiterate brat from Texas has moved the NWO agenda farther ahead than most any other president. The NWO must be proud of their prodigal son. From convicted DWI felon, to head of the armed forces. Now that's an accomplishment.
If you ever had a DWI- could you get an ordinary job now as a convicted felon ? And if you so, would it pay more than minimum wage ? This shows the power of being "in" with the NWO, thanks to daddy.
Its a well known fact that the election software is full of security holes. Even the network software at the county clerk level was found to contain three databases. Of course, this must have been corrected after it was exposed (?) There are numerous ways to hide data and manipulate it in software. For example, software written using Microsoft's .NET framework has accomplished two things:
a. It can be difficult to follow someone else's work
b. .NET inherently insulates the programmer from what is actually happening at the operating system level.
Therefore, it would be easy for an accomplished programmer to create a new version of corrupt code, that permits manipulation of the voting database remotely.
What does Bush believe ? He's quite smug and confident he will win, brimming over with that arrogance he's so well known to have. So is Dick Cheney. They love being puppets for the global elite NWO.
Most people know Diebold a company that makes bank equipment, like bank vaults and auto-tellers. But most people don't know that they also make digital voting machines. The company is part of the infamous Carlisle Corp.- the group that has helped Dick Cheney's net worth to be more than 20 times that of Bush (about 40 million dollars according to recent publicized statements.) And let's not forget the corrupt voting systems they manufacture are so bad, that even liberal California dumped Diebold as a voting machine supplier. Apparently their other NWO simpleton/puppet Arnold, couldn't interfere with that decision. What a shame.
The republican controlled hill supports every mad scheme dreamed up by Bush. Including the un-Patriot Acts which was signed WITHOUT READING THEM by almost everyone on capitol hill. More puppets. It was only the few true patriots left on the hill, like Ron Paul (Texas) that brought this blind following the blind to light. To Ron Paul's credit, he didn't sign Patriot 1 either.
And if any of the above schemes don't work out ? There is plenty of time, between now and November to perform another orchestrated attack on America. Just one more big event will cause the head shrub to declare martial law. When that happens, even if he's not president-elect he still doesn't need to step down and Congress can just go home or back to the golf course, because military law will rule the USA. It will most likely result in an invasion by NATO at some point to help enforce it.
Foreign troops will take great delight shooting Americans and kicking in the doors of homes. Our loving govt. that keeps meddling in foreign affairs, has only accomplished one thing- most of the world hates Americans now. But maybe that was the plan after all ? As Dr. Stan Monteith often states on his radio show - "America has the best enemies that money can buy." Truer words were never spoken.
Now lets examine that lie. Everyone you talk to will say things like - "it'll never happen, the police and military won't do it" or "can't happen here in America" or other such dribble. I'll prove to you such talk is pure nonsense. It all has to do with simply having a JOB.
First, to say that the police and military won't support it, ignores one VERY important thing. Remember - to them this is just a JOB. Not a great one, but a type of job that is about the only kind left which is immune to layoffs and downsizing. Crime never lays anyone off either.
Do you recall how almost all Americans had a job at one time, and one was fairly easy to get ?
If you are in the police or military and refuse to support martial law, you'll either get fired or courts martialed. In either case, there goes your meal ticket. One day we will be pulled over for a traffic ticket, and the policemen will be Mexican or Chinese speaking broken English. At the bottom of the ticket will have the words printed "made in china."
Too many people think we won't see military rule..
What they need to see, is the BRAINWASHING taking place in colleges and universities today. Young men and women in the ROTC today are TRAINED wearing ALL BLACK UNIFORMS. Bring to mind the SS of Germany? It should. I have seen this taking place first hand. And when they talk in the hallways, upon seeing any 'civilian' they resort to hushed tones. This is fact, and those that don't believe it can check it out for themselves. Remember this is a JOB to them, a source of income. They know while getting their college degrees, that there really aren't many jobs out there. But they believe shrub's 100 year war will always keep them employed, even if at a much lower salary than a civilian job would.
These are the men and women that will run America under martial law. Not the older, wiser generation of military leaders that still remember the horrors of Nazi Germany.
America won't be controlled by those who under no circumstances, would even imagine or allow a new SS to come into power again. I too am of german decent as you can see by my name, but am ashamed beyond words what happened in Germany. And so it is with any German you meet today. Just even talking about the horror created by Hitler, will bring tears to any native german's eyes. We must NOT forget this ugliness CAN RISE AGAIN, but only if we allow it. Bush and the NWO are using Nazi Germany as their model, and trying to bring a 4th Reich into power.
This new SS is far more dangerous today, because it has technology on its side. Some of that technology is so advanced it won't seen by the public until its too late. And the actual way it functions won't be taught in colleges for a decade. Much of it is based on new classified physics that the "unwashed masses" won't be allowed to understand. Therefore, they won't even believe it is real and even the effects of it won't be believed for some time. Some of it is being used on the public right now in the testing stages. Chemtrails are just one facet of it. People discussing and writing about HAARP are only scratching the surface. And don't forget that when it all comes down, YOUR tax dollars paid for the misery to come. You should look into a mirror and thank yourself, if you have done nothing to expose it and stop it.
All things require critical mass and mechanisms to be in place to come to fruition. Such examples are crowds that get out of control, but only when they reach a certain size. Or the critical mass of nuclear device, where a minimum amount of material is required is generate heat or uncontrolled fission.
The critical mass rule even applies to business, where its required for a business to take the next step in growth.
So it is with major changes to our country's government. Americans should not be so smug they think they are immune to undermining of liberty Our founding fathers put protections and "circuit breakers" in place in our Constitution and other laws, to prevent this from happening. We are seeing a systematic dismantling of these protections including the Bill of Rights. Not by declaring them invalid, but by enacting laws like the un-Patriot Act that give lame reasons to circumvent these rights.
About two years ago, John Ascroft stated that if another attack were to happen here or to one of our allies, "You WILL lose your liberties." His exact words, and he did place emphasis on "WILL." Further- note the plural "liberties."
Let us NEVER forget what Bush said in December 2000 when asked about how hard his job as president elect would be:
"This job would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship" then muttered clearly for all to hear, "Just so long as I'm the dictator."
Can his motives be any more clear than that ? Should the words "dictator" and "election" ever be used together ?



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