Doomsday -
The Electrical Connection

By Michael Goodspeed

"Once upon a time, the earth was flat. was round. Once upon a time, gravity was the principle force holding the earth together. Then we discovered a force a thousand billion billion billion billion times more powerful...." (From promotional video, emphasizing surprising discovery of the elelctric force in space. )
Evidence is mounting that the earth is experiencing intense electrical interactions with celestial objects passing near our orbit - or even more subtle electrical influences yet to be understood.
Let's begin by examining as briefly as possible the large, perhaps enormous, number of meteor strikes and "cosmic" explosions that have been reported in the media over the past 4 weeks:
Puget Sound, Washington, June 3rd: A meteor sighting which occurred at precisely the same time as a 1.6 micro quake. This meteor was reportedly the size of a "computer monitor," but according to conventional understanding of a meteor, this would not be of sufficient size to create such a quake. One eyewitness as far south as Eugene, OR, claimed to see a large flash in the sky at the time of the meteor's arrival. Link:
Los Angeles, June 5th: LA radio station KFI 640 AM reports that investigators are scouring the area for a possible "crashed airplane," after numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing "fireballs," and a plane that "exploded" before "going down." I received an email from a person who claimed to hear this broadcast, and forwarded the message to KFI News Director Chris Little. Little responded by saying that the broadcast never aired. But unbeknownst to him, I had the AUDIO of said braodcast in my possession, and it is now posted on numerous websites, including, and
New Zealand, June 10th: This meteor, reportedly between the size of a "baseball" and a "canned ham," crashed through a New Zealand home and nearly killed a child sitting on a couch.
Australia, June 17th: This one is highly controversial, as Australian authorities are saying that the alleged "house-sized meteor" left no physical trace.
Missouri, June 19th: There are contradictory reports about this alleged meteor, which reportedly created an enormous boom and caused area homes to shake . Eyewitness Paul Kesteron said of the alleged meteor: "There was a smoke trail in the sky, but it wasn't straight," ... "It kind of came down at an angle, like a jet contrail that the wind had distorted."
According to one NASA scientist, this meteor... "would have been much larger than fist-sized to make that loud of a noise and generate that much energy. I couldn't speculate how big, though."
The website initially reported on June 20th: " supersonic aircraft were in the skies above Webster County, according to Springfield airport and Fort Leonard Wood officials." However, days later, the Boeing McDonell Douglas plant in St. Louis. claimed the audible "explosion" was a "sonic boom," created by "a new F/A- 18 Hornet."
Seattle, WA, June 20th: Rumor Mill News author Cliff Mickelson reported that he and several friends witnessed an enormous "pyrotechnic" display of meteors and strange, streaking lights.
SE Texas, June 27th: A "large meteor" is witnessed by at least three Texas men. The meteor is described as "very large " and "colorful...streaking across the sky west to east at a high altitude....It was leaving streamers of blue, red, yellow and green behind resembling the tail of a comet. He described it as larger than an airliner at low altitude but was very high and appeared to skip off the atmosphere and dissappear."
The conventional scientific view of meteorites is that they originated billions of years ago, accreting from the same dust from which the sun and planets were born. The alternative view is that meteorites are the product of much more recent catastrophic events within the solar system.
The conventional view of comets is that they are chunks of ice, or "dirty snowballs" evaporating in the sun. The alternative view is that comets discharge electrically as they move through the radial electrical field of the sun. This view has received astonishing support from recent probes of comets, i.e. Comet Wild
Wild 2's surface was covered with "spires, pits and craters" that could only be supported by ROCK, not by sublimating ice or snow. A "metling snowball" will grow incresingly smooth, while Wild 2 shows extremely sharp relief that no one had expected. This relief suggests that the comet nucleus is being carved by the very force that creates the cometary display. That force can only be electricity.
The question needs to be asked: Are we at this time moving through a cloud of electrified material, that is having an effect on the earth's surface and atmosphere? It is important to note, author/scientist Ian Gurney( has reported that the earth is experiencing two "near-misses" with recently discovered asteroids; Itokawa, which passed on June 27th, and asteroid 2004 MC, which was discovered very recently (June 15th) and which is projected to pass within 850,000 miles of the earth. It was also recently announced by NASA that the end of June would witness a "surprise meteor shower."
Let's examine the various intense and unusual(?) weather, surface, or tectonic activity which have recently been reported, all of which are now known to have an electrical component. Let's begin with the most obvious of all:
This is a documentation of people who have been killed or severely injured by lightning over the last FOUR WEEKS. I do not know the statistical averages for the number of people killed every year globally by lightning...but the number of lightning caused deaths and injuries over just the last FOUR WEEKS seems staggering. Notice also the unusual effect of numerous victims being hurt or killed by a single strike, which "bounces" from one person to the other. And take a moment to lament the 86 sheep who are no longer with us, thanks to the dynamic effects of electricity:
May 29th, 2004, Denver, Colorado: A lightning strike at a golf course driving range Saturday killed a man and injured his 16-year-old son.
May 30th, 2004, RAF Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire: A MODEL plane enthusiast died when he was struck by lightning as he retrieved his glider.
May 31st, 2004, Ethiopia: Three people were killed and 14 others injured when lightning struck an area in southwestern Ethiopia...
June 1st, Lebanon, Ohio: A man died after being struck by lightning at a southwest Ohio campground...
June 8th, India: Lightning struck a flock of sheep grazing atop a mountain meadow in Himachal Pradesh, killing 86 sheep and injuring several others, officials said...
June 9th, 2004, Pakistan: Three women and a man were killed by in a lightning strike in central Pakistan in an early monsoon thunderstorm, police said Wednesday. ...
June 10th, India: 23-year-old Jaysinh Padvi was killed when lightning struck him at Nani Pipal village in Songadh taluka...Link:
June 11th, 2004, Ghana: Lightning kills a school teacher and his nine year-old pupil.
June 17th, Houston: A southwest Houston woman died in a lightning strike while walking to work in a heavy thunderstorm...Link:
June 22nd, Kremmling Colorado: 19 golfers are simultaneously struck by lightning. The electrical force reportedly "bounced" from one man to another. They described it as askin to being "hit over the head with a hammer."
Link: - 27k
June 27th, China: Lightning strikes killed 15 villagers who were taking shelter under a tree, avoiding torrential rain in the city of Linhai.
June 27th, Indonesia: Lightning struck an open-air nursery in Malaysia, killing an Indonesian migrant worker and injuring five others who were tending to plants ...
June 14th, 2004, Phoenix, AZ: The Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant shuts down, causing 60,000 resident to lose power, after a string of "strange lights" hovers over the facility. It is interesting to note that AFTER power was lost, several electrical "explosions" of power lines occurred. These events were recorded on video, and aired on Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO.
June 10th, 2004: It is reported that some 27,000 pelicans have abandoned their eggs and vanished from North Dakota's Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge.
Washington State: A total of AT LEAST seven tornadoes have been reported in the past 3 months in Washington. The state averages 1.8 tornadoes a year. (Story, from (Seven Washington tornadoes; What's Up With That?...
Also in Washington, fruit growers have been negatively effected by the "weird weather." The Columbia Basin Herald reported on May 28th, 2004: "Gip Redman, head of field services for C.M. Holtzinger in Yakima and Prosser, said that the weather has been affecting almost all varieties of fruit, especially those that his company deals with -- cherries, pears and apples.
"It's been mainly the hail that's been doing all the damage, but the farther we get into this week and next week with rain, it's going to start having more impact on the cherries,' Redman said."
Wyoming: The Casper Star Tribune reports, "The calendar says it's June, but thanks to the jet stream, summer has yet to come to central Wyoming....Jet stream conditions are causing snow to fall in the western mountains, winds to blow like mad through Casper and cool temperatures to be felt in many parts of the state...This weather has not been conducive to normal summertime activities....Closing pools due to cold weather is not that unusual in June..but closing parts of a pool due to wind is strange...
New York: The website of the Utica newspaper The Observer Dispatch reports "weird weather", "funnel clouds", and "thunderclaps." From, on May 28th, 2004: "It was a week of weird weather, even for the Mohawk Valley. Thunderstorms and tornado watches peppered the region since last weekend...Monday, thunderclaps awakened residents when a severe thunderstorm downed branches, trees and power lines. In Rome alone, about 9,500 NiMo customers were without power at one point."
Again, I am only focusing on events of the last 4 weeks. I am not a seismologist, so I don't know if this recent activity is anomalous or not...but on the surface, it seems intense. And notice that many of the quakes have occurred on the SAME DAY in areas separated by thousands of miles. It is also worth noting that on June 14th, Israel tested a new "earthquake measuring device" by setting off a 28-ton explosion that registered 2.9 on the richter scale.
Another country taking recent earthquake-preparedness measures is Delhi, which announced on June 20th its plan to draw up "earthquake vulnerability maps. Link:
June 3rd, 2004, Puget Sound, WA: The aforemention June 3rd meteor sighting coincided precisely with the report of a 1.6 "micro-quake."
June 14th, 2004, Mexico City: 5.8 magnitude earthquake. Link:
June 15th, 2004, Chile: 6.1 magnitude earthquake.
June 15th, 2004, Missouri: 3.7 magnitude earthquake.
June 15th, San Dieo: 5.2 magnitude earthquake. Link:
June 21st, 2004, Japan: 5.1 magnitude earthquake.
June 22nd, 2004, Northern Switzerland: 3.8 magnitude earthquake.
June 24th, 2004, Mt. Rainier, WA: 3.7 magnitude earthquake.
June 27th, 2004, Chicago, IL: 4.5 magnitude earthquake.
June 27th, 2004: Alaska, 6.7 magnitude earthquake.
June 27th, 2004: Bulgaria: 4.0 magnitude earthquake.
Some readers of this may pose the question...if this phenomena is really happening, if near earth objects are interacting electrically with the planet and creating these anomalies, then why are the people at NASA not putting the pieces of the puzzle together? The answer to this is... as undeniably brilliant as most NASA scientists are, there is one thing they have always turned a blind eye to, and that is the influence of ELECTRICITY in space. Once electricity is allowed to enter the equation, then the entire uniformitarian paradigm - the notion that change on the cosmic scale occurs incrementally over eons - a view which is held by the majority of mainstream astronomers, will crumble like a house of cards.
There are questions that demand to be answered. It now appears that the scientific mainstream is either unwilling or unable to provide them. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that the questions continue to be asked.



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