Dome On Mars
From Anonymous

Hi Jeff...
I did some enhancement on that anomalous dome like object on Mars. Make certain you look at this in full size. It may help to try rotating and flipping the picture based upon the pixel arrangement of your computer screen.
Some of these opinions may be wrong - some of the objects may be a factor of the image enhancement process. A few of my observations:
The dome seems to have a layer of ice on it.
There seems to be several other artifical structrure like objects on the edge of the crater. Some of these objects appear to be smaller domes.
The bottom of the large dome seems to have an "S" shaped ramp or tunnel going into it. The ramp/tunnel appears to originate from underground.
If this object was on earth - one could say with some certainty that it was artificial.
I recently saw a short piece you ran on a "dome" on Mars".
If you'd like some additional, highly detailed information on this and two other identical structures in the Acidalia Planitia region it can be found at:
The article "Is this an Artificial construct on Mars" and Chapter six of "Lowell's Legacy" have detailed analyses of these structures which include 3-d models, shape from shading and stereo images.



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