Diamond Shaped UFO
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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
(Note: the photos shown here have been downsized from their high resolution originals to fit the webpage. They have been enhanced using the auto-curves setting in Photoshop to basically render night for day. The originals are considerably darker, though the object is distinct in almost every shot. If opportunity arises, we will make parts of the quicktime video available. Stay tuned. Thanks to Brian Vike for sharing this material with us!)
Portland Oregon
Date: July 8, 2004
Hi Brian,
On July 8, 2004 I was puttering around the backyard when I looked up and saw something blue-black in color, no apparent lights, moving to the south somewhat slowly, not as fast as the typical single engine airplane. It appeared almost overhead, but shifted say 60 to 70 degrees above the western horizon, low enough to be easily seen. As an object it seemed a bit large, or a bit close, say 1000 to 3000 feet altitude, and made no noise. This was a real photo snapshot opportunity, excepting the poor lighting conditions.
It took me 30 seconds to run and get the camera. The first picture Pict5702, is zoomed in 40x (10x optical, 4x digital) and is overexposed and out of focus. On subsequent photos I then switched camera modes for manual exposure so I could underexpose the pictures, as this seems to capture more detail. In the midst of taking pictures I did get one QuickTime movie, about 21 seconds long, Pict 5706. The last photo is Pict5710.
Photo Listing:
5702: 40x zoom, 1/10 sec exp, time stamp 21:08:00, looking WSW
5703: 10x zoom, 1/125 sec exp, time stamp 21:08:30, looking WSW
5704: 10x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:08:44, looking WSW
5705: 40x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:09:06, looking WSW
5706: 10x zoom, 21 sec QT movie, time stamp 21:09:22, looking SW
5707: 10x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:10:08, looking SW
5708: 40x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:10:40, looking SSW
5709: 3x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:11:20, looking south
5710: 3x zoom, 1/60 sec exp, time stamp 21:12:12, looking south

For the image above, brightness/contrast controls were set manually to
bring out the clearest possible image of the craft
For the image above, brightness/contrast controls were set manually to
bring out the clearest possible image of the craft
All photos are straight out of the camera. Some pictures are blurred due to the seeing conditions at 9:08 pm pdt local time being nearly dusk. The camera, a 3.2mp Konica-Minolta Z1, would not lock focus on the object due to the low light conditions. I had to focus lock on the farthest away tall tree (about 500 feet) then find the object again for the photograph. Oh, what a manual focus ring would do for this camera!
I am going to take some measurements, etc of where the photos were taken, and the time stamp is in each picture's exif data file, so with this information I should be able to get some average speeds of this object, if I can make some refined accurate estimates of the object's probable altitude. It did not seem to change its altitude very much or very drastically. A little sketch diagramming and calculation will be necessary and that will take some time.
The video (20mb file size) shows the object making some mildly erratic changes in direction during its slow flight progress, this can best be seen 14 to 18 seconds into the movie, as there is a roofline showing there. Regarding weather conditions, it was not windy to speak of, only the very mild evening breeze which usually comes in from the north, and mostly blue sky was showing. If there was any breeze it was barely noticeable to me. What I'm getting at is I don't believe what I saw was a balloon carried in a breeze.
Some of the photos show an aura, or atmospheric distortion waves, around the object, particularly the one that is overexposed.
The object did not seem to rotate much about its own axis as some other UFO objects that I have witnessed have done (I haven't told you about those... yet.). Visually, it had a squarish, or four lobed appearance. This was evident when it was at its closest, when I first glanced up and saw it.
Will get back to you with more data soon. All pictures less the movie, (8) files total, are sent to you in two emails. I will regular mail the full movie as I have no way to cut it down by edit right now, except in still frames.
Thanks for looking,
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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