More Coverups Of
Cosmic Impacts?

By Michael Goodspeed
In response to my recent article Why I Fear Toutatis (, I have received numerous emails from people who claim to have seen unusal fireballs and/or meteor activity in the United States over the past few weeks.
In addition to these email communications, I have found evidence of censorship in the news of fireballs, meteors, and unexplained celestial phenomena.
These recent developments are leading me to an inexorable conclusion:
People who control the news are vary wary of current cosmic activity, and are deeply concerned about the effect this will have on public consciousness.
Let me begin this report by sharing with you an email I received from from a resident of Los Angeles, who claims that he or she heard a report on an LA radio station of a "fireball" near LAX, which was described by witnesses as "appearing like an airplane falling from the sky, then exploding." This person also says that there were no reports of such an event anywhere in the media in the following days.
Here is the full email:
    Hi Michael -
    Just wanted to let you know, the friday night after
    the explosion of the meteor over washington, I was
    listening to the radio in LA. It was 2:30 am and the
    traffic update came on. The announcer said
    "Apparently a large explosion was seen over the
    405/I-5 interchange near LAX. Callers described the
    fireball as appearing like an airplane falling from
    the sky, then exploding.." There was nothing about
    this in the papers or anywhere else for that matter.
    I was listening to 640am so go ahead and contact the
    station to see if they have transcripts if you want
    material evidence.
    Just thought id let you know about that one.
Shortly after receiving this message, I emailed the station (, asking for a transcript and/or verification of the alleged news report, but have not yet received a reply.
Interestingly, after reading this email, I did a word search on Google news for "LA fireball", and found a link to a story on a fireball in Oklahoma, published by the Alva Review Courier. The link, as it appears in Google, reads as follows:
Fireball Turns Midnight Sky Orange
Alva Review Courier, OK - Jun 20, 2004
By Helen Barrett. "I looked out the window, heard a big bang and saw a ball of orange fire," Jason Pritchard said of the lightning ...
ID=555408&CategoryID=7227&show=localnews&om=1 )
Unfortunately, when I click on the link, I am taken to a blank page which reads, "No headlines entered." Then, when I did a word search for "fireball" on the website...I found ZERO matches. And then I searched the website's archives for June 20th for this story...and could not find it.
I then did a Google news word search for "fireball" and "oklahoma"...and could not find the story.
If the original headline in the Alva Review Courier was correct...and the account of the LA radio report of a fireball explosion near LAX occurred as described by "TS"...
Why have these reports VANISHED and/or not appeared anywhere else?
After discovering these instance of possible CENSORSHIP of cosmic impacts, I did a word search on Google news for "meteor"...and I found this story, from June 19th, of a CAR-SIZED meteor reported in the state of Missouri. A meteor the size of a car is a MAJOR story...particularly when one considers that a meteor (or bolide) as small as the one in Washington three weeks ago made national headlines. What is going on?
By the way, just for the record, June 19th was one day before the projected "impact" date offered by the SNOWBALL NET broadcast.
Here is the full story, from
Car-Sized Meteor Rocks Missouri Residents
posted by admin on Saturday June 19, @08:40PM
from the big-a-boom dept.
Paul Kesterson was getting ready for work Friday morning when two thunderous explosions a split second apart rocked the sky above his home.
"It was loud enough to shake the house and rattle the windows," said Kesterson, owner of Marshfield TV and Electronics. "The dog's probably still hiding."
The rural Webster County man rushed outside, not sure what he'd find.
"There was a smoke trail in the sky, but it wasn't straight," he said. "It kind of came down at an angle, like a jet contrail that the wind had distorted."
The Webster County Sheriff's Department fielded nearly 20 phone calls from area residents around 9:20 a.m., concerned something had blown up.
Dispatchers checked with area quarries, which reported no blasting activity.
And no supersonic aircraft were in the skies above Webster County, according to Springfield airport and Fort Leonard Wood officials.
NASA scientist Mike Mumma said the likely culprit was a "sizable" meteor ripping apart as it blasted through the atmosphere at 100,000 mph.
"From the description of buildings and windows shaking, that's a fairly significant sonic boom," said Mumma, chief scientist of planetary research at Goddard Research Center in Greenbelt, Md. "It would have been much larger than fist-sized to make that loud of a noise and generate that much energy. I couldn't speculate how big, though."
Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near Earth Object monitoring program in Pasadena, Calif., said a meteor that shakes homes and windows could have been the size of a small car.
Let me now share with you an email I received from yet another person who claims to have "insider" knowledge on the asteroid Toutatis. Please keep in mind, in lieu of the extraordinary amount of mis and/or disinformation surrounding this issue, I am presenting this purely as an item of interest.
Toutatis is calculated to pass Earth on the 29th. The impact date which was on the 20th was NOT impact between Toutatis and the Earth. The impact date was between a nuclear tipped missile and Toutatis. It was when the destruction of Toutatis would occur. There are problems with Toutatis which you have touched on. Toutatis has an odd rotation but we have entered into a galactic dust cloud. This cloud has adversely affected the calculations, making Toutatis a bit of an irregularity. Better to be safe than sorry. You can take this information for what it is worth. Don't mention my name. I only know what I know because I know somebody, and I have told you everything I know, so now your in the know. (END OF EMAIL)
This person is apparently making the case that Toutatis may have ALREADY been which case someone would have some serious explaining to do, come September 29th, if Toutatis is nowhere to be seen.
I am now making a plea to members of the scientific community, particularly exmployees of NASA, who have any direct or indirect information on this topic, to come forward and reveal that information. If my concerns about Toutatis are totally misguided, if I am jumping at shadows and responding to vapors, believe me, I will be more than happy if you can "sober me up" with a prosaic explanation for all of this. But somehow, I don't think an explanation of any kind - prosaic or otherwirse - is forthcoming.



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