Covering Up For Peace -
The Murder Of Judge Adi Azar

By Barry Chamish
There is nothing complicated about the July 19 murder of Israeli judge Adi Azar. The murderers have already confessed but the Israeli government is rejecting the confession. Accepting it could ruin the "peace" process. So, the Israeli media is spreading salacious gossip about the judge's personal life, including "a love triangle."
The key to the cover-up is convincing the public that Yasir Arafat never tells the truth. Let's have a look at the events leading up to the murder:
July 10 - World Court In Hague orders Israel to remove its security fence.
July 11 - Tel Aviv bomb kills 19 year old soldier, wounds 34
July 12 - American court orders PLO to pay the family of American terror victim Yaron Ungar, $116 million in damages.
July 12 - Arafat: Israel Staged Tel Aviv Bombing by Abu Khaled Toameh, Jerusalem Post:
"Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat condemned Sunday's Tel Aviv bomb explosion that was claimed by his Aksa Martyrs Brigade, accusing Israel of masterminding the attack...This is not the first time Arafat has accused Israel of carrying out attacks against Israelis. In the past, he accused the Israeli security services of assassinating tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi."
The Tel Aviv bombing was out of character. It was not a suicide attack, rather a bomb hidden in bushes near a bus stop. It was designed to do the least possible damage while appearing to be a major incident. As for Zeevi, my research has Arafat dead-on right about Zeevi. (Please read Save Israel! for details).
Now we look at the American court decision, also from the Jerusalem Post.
July 13 - US Court, PA Must Pay Terror Victims Family
"In what may be a landmark blow to global terrorist financing, a federal judge in the US ordered the Palestinian Liberation Organization to pay $116 million to the family of a US citizen murdered in Israel eight years ago."
There are thousands of terror victims, dead or mutilated, and at $116 million a pop, the PLO and its murder state would be bankrupted if this ruling sets a precedent. Now, on to Judge Azar. He was adjudicating terror compensation cases in Tel Aviv and the PLO could not have liked his rulings. Nor could their supporters in the Israeli "peace" camp.
Let us look at how Judge Azar handled the issue of the suit against the Egged bus company against Arafat and his "Authority."
Arutz Sheva
"Arafat Goes To Court A bill for 52 million shekels did what nothing else was able to do: get PLO chieftain Yasser Arafat to recognize Israelis courts. He turned yesterday to the Tel Aviv District Court, asking it to overturn a decision of seven weeks ago obligating him personally to pay that sum. The court, ruling on a suit by Egged, Israel's main bus company, stated that Arafat must compensate the company for terrorism-related damages caused during the first year of the ongoing Oslo War.
"Egged had claimed in the suit that Arafat himself, as the one who drafted and sent terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks, must be made to know that the costs will come out of his own pocket. "This is just another way to wage the war against terrorism," Egged claimed. In the first year of the Oslo War, Egged suffered more than 50 attacks, in which 113 people were killed, including a bus driver, and 594 were wounded, including 19 drivers. Financial damage added up to over 164 million shekels.
"The court ruled in early February, after Arafat did not even bother to respond to the papers served against him, that he must pay the sum - plus court costs of 100,000 shekels.
"Atty. Yosef Arnon, representing Arafat, claimed in court yesterday that the lawyers representing the PA/PLO in the case were not his client's, and that Arafat therefore cannot be judged to have received the court papers. Arafat's lawyer also asked that the judge, Hon. Adi Azar, be disqualified from the case."
For more details of the Egged case, visit:
As for Judge Azar's treatment of the PLO lawyer Yosef Arnon:
"Attorney Jamal Abu Toameh, an Arab citizen of Israel, has been replaced by Yossi Arnon, a Jewish lawyer. "We realized that in an Israeli court you have to be a Jew to accomplish anything," says Farih Abu Madin. Last week, Arnon made his debut as the PA's lawyer in the Tel Aviv District Court, in a hearing on the Egged suit.
"'This is not a terrorist case, but a civil case involving a damage suit,' he said. Cross-examining the director of the bus company's financial division, Arnon focused on the question of whether Egged's profits had shrunk not because of the terrorist attacks but because it lost its monopoly status as an intercity carrier.
'"However, the judge, Dr. Adi Azar, refused to accept Arnon's approach. "Even though this is a civil suit," he wrote in an interim decision, "it deals in its entirety with a lengthy chain of acts of terrorism and atrocity that are exceptional even by international criteria, which unfortunately occurred in the recent past in Israel ... It cannot be treated as a routine, regular breach of contract suit, as though we were dealing with a cupboard that someone ordered but was not delivered, or a check not honored by a bank.'"
In another suit against the PLO, Judge Azar upheld his position, and his integrity:
"In a decision of January 2003 to place a lien on NIS 4 million in favor of Yosef Azouz, who was wounded in the March 2002 terrorist attack at the Sea Food Market restaurant, the registrar of the Tel Aviv District Court, Adi Azar, wrote, 'Immunity accrues to those who follow accepted and civilized modes of behavior, and not to those who take hold of an instrument of war and embark on a path of indiscriminate murders.'"
Judge Azar's precedents threatened the PLO with more than an endless payout to its victims. He also forced the Palestinian Authority to reveal its assets in court.
Cause of losses
"A different reality is revealed in the courts. In an attempt to annul the temporary liens, the PA stated that it possessed considerable assets and would not have a problem meeting the payments required by the courts if the courts ruled that the PA had to compensate the plaintiffs. In an affidavit to the Tel Aviv District Court in the Egged suit, Muhand Aljaouni, an aide to Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, stated that the PA owns assets 'whose value is dozens of times greater than the amount of the suit ... The Palestinian Authority has investments worth about $600 million in various companies.'
"A document attached to the affidavit provides details of the PA's investments. The PA is said to have $74 million in cash and to be a partner in 64 companies, including communications firms in Jordan, Algeria and Tunisia, a Palestinian cement company, a gas and aviation project, real estate transactions worth $15 million, hotels, a flour mill, a convention center in Bethlehem and the companies that market Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola in the territories."
Judge Azar was forcing the PA to prove it could not pay the compensation his court was demanding. Does anyone believe that the PA only has $74 million in cash? Arafat has more than that in his piggy bank. Nonetheless, the revelation of the PA's corrupt business interests was bound to scare the recipients of Arafat's largesse.
So he had to go to save the "peace." The murderer dressed as a security officer and cased the judge's home for three days before making his move. He placed a silencer on his pistol, shot the judge five times and managed to escape on a motorcycle. This was no mean trick in late afternoon Tel Aviv traffic. Odds are he drove to a nearby safe house. Which means, the killer was getting help inside Israel. Which means, the "peace process" hit squad of the Shabak was helping out Arafat.
Arafat's Al Aksa Brigade took responsibility for the hit and the Israeli government took enormous pains to scoff at the claim. Most likely they were just accessories to the crime, but their boss derived all the benefits from the removal of Judge Azar. The next judge adjudicating compensation cases against the PLO, whether in Israel or abroad, will think twice before ruling in favor of the plaintiffs.
Watch out for a patsy to take the blame because if the Israeli public were to discover that Arafat ordered the hit, and turned to his allies in the Israeli "peace" camp to carry it out, the whole Oslo process would likely collapse. Which is why the lurid gossip about Judge Azar's private life is being spread like the fertilizer it is.
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