The Chulucanas Incident
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By Dr. Anthony Choy Montes
Independent Researcher
Collaborator of the Air Anomalous Phenomenos Investigation Office (OIFAA)
Of the Peruvian Air Force
The formless present summarizes the work of investigation that is being carried out from one year ago on the city of Chulucanas, to the north of the Peru and the enigmatic PILAN Hill, raised by a series of anomalous phenomenons - RECORDED IN VIDEO - and close encounters of all kinds according to the Hynek classification, that they apparently is happening from immemorial times, but since February 2003 have begun to intensify.
It is the reason of this report to present to the Scientific Community and to the World Public Opinion what Dr. Anthony Choy have denominated "The Chulucanas Incident"
Luminous red-orange ships of 150 to 200 meters long floating in complete silence for two and half hours on October 13th, 2001 on a famous religious celebration in the city of Chulucanas, north of Peru, forming strange geometric figures and then fusing in a single sphere of light - RECORDED IN VIDEO -12 days later, on October 25th of 2001 appearance of ships in the same zone, they landed in three different places amid the field, RECORDED IN VIDEO-
20 days later, on November 15th 2001 one of the ships enters to the city getting off the sky and causing panic in the population - RECORDED IN VIDEO - Recording in video of more than 160 witnesses of the SIGHTINGS, AT THE MOMENTS OF HAPPENING. The investigations agree that the epicenter of these extraordinary phenomenons is in the mysterious PILAN HILL. Ancients legends refer to said promontory like a Sacred and Forbidden Hill where from immemorial times people and livestock disappeared. Some people that have returned referred that they got lost in the hill, they are not able to visualize the landscape and when they are able to lower has advanced three or four days ahead, in spite of having been few hours.
A Peruvian Historian refers that in 1902 was flying slowly an immense reddish meteor crossing through the whole region from the sea to the area of Talara, went across the whole valley and it smashed into the Pilán Hill. Coincidently Dr. Anthony Choy has been able to locate an immense print on the side of the hill of approximately 300 m2 forming a horseshoe where it doesn't grow the grass and the floor is made up of milled stone. In spite of being surrounded of a thick forest and the floor made up of big stone blocks - PRINT RECORDED IN VIDEO ­
Witnesses have seen strange beings of human appearance about 2 meters high walking between the fields. They had strange ripped eyes, luminous tight suits, that float upon mobilizing and they have left them unusual information on the technology of their ships and unusual messages to the Humanity - TESTIMONIES RECORDED IN VIDEO ­
Dr. Anthony Choy have been able to locate the Peruvian Air Force with life to a drawn back from Official, world champion of flight in curl that in the decade of the sixties published a book of small circulation that narrated that in 1959 flying the Peruvian north coast in the middle of a flight practice was immobilized for an unusual metallic dissocial object that it retained it in the air nearly an hour.
Today he revealed what he never before counted: that he was led to the interior of a ship, sighting to their six crew members, with whom he could chatted, revised his body and later on returned to their airplane in the PILAN HILL area in Chulucanas. Former official statement ignored the last facts was reported completely. He was never believed it was named of lunatic but it always remained a very strange fact: the technical revision of his airplane reported that he was in the air near two hours when his plane had fuel only for 45 minutes - TESTIMONY RECORDED IN VIDEO.
Testimonies of pilots of proving solvency moral and outstanding professional trajectory into the Peruvian Air Force, that they narrated have seen Giants Ships in the same area of almost impossible sizes. They said that by the middle of the 2.000 flyings to an altitude of 12.000 feet they sighted in the same region very near PILAN HILL amid a close night, an enormous round object whose borders emitted a wave of red orange heat of between 15 to 20 kilometers diameter. TESTIMONIES RECORDED IN VIDEO.
Studies have determined that these phenomenon's are from immemorial times but for a reason even unknown, they have intensified in the last weeks. And since middle of February these phenomenon's are seen almost daily.
In fact, the zone of Chulucanas is famous in the world not only for the beautiful and singular ceramic that is recognized internationally but by having been headquarters of the famous culture previous to the Incas named VICUS (250-650 B.C.), celebrated for their extraordinary gold and silver works and their ceramic that in the last decades attracted the attention of many "Searchers of treasures". This culture proceed the "Mysterious Flying Men of Vicus" and strange ceramics in dissocial form with men seemingly white with diving suits in the head similar to pilots.
It's been able to locate in the same zone several dozens of strange and deep done holes in the alive rock of perfect circular form and neatly refined whose origin and utility had remained unknown. But as a result of recent arqueo-astronomical investigations they lead us to a very interesting conclusion. Apparently old Andean residents whose culture could not still specify had extraordinary astronomical knowledge and that according to the movement of stars and constellations governed their agricultural cycles. In order to observe the sky attentively and patiently carried out this holes in the rocks, they filled them of water as beautiful "Mirrors of the Sky". Through these ingenious pre-Hispanic astronomical observatories they studied the Andean sky.
But they didn't observed indiscriminately the whole firmament, but they choose a single Constellation. The one that the old Peruvian Cultures called "THE SEVEN GOTAS". Today the Modern Astronomical Science has given them another name: THE PLEYADES CONSTELLATION. And like is known from the sixties many "Contactes" around the world constantly refer to these constellations like the cradle of origin of one of the visitors civilizations. The archeo-astronomical fact is genuine. The Chulucanas--Pleyadeans connection should continue its investigation. Surprisingly the villagers called the zone "Saucers".
One year of investigations carried out by Dr. Anthony Choy from February 2002 took him from Lima seven trips of studies to this beautiful region in the north of Peru..It had come to determine the Chulucanas area and mainly the epicenter of these mysteries as the Pilán Hill like one of activates of UFOs worldwide. At present sightings are very intense.
It is said from several years ago within the International Ufological Community that a videotape recorded by the Control Center of Space Flights in Moscow, Russia, referred to the joining of the Space Shuttle Discovery with the Russian Station MIR on November 18 of 1997 where cameras installed in the Shuttle Discovery focused and recorded the precise moment in which unexpected and unusual spheres of light begun to surround the station MIR going away and approaching in apparent altitude and whose origin is totally unknown. The video shows clearly through the screens of control that from the east "unexpected space pursuit" the MIR and the Discovery flying the skies of North of Peru in fact on PIURA and the area of CHULUCANAS. Strange coincidence?
FLASH - CARRIED OUT SIGHTINGS DIRECTLY BY DR. ANTHONY CHOY IN THE PILAN HILL AREA ON FEBRUARY 22nd 2003. During the visit of a televisión channel team TELEMUNDO International Network with Dr. Anthony Choy on Saturday 22nd of February, in the village of "Piura The Old" after finishing the recordings the team returned to the city of Piura while Dr. Anthony Choy decided to spend the night with the villagers in order to continue his investigations.
"The Old Piura" as known is a very poor town with not more than 900 people with lack of electricity and drinkable water. Ironically during the first years of the Spanish domination the town was several times Capital of the Royalty of Peru in the sixteen century and still today the ruins remind like a meager of their old splendor. Besides the various sicles before the Spaniards the region was headquarters of one of the pre-Inca culture that reached in their ceramic and golden and silver work: the VICUS Culture.
At 21.23 p.m. on the February 22nd 2003 an object appeared in the sky of The Old Piura in presence of the researcher Anthony Choy who in that moment was with approximately 40 people in the main town square in the face of the screams that the population had gone out to. A small luminous object very distant whose shine blinked changing colour constantly in slow but constant trajectory and complete silence, came from the northwest towards the southeast towards the Pilán Hill approximately to 40 degrees on the line of the horizon (quite low). Very difficult to know the distance of the spectator, the size of the object, the speed that had with accuracy. It continued its way. It seemed to descend and it was positioned above the Pilán Hill where after a few seconds the strange object disappeared. It was 21.28 p.m.
Approximately at 21.45 p.m. the same phenomenon repeated again. This time lasted less than four minutes. It did the same trajectory. And It finished on the summit of the Pilán Hill.
The last sighting happened around 22.15 p.m. This time the journey of the stranger light passed on top the Pilán Hill locating two hills later on "Horquetudo" Hill for near four minutes.
Sky: Totally clear in the zenith and lightly cloudy toward the horizon. A clear night lightly white and fresh. They could say that they were approximately to 4 kms. from the Pilán Hill but Dr. Choy has not verified it yet. That object was difficulty an airplane, an helicopter or similar for the total absence of sound for they were three trajectories one behind the other and because suddenly they stopped abruptly on the Pilán Hill. As for these three sightings deserves to be verify some data however half of the population believe in their vision. Upon discharging Dr. Anthony Choy stay another day in the village only to give them a last advice: Please, watch the skies... watch the skies... watch the skies.
Reported Last Sightings: Saturday 1st of March 2003 at 9.20 p.m. Round luminous object red orange color according to residents "twice bigger than the full moon." Slow but constant trajectory coming from the city of Chulucanas, it stood still above the Pilán Hill. Duration of the event: 20 minutes aprox. Witnesses: 20 people approx:. FLASH : Saturday, May 4th 2003. Hour : 3 a.m. Place : Pilán Hill. An stranger luminous object was viewed by 30 tourist that decided to spend the night near that hill.
Last Sighting recorded in video : Tuesday, August 19th. 2003 Hour : 10.32 p.m. Place : Chulucanas City. Three luminous balls was floating over the city about 27 minutes.
After a year of investigations and not before had been confirmed the whole information, in April 2002 surrendered a report in detail of the investigation of field carried out by Dr. Anthony Choy to the Air Anomalous Phenomenon's Investigation Office of the Peruvian Air Force (OIFAA). Dr. Choy has decided to present to the world "The Chulucanas Incident" to the city of the same name and to the whole valley of PILAN HILL in the Department of Piura, north of Peru, as known at the moment like one of the old region of UFO activities worldwide and like the first case in revealing within the denominated "The 33 PROJECT ".
The 33 Project - After several years of investigations and travelling nearly the whole of Peru, taking dozens of testimonies, recordings of videos and pictures, collecting also many myths and legends of which his country is extraordinary rich, Dr. Anthony Choy has been able to identify 33 zones of intense UFO activity that practically covers the 75% of the national territory bringing Peru to an "UFOLOGICAL POWER."
As well as the wise Antonio Raimondi said that Peru is a seated beggar in a golden bank, Dr. Choy rather say that Peru is a blind millennial sat down on a trunk full of wonders and mysteries.
"The 33 Project " it is not another thing that a vast meticulous and passionless investigation of thirty three extraordinary cases properly documented, some of them have already concluded and others are in progress not only on the UFO phenomenon but on different thematic that somehow not is only mysterious but rather they open new roads of investigation for the Scientific Community. In fields of as controversial investigation as the Chriptozoology, the Parapsicology, the Quantum Medicine, etc.
The First Case of "The Project 33" in being revealed is in fact "The Chulucanas Incident."
There are three attitudes in the face of the mysteries still unexplained of the Man and the Universe: Closing our eyes in the face of the evidences, or frighten us in the face of the stranger. Both positions immobilize us and submerge us in the ignorance. And if we are ignorant we are easy to any manipulation. But another alternative exists. Fascination in the face of the mysterious. This fascination will make us lose the fear and will impel us to the Truth. "Verita Liberavit Vos" said Jesuschrist. "The truth will make us free" it is true but in turn is a truth to stockings. The TRUTH IT MAKES US FREE, PROVIDED WE ARE PREPARED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE IT. And in History, Science and Technology EVERY TIME THAT THERE WAS AN ADVANCE SCIENTIFIC DISCOVER, A PARCEL KNOWLEDGE HUMAN TO THE TRUTH , their use has served so much in order to make the good like for the wrong. The Discovery of the Manipulation of the Atomic Energy based on ideas of scientists like Albert Einstein have been used to improve the treatment of serious illnesses, the generation of electric power, etc., but it was also applied on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The Marxist Theories gave us some keys into understanding the evolution of human society and their historical evolution but they were the justification for the establishment of bloody tyrannies that they made horrendous genocides.
The formulated ideas by Charles Darwin on the evolution of the species was an important advance for the bio-historical understanding of Humanity but at the same time was used as an argument for racial theories based on cleanings some principles like in the "Law of the strongest."
And the advances in genetic engineering have been used for the improvement of the world feeding through the production of them denominated transgenics products; but also for the aberrant project of human clonation.
If the human being is not prepared ethically, scientifically and spiritually in order to receive the Truth, this in the long run is going to destroy.
INTRODUCTION IN PERUVIAN TELEVISIoN - Dr. Anthony Choy travelled with a team of journalists of the television program "Reports" of Panamericana Television, Channel 5, the most important of the Peru, and a program with excellent rating that had a special emission of a sixteen minutes report where Dr. Choy transmitted nationwide on Sunday the 2nd of February 2003.
Another survey of the same TV station had a rating of 25 points from that program. Another survey to the public through the Web page from the TV station said that a 0.4% of the public thought that the videos were not enough evidence and 54% said that the possibility of life in other worlds was more than proven. The report was repeated the 2nd of March in the same program on Sunday.
INTERVIEWS IN RADIO PROGRAMS IN PERU AND RADIO NATIONWIDE - In February 25th of the present year Dr. Choy granted a live interview nationwide to a very important radio station in Peru, listened to the long and wide of the national territory. In the program as well as the 10th of March to the main radio station the topic was the "Chulucanas Incident" being interviewed in the first case for the well-known peruvian journalists as Mariela Balbi and Alvaro Ugaz.
THE MOST IMPORTANT MASS MEDIA OF PERU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE "CHULUCANAS INCIDENT- On Thursday February the 27th in the Journalist "America News" from America Television Channel 4 of Peru, a report was transmitted on the extraordinary case and the following day, February the 28th in the Journalist "Good morning Perú," with the highest rating nationwide, the grateful journalists Federico Salazar and Mávila Huertas interviewed Dr. Anthony Choy and the Colonel José Raffo of the Peruvian Air Force while "EL COMERCIO" newspaper the most important of Lima and Peru, published an article on March 1st Articles appeared also in the newspapers "The Republic" and "Peru 21".
THE AMERICAN NETWORK INTERNATIONAL TELEMUNDO DID A REPORT ON THE "CHULUCANAS INCIDENT" - A team of journalists from the International Journalist of American Network TELEMUNDO visited on February the 2nd 2003 jointly with Dr. Anthony Choy the area of Chulucanas and the Pilán Hill being able to record dozens of testimonies of witnesses visiting the region of Saucers and other villages like the Old Piura. These reports were transmitted in the Program "Al Rojo Vivo" to more than thirty countries including United States on February 28th repeating them on March the 3rd, 2003. In these telecasts were included unpublished images of the ships recorded in videotape as well as the landings.
TELEVISA from Mexico, the main network of the Mexican television, carried out a report to the "Chulucanas Incident" that was telecast on March 6, 2003 in the TV program "Contrastes" and the international news agencies REUTERS TELEVISION and AFP, also carried out a report in this respect for the same topic that was transmitted to world wide.
And the investigation continues...
by Dr. Anthony Choy,
Independent Researcher and Collaborator of the Air Anomalous Phenomenons Investigation Office (OIFAA) of the PERUVIAN AIR FORCE.
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