Chile - Peasant Attack Was
Caused By Unknown Animals

From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology

Source - El Centro July 6, 2004
PARRAL (Esteban Leal) - Fear and incredulity will increase even more in Parral when this news becomes known. Specialists of the Legal Medical Service (SML) concluded yesterday that what attacked peasant Juan Roberto Acuña Pereira on Sunday morning was an animal, but belonging to an unknown species. The resident claimshaving been attacked that fateful night by two beings resembling dogs, but winged and with demonic strength. This was the incredible result reached by the analyses performed by forensic doctors of Cauquenes upon the wounds suffered by the Parral resident on his arms, chest and legs, and which were the subject of local and national media headlines yesterday, including EL CENTRO newspaper.
The oral report was received last night by the district attorney in charge of the case, Ricardo Encina. The official reported that "the injuries inflicted upon the Parral resident are compatible with those caused by an animal, without specifying what type. We are trying to deterime if there is involvement by some person, but if animals are involved we cannot continue our research, since that would fall to other specialists," admitting that he is faced with a very complex case.
Encina looked into the case afer Acuña reached the Reina Luisa Carabineros (state police) station in a state of terror on Sunday, reporting that two "winged dogs" -- one large, one small -- had attacked him on his way home. SUch was their strength that the shocked peasant had to jump into a nearby canal (Canal Fiscal) to escape from his attackers.
The description of the unknown animals coincides with the one delivered Friday by a resident of the town of Buenos Aires, who claims having seen two flying creatures taking off when he went out to investigate why his dog was howling disconsolately, coming across dozens of chickens torn to shreds.
Encina acknowledged that the tests did not included the risk of possible infections, for which reason the victim's biological processes will have to be monitored, adding that only a doctor will be able to ascertain the peasant's condition.
DIARIO EL CENTRO visited the man's home last night in an effort to find out his reaction to the doctor's report, but Acuña refused, saying he was tired of so many visits by the media and interviews. He added that some journalists urged him to fly to Santiago de Chile for tests, and he refused. In spite of this, he said that the experts suggested to him the possibility that the attack had been perpetrated by a mountain lion, which he flatly rejected, insisting in the "winged dog" story.
The sense of mystery and fear has increased among Parral's citizenry and puts to rest the series of jokes that circulatd on Sunday and yesterday, when the fantastic events became widely known.
A cab passenger says that he reached the local train station at 9 o'clock at night. He hailed a cab to go home and remarked to his driver that the streets were desolate. The cabbie replied that people were scared of having "The Chupacabras" appear before them, alluding to the mythical creature usually blamed for animal deaths and exsanguinations.
There were those who associated this attack with the nervousness seen in recent nights among dogs, hens and geese in Parral.
A homeowner said that she felt a commotion in her henhouse and found it odd, since at that time of night the hens were asleep. Scared, she took a flashlight to see what was going on. She thought to talk to a neighbor, but thought twice about it because she was afraid of being laughed out. The Parral resident claims having heard "the chupacabras" flying off.
Another resident added that yesterday morning the geese were also restless. The fact occured near Canal Fiscal, where Acuña was attacked on Saturday night. He pointed out that he heard two shots fired, which he attributed to someone trying to scare off the alleged animal. The subject couldn't even be obviated in the courts. Court Attorney Roman Lazagy joked with D.A. Ricardo Encina, saying: "If you're in charge of this investigation, I don't give you more than 7 days to apprehend the Chupacabras", causing peals of laughter in the courtoom.
Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Liliana Núnez O.



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