Another Bird Mystery
By Michael Goodspeed
First, we heard of the 30,000 pelicans mysteriously vanishing from a North Dakota wildlife refuge.
Then, there was the story of pelicans in Arizona "dive-bombing" head first into asphalt, supposedly mistaking the "shimmering" heat-effected roads for water.
In the last several days, two new stories have emerged which suggest that some unexplained phenomena is profoundly effecting the "sensors" of birds.
In Point Roberts, WA, an enitre heron colony has simply "vanished into thin air." Herons are enormous birds, and are easy to spot from the air. But a team of biologists that checked in on the colony a few weeks earlier and found that the birds were healthy and thriving, reported last week that the herons, and even their nests, have simply "vanished."
According to Ann Eissinger, the foremost expert on the Point Roberts heron colony, "There were at least a hundred active pairs with young. We don't know what happened to them. The birds just disappeared," she said.
As reported by the Northwest Cable News Network's Gary Chittim, "And while biologists try to figure out where the birds went, the bigger, more serious question is: Why did they leave?" (Source:
As if all that is not enough...we now have another disturbing development involving pelicans.
According to a new report on Reuters, California's endangered brown pelicans are "mysteriously starving to death during a bumper year for anchovies, their preferred prey....Hundreds of the ungainly sea birds appear to have flown off course in search of food...with young pelicans turning up in Arizona deserts...." (Source:
Why are these pelicans flying off course?
What caused the healthy, thriving heron colony to "mysteriously vanish?" And what of the 30,000 pelicans who abandoned their nests and eggs and simply disappeared without a trace?
Are these animals being effected by electromagnetic influences that scientists do not fully understand? We have the recent report from the NY Times of the "collapse" of the earth's magnetic field. Some are even speculating that we are undergoing a "reversal" of the magnetic field, which obviously would profoundly effect migratory animals.
These four bird mysteries which have manifested in a span of WEEKS count as extraordinary evidence that something is happening electromagnetically on our planet. Does the scientific Establishment have any answers for these anomalies...or are we simply going to be left with more questions?



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