The Word Games Played
By Our Federal Government

By Judy Singer
Now is the time to stop using the popular words 'cultural diversity.' These two words definitely need to be replaced with 'hostile takeover.' This is exactly what is happening to our nation. Having read various articles, I am shocked to see how many states, cities and small towns have been infected by illegal immigrants are invading our nation. Cities I fondly remember as being cities where America citizens once proudly resided -- not cities that were overflowing with illegal immigrants, alien flags, foreign radio stations, foreign street signs, increasing crime as well as diseases...the list goes on. Our former Spring days are now melting into brown.
As American citizens, we need to stop thinking about 'embracing them.' No, we need to do all we can to make sure the illegal aliens are deported. This is what Presidente Vincente Fox wants -- and that is for us to 'embrace them' so the invader's money can be sent back to Mexico -- including sucking us dry by various programs for HIS people. How can we survive such an autopsy? It's YOUR tax dollars that are paying for these various benefits. Fox doesn't tell us that the illegal invader's intent is to take over seven of our nation's states. Fox cunningly makes certain the lowest subcultures are bused to the Mexico-Arizona border. You won't see this clear, eye-opening fact on television. The media blacks this fact out -- instead there are various dumbing down television shows to keep us all in a vacuum of misinformation. At the border, the aliens are dropped off by the buses so they can enter our nation illegally to do 'the jobs Americans won't do.'
Do we call this 'politically correct' also? Instead, let's be 'impeccably correct' instead of 'politically correct.' Somehow 'politically correct' doesn't seem to fit the true picture these days. There's a lot of new terms floating around intent on putting up smoke screens to cover the real truth. Don't be fooled! Another favorite term the government likes to use is 'undocumented workers' to flower the invasion problem up. Why can't our government define it like it really in these trying times...'ILLEGAL aliens'...or could it be that that our decision makers realize they are breaking the law in the literal sense of the word by aiding and abetting ILLEGAL ALIENS? It's absolutely appalling how the real facts are skirted around federal law. Is money and pandering for votes worth more to our politicians rather then the welfare of our nation? Sadly, I believe they are!
Regarding this horrific illegal invasion, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats appear to be interested in the welfare of United States citizens. Before our very eyes, our nation is literally being sold down the drain. This is a sight that can only be made endurable by our politicians by 'hiding it' where the corn is full of kernels and the politicians full of crow. Yet we have only ourselves to blame for we have been asleep at the wheel much too long. The sting of the kissing bug can only give fatal results. Do we want to be led along like sheep over the cliff? We are up to our knees in ooze and we will become flattened like a decimated spider in time. If this invasion keeps up, there won't be anymore 'middle class citizens.' It is with the greatest of sadness when I see our nation literally going down the tubes.
Let's vote these corrupt, socialistic politicians out of office who are NOT interested in their constituents -- those traitorous politicians who have turned against us all. What they are doing to us is like eating ice cream that tastes like horse lineament. They file our pleas into a mortuary cemetery where we are being continuously ignored. When an elected politician does not listen to the voices of their own constituents then they shouldn't even be in office. You are being given hearts and flowers to its gizzards as a violin while our elected blow reassuring promises. The politicians are obviously NOT doing the job they were paid to do in the first place. They were elected to do the 'job they were paid to do' and not to run this nation as a dictatorship.
Now is the time to do your part since there won't be anymore chances. We are getting very close ---- please, let's ALL try to turn the illegal immigration issue around before all of us go down like Custard's last stand.
Fight as your forefathers fought -- they fought for freedom and all of us need to do the same -- fight for our rights including the restoration of our great nation. Hiss the words since it is now or never before the light goes completely out!



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