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South Oxford, UK
Date: September 1968
I was walking approx 100 yards to off license. I saw a bright 'star' moving slowly to the left, stop, move left, stop, after purchasing cigarettes, the light was still there. When I arrived home I called out my wife and we both witnessed it coming towards us to within outskirts of Oxford City, it stopped for a minute and then it returned to original area. I have to say that I later worked out it's position as close as possible to Raf Benson (operational) but we can both verify only one constant light and no audibles.
Thank you to the witness for this report.
Cold Lake, Alberta Lights And Beam Of Light
Date: 1979-1982
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Line of colored lights/ spotlight on us.
Full Description of event/sighting: My sister, to male cousins, and I were walking to my aunties because we wanted to go trick or treating with them after school, we were on the wagon trail (bush trail) and my late cousins (name removed) and (name removed) were looking back and (name removed) yelled hold hands and runmy sis and I looked back and saw a line of lights (colored) hovering above the tree's and a beam of light shinning down at us what ever it was made absolutely no noise so we all held hands and started running we stumbled in to my aunties around midnight my parents were there so was my other cousins who all got back from trick or treating , my parents gave me and my sis a pretty good likin because they said we were just lying about where we were and they accused us of riding our horses all that time.
I saw that true story fire in the sky and I started wondering about that night where did all that time go, so I never said a word to my sister. I just gave her that movie to watch and that's when we started asking each other what we remember, we both want to get hypnotized to see what really happened. I use to have dreams of being in a ship and midgets that's all for now but that was not the only time the last time for me was in 97 next time I will share that story if you need more information my sister will also share what she remembers till then take care.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Bushey South/East Of Watford, UK
Date: 1975/76
A light had been reported in local paper near Hertfordshire, the following night I was taking the dog for walk when I saw what I presumed to be the same light, reddish glow moving beyond the town of Watford and in the same area of the previous sighting. It was about the same description which was given and it took some 10 minutes to go out of sight. Although I fetched my 10x40 glasses, I could only see the reddish constant glow and it's constant speed. It wasn't that high and I saw a light aircraft seemingly fly in front of it, not unusual. There was a light aircraft airfield close by. The only comment I can make is that someone else saw it!! It was definitely not a balloon.
Thank you to the witness for this report.
Edmonton, Alberta Cigar shaped Craft Hovering Over Homes
Date: Winter of 1985
Time: Earlier to 9:00 p.m.
The man called me today and filed a report of an object he witnessed many years back. He said his experience took place when he was eight or nine years old and at the families home back in the winter of 1984 . They lived at the south west corner of the city right on the fringe, which looked out over the fields which were also in that area. From where they were located the fields stretched all the way down to the airport which was a good distance away. He was doing his homework, and he believes it was either a Friday or Saturday evening. Since his folks were going out that night and being a young boy he really wasn't into doing his homework. He was gazing out the large bay window when he saw in the distance over the fields a light that would rise up from the ground into the air at approximately an altitude of a few hundred meters, then drop back down to the ground. This witness continued to watch this play out doing the same thing over and over for about 30 minutes or so.
Later that night when the babysitter was at the home and the young fellow was in bed sleeping, he awoke as he had to use the washroom which was across the hallway. Once he left the hallway heading back towards his bedroom, he again noticed something unusual out one of the large windows. At approximately 9:00 p.m. on this winter night, the sky being dark with the odd cloud which was visible and gray in color. He noticed what appeared to be a large cigar shaped craft hovering over his home and the neighbors. It was apparent the object was rather large in size. It was the faint outline which was really visible and there were a number of purple lights on it. These lights were not flashing, just giving off a steady purple colored light. For a minute there he thought he might have been dreaming, so he went down stairs to tell the babysitter, but she did not believe him and told the young boy to get back to bed. When he arrived back up stairs the object had disappeared. The witness mentioned that this experience has stuck with him over all these years and he certainly will not be forgetting it.
He did tell his parents but didn't exactly believe him and thought he was just trying to get out of doing his homework that evening.
Thank you to the witness for this interesting report and for calling.
HBCC UFO Note: I wonder if the light which was rising up and dropping back down had something to do with the sighting of the cigar shaped craft over his home. if anyone else who may read this story has seen something like this over Edmonton back in 1984, would you be kind enough to write to me and fill me in on what you saw.
North Hemel Hempstead, UK
Date: June 1999
I stood outside smoking, close to some hedging and looking up when I saw a number of bright flashes, like a strobe light. It was over a distance of 2 feet at arms length and they went from intense and then fading to nothing in a second or two. The sky was clear and it was so obviously not an aircraft, but possibly space debris burning up etc. I called my son and we saw nothing else, but some 15 minutes later I went back out and I was observing what was probably an aircraft going behind our house. As it emerged from the other side I was aware of a flashing from above me to below the level of sight (all in a second or two) I have no doubt it was the same quick flashing object I had just seen and I have absolutely no idea what it was. What I can say is ,I've witnessed many meteorites, shooting stars, satellites in over 30 years and I'm 100% sure this was neither.
Additional Information:
We live in North Hemel Hempstead and Luton airport is some 10 miles north/east of us. Can I just explain, we have a lot of aircraft directly over head, some extremely low. We also have a good view of London's Heathrow 'stacking' South of Hemel Hempstead. At night time I've counted up to 8 in the 'stacking' area at any one time, believe me. What with being reared in a village south/east of Oxford where we had unique grandstand views of RAF and USAF aircraft. We were 2 miles from RAF base and overlooked 2 USAF bases and seeing amongst others B4, B52, and for a while the B36.!! We DEFINITELY know all the angles on aircraft, day and night. Hope I've been helpful. Before I close I'll mention that we have both observed a satellite flashing red every few seconds, (we've seen many satellites over the years) and also an object crossing the sky which fluctuated from an increasingly brightness and then decreasing to nothing and starting the process again farther down the sky. I've always thought it was space debris slowly spinning and reflecting, but who knows??
Thank you to the witness for this report.
Chandigarh, India V Shaped Craft
Date: One and half years back.
Time: Midnight
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: V shaped and shines like aluminum.
Full Description of event/sighting: My self and my relative were sleeping on the terrace when I saw a V shaped object moving from the easterly direction to the west. The sky was clear and the object was moving at a very high speed. I showed this to my relative and suddenly the object turned left and was lost.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Motherwell Scotland Angel Hair ?
HBCC UFO Note: I found the picture to be very interesting. Although no object was witnessed by the person who took the photos, one can't rule out anything here. Some checking into the date and area might reveal a sighting for that time of the year.
Date: September 2002
Hi Brian,
Listened to your interview with Jeff Rense for Friday July 23, and heard you mention you were interested in other phenomena etc. Great show by the way.
I suppose you have heard of Angel hair in relation to the UFO phenomena? Well I have some pictures that were taken about 4 years ago of some trees near my home. They were covered in what looked like and what I have heard described, Angel hair. I personally touched the stuff and it did seem to just melt away. Let me say that in no way did it resemble a spiders web. Some portions were like glass to look at, as it clung to the trees.When it was touched, it became almost like very fine thread. The pictures were taken at night with a digital camera and flash. The flash seems to show up the stuff very well, as it was very reflective.
The first time I noticed it was when I was walking the dog and the Moon was shining. The Moon showed up the material very well. Remember these trees were covered in the stuff. Around four trees in a row. There are many other trees along the path, but they were not affected. The material was not in any way sticky. I have never seen this sort of thing before and was very surprised. I have observed the trees around for a long time now and it has never reoccurred. Unfortunately I never observed any unusual object in the vicinity. I don't know if anyone else did.
If the pictures are any use to you I will send them. Have to look them out from my collection of disks.
It may be rather different from your usual sightings, so please let me know if you want them.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian,
I have attached the pictures for you.
Notice how some of the material seems to shine on the branches. Hope you can zoom in enough and keep some quality. I tried to keep the picture sizes down to around 200k.
I found the pictures folder and it is marked for the year 2002. I remember that it was a very warm Summer over here in Scotland that year, and lasted well into September and October. I believe I took the pictures in late September 2002.
I live in the town of Motherwell Scotland and this is where I took the pictures.
All the best,
Thank you very much to the witness for sharing the pictures and the report.
Pictures can be viewed at:
Phoenix, Arizona V Shaped Object Caught On Film
July 11, 2004
Time: 4:33 a.m.
These pictures are from the night before I took the other "V" shaped object. Again the camera is on a tripod and it seems to me like the object is rotating. I usually have the video camera with me but since I was in the middle of something earlier that night(using the camera to capture other shots) I didn't want to risk losing this object because I would have to fast forward the tape in the video camera and I didn't think I would have the time, which I wouldn't have. It was July 11th at 4:33a.m. is when these pictures were taken. I was up because I needed to use the restroom and because of all the things I have recorded I always check out the skies even if I am dead tired. It pays off once in a while. This object was to the South of me and I
saw it immediately because it was exceptionally bright and it was a yellowish-reddish color and seemed to be flashing and rotating when viewed through the binoculars. Very exciting. Your the greatest and I mean it and so do the other guys in Az. We are the three kings of UFOs in Az., for now anyway.
Thank you to the witness for these pictures and the report.
Photos ©2004RichG.
Pictures can be viewed at:
Phoenix, Arizona "V' Shaped Object Seen Again
Date: July 13, 1004
Time: Approx: 2:00 a.m.
These 2 lights surprised me in more than the obvious way. I went out in the backyard like I usually do if I happen to wake up for a bathroom break. I saw Venus rising and I was scanning the sky for other objects and saw nothing. My dog was in the house barking uncontrollably probably because I was outside and he was inside so I let him out. But when I came back outside I saw a bright light by Venus. It was huge. I ran inside to get my video camera and when I came back out I was surprised to see it was still there so I started video taping. As luck would have it the warning light for the battery came on and I realized I only had a few minutes MAX to get this orb taped. I left the camera on when I went to bed at 2 a.m.. I had
been working on my computer capturing video clips from other sightings till I went to bed.
Now the interesting thing is I panned back towards the end of the video clip and didn't realize there was an even brighter "V" shaped object above my head. I just realized this tonight 2 weeks later and that is why I am sending you this. It is orange in color and is the brightest thing I've ever seen. Unfortunately the battery died only moments into the taping and all I have is 40 seconds. I will send you the clip and the captured frame.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Portland, Oregon V Formation Of Lights
Date: July 19 or 20th, 2004
Time: 3:45 a.m.
Full Description of event/sighting: I was burning small limbs off my magnolia tree when I saw a V formation traveling from south to north. There were about 9 objects in the formation. They sailed through the sky with no sound. The objects were like behind a sheer cloud with aura's around them...they traveled slowly so I could observe them...anybody else see them???
Additional Information:
The lights I saw were all orange. The color reminded me of a creamsicle. There seemed to be a slight fog around the discs which made the orange a lightish color with a white aura around them. The night was clear with some far off clouds, no where near the lights. When I first caught glimpse of them I was going to go into my house. I caught the light and thought to myself that it was a search light. Then it hit me that it was 3:45 a.m. I had been out there for hours and there was no light in the sky. I stepped back and saw about 9 round discs glowing through a mist of fog. They were in the formation of a V. I sat down and watched as they sailed through the sky slowly. I was in awe. They sailed over my house from the south to the north taking up a good part of the sky, as they did not seem real far away. Since there was a mist around them I could not make out anything in detail. I could see the discs glowing through the mist.
It was beautiful. since I was in awe of the lights I did not think to count them. I just wanted to watch them. I sit in my back yard and watch the skies as often as I can and look for anything. I wanted to call the Airforce to see if there were any sightings besides myself but got hold of the airport instead. So I just let it go. But it has been on my mind alot. There was no noise what so ever. The lights did not flash and the discs stayed in formation of the "V". I do not live too far from the airbase or the airport, but still not close. Maybe 10 miles. There were no aircraft in the area. I stayed out for about 10 minutes after I saw them. I just wanted to know if anyone else saw them. I thought this was a site in Portland, or when I wrote to you.
Thank you to the witness for the great report.
Clearwater, Nebraska
Date: July 25, 2004
Time: 3:00-5:30 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round
Full Description of event/sighting: Saw bright light that was red and turned to color of star and looked like a round star but with 3 light sources moved up and down slowly and to left and right was a ways a way but it defiantly wasn't a tower light it was moving to weird to be a satilite.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
South Alabama,USA Egg Shaped Object Caught On Film
Date: July 26, 2004
Time: 5:20 a.m.
Yesterday morning (7-26-04) I awoke shortly after 5:00 a.m. to get ready for work. Usually I wouldn't go outside this early but I had to get my uniforms out of the car . Upon getting out of bed I stumbled to the door (still half asleep you know) and made my way onto the deck. Even with the thick sleep in my eyes I noticed the ball of light in the sky to my NE and I thought " that's odd" as I walked to the car. After getting my uniforms out of the car I made way back to the deck still watching the odd hovering light in the sky . I also noticed something else....there was not a single star visible in the sky .....cloudy. I started to blow it off but I knew I would never forgive myself so after returning inside I grabbed my camera and tripod , stepped back out on the deck and took three shots of the object , and went back inside to get ready for work. The object was gone at 6:30 when I left for work. This morning I downloaded the pictures and wanted to share them with you .The full size pictures are 2048 x 1536 but for the sake of this message I included the first at 25% actual size.
Thank you to the witness for the report and pictures.
Pictures can be viewed at:
Picayune, Mississippi Oblong, Or Tubular, And Shining Silvery
Date: July 27, 2004
Time: 7:55 p.m.
Tonight,at approximately 7:55 p.m, here, in Picayune, Mississippi, as I was exiting a store in a strip shopping center, I noticed the moon directly in front of me. It was sunset, and the sky was still light, and the light of the setting sun to the right/west was dimming.Since I was walking directly toward the moon, which was to my estimation, visible in the south, I was looking straight at it, and immediately, two objects caught my attention. One was larger, oblong, or tubular, and shining silvery, moving high up, in an even line smoothly and swiftly going in a southwest direction. The other which seemed similarly shaped, was a little higher or appeared smaller, was criss-crossing going in the opposite direction. As I was looking up, two more women came out to their car, in the parking lot, and one lady said, "Do you see that?"
I waited to see if her opinion was the same as mine before saying that it did not appear to be an airplane since there was no contrail following it. She did not see the second object at first until I pointed it out. She then said: "It's a UFO." I agreed. As we watched the larger one going SW, it glowed a bright silvery color as it neared the sunset reflection. Shortly afterwards, it disappeared. The three of us saw and came to the same conclusion that it was not airplanes. The larger of the two had to be pretty large since it was visible for at least 7 minutes, and we had no trouble seeing it as it moved from us. When the sunset reflected off of it, it pretty much assured us, that that would not happen on an airplane at that height. Maybe it wasn't the sunset reflection, but it appeared to reflect the sunset, while the rest of the sky was blue/grey and the western sky was colored. The time on my receipt from the store was 19:45, and I stayed in the store for a couple of minutes. My watch may have been just about 5 minutes fast, so My estimation is that it was approx:. 7:55 p.m., Tuesday, July 27,2004.New Orleans is more or less SW of where it appeared headed (the larger one).
This was my first sighting of this type of object.The lady said it was her's too.
Really strange....... Take care
Thank you to the witness for this report.
South West Edmonton, Alberta 8 Object In The Sky
Date: July 28, 2004
Time: 0130-0330
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 10
Shape of objects: disc like.
Full Description of event/sighting: I am a security guard and I was on my shift. At about 0130 I was walking outside the building I was guarding and saw an odd object in the west sky. I continued to observe. It had violent flashing red and yellow lights and was disc shaped. It was hovering in the same spot for about 10 minutes. Then it would start to move violently left to right up and down and diagonally like it was shaking. This continued on for about another 30 minutes. I went back inside and completed some work then went back out for another look. Now I saw 8 in total stretched across the sky doing the exact same thing. I started to get a bit curious and I went to the front of the building for a look. I saw 2 more but these ones were alot closer and lower than the other ones. One started to get really close and was about 5 to 10 km away and roughly 100 ft in air. It moving west and getting lower and lower. It went behind a small hill and it looked like it could of landed. At this point I was a bit nervous and notified the police. By the time they arrived the sky was getting light and you couldn't see much so I looked like a nutcase.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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