Jeff's July 1 Guest Interrupted
By FBI In Mid-Program

At the end of the first hour of a scheduled 2-hour interview with special guest, Afghan-born Dr. Mohammend Daud Miraki, PhD, Jeff Rense was informed by his program producer that Dr. Miraki reported over his phone line that he had just been confronted with a "terrible problem"...that "the FBI and local police are at my front door." Contact with Dr. Miraki was then lost.
During the first hour, Dr. Miraki shared his views and information on past fighting and the current situation in Afghanistan, and discussed a number of other key issues about life in the country of his birth.
Dr. Miraki has been a champion of his decimated people for years and recently started the Afghan Depleted Uranium Recovery Fund to attempt to deal with the massive uranium contamination and its horrendous impact on the people of Afghanistan.
The Independent (UK) on July 1 published a major story entitled:
Afghanistan As A 'Role Model' Of US Foreign Policy: The Unraveling And Destruction Of A Nation 'Liberated' By The West
We did not know happened to Dr. Miraki after communication was lost. We were finally able to dial through to him nearly an hour later.
He indicated he was ok and had been questioned by men claiming to be from the FBI. He said they asked him a number of things about friends of his who are not living in the US and other questions relating to himself and his views and opinions.
He had no doubt the agents had been listening to the program via satellite - probably right outside his residence - and had chosen that moment to pay him a visit.
Fortunately, Dr. Miraki was able to continue his interview for the third hour of the program.
We urge you to listen to both hours of this extraordinary conversation which will be available in our Archives by Friday morning.



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