21 Reasons Why You
Should Want The NWO

From Ted Twietmeyer
Here are 21 reasons why the New World Order is so good for you. All those whining patriots out there - who do you think you're kidding? I'll set you straight about what's good for you. The following is based on documents and statements made by globalist leaders that know what's best for you.
1. You want to be monitored at home with cameras and microphones. That's what the new freedom is all about.
2. You have a strong desire to pay 65 cents/mile to the UN for your car, with none of it going to your country. A global welfare state is a good thing for all and you know it. So shut-up and pay your tax, or your car will be disabled by a satellite signal..
3. You should have a strong desire to drive the standardized UN car. The perfect matchbox car has already been designed for you, and all of them will be the same color. Something like when Henry Ford said "You can have your new car in any color, so long as it's black." Could he have been way ahead of us all or telling us something? Did he miss the NWO bandwagon or was he already on it, playing the Tuba? Maybe just getting us ready, or was it just because lacquer was black then?
4. You want your grocery purchasing data sent to your health insurance company, so they can refuse to treat you after warning you to stop eating junk food. And if you don't obey, they will cancel your policy. Its so nice they care so much.
5. It's important to you, to have microphones and cameras everywhere on the streets for your protection. After all, when that "highly motivated" rent-a-cop in the mall sees a thug assaulting you on camera in the rain, he will jump right up and leave his soap opera or CD music to run out to save you.
6. You want the NWO because you finally understand. The president has corrected your understanding that war isn't bad or even harmful to your health. Instead, he has told us that "war is peace." He knows so much more than us, because he's the president. You think you voted for him - or did you?
7. You have a strong desire to see your children and grandchildren (and perhaps yourself) be sent to the mid-east 100 year war on terror, that the globalists went to such much trouble and genocide to create. You know deep in your heart that war is good for everyone. That's what you were told. Serving in the military is a good thing, because depleted uranium is so good for everyone's health. And so are biological and chemical weapons, too.
8. Taxation without any form of representation at all is good and you know it. You should be honored to be giving so much, for so few.
9. You are anxious to give up ALL of your property to support the new communal way of life. Russia showed us how well that works, and we must learn from them and emulate that. Continent-wide alcoholism is good. Russian discontent for their way of life had nothing to do with the fall of the USSR. Be sure to send the Kremlin a thankyou note. Someone may still be there to read it. It's more desirable to be like China. They know how to work magic with straw and bamboo. How to make conical hats for working in the blazing hot sun. This designer item has a matching yoke with a bucket on each end. This provides a nice pleasant way to haul water each day. This is a much better way of life, and you realize that now. You can't wait to start weaving your own hat.
10. Your desire to have a chip implant is great. It's very high on your list of priorities. You will be standing at the curb ready for yours, when the implant van arrives in town.
11. You know that Christian religion is unimportant. The Bible and ancient Scholars had it all wrong. That example Jesus taught of doing kind things to all people is bad. You want a religion of violence for all, all stated clearly in the doctrine. It's waiting for you to embrace it. All you need is a white bedsheet, and white towel. No flowers or crosses allowed. Underwear not required.
12. Camping is a great recreation. More than 300 such outdoor pleasure palace camps have been built for everyone. No need to decide which one, because the loving people of the NWO have decided which palace is for you. And they will provide with a smile, a one-way trip there for you. There you will be screened, categorized and labeled and those you trust will decide what you will be doing for the remainder of your life. Or perhaps they won't need to, because you may not be alive that long...
13. You already know you are too stupid to vote. It's such a waste of time. Why bother, when it can be done for you?
14. You know in your heart, how good it will be when the borders are removed. No more border inspection stations to pass through, only strip search checkpoints. A minor annoyance, and perhaps a "helping hand" when your constipated.
15. You also know that deep in your heart, breathing intentional harmful compounds that fall from airplane seeding of the upper atmosphere is good for you. Medicine is all wrong about the harmful effects of breathing in bio-engineered bacteria and viruses, aluminum oxide and barium oxide and so much more. What do they know? They must be wrong, because your own doctor is silent on the matter. Because you trust him, so how could he be wrong?
16. You're so anxious for that new UN clothing style. The one that everyone will wear.
17. You can't wait for your new home in the new compact city. Who needs cars anyway? Your factory work group and home will be within easy walking distance of each other. You'll finally be able to be just like the cattle you see in farms each day, and be herded around under gunpoint or electric prods. Could it be farmers are way ahead of us? Did they give the NWO ideas?
18. You are looking forward to that vaccination you need, that you've been told "will save your life one day." You're aware it contains mercury, but since none of the doctors are complaining, why should you? What's a little injected mercury anyway? So what if it induces Autism in children? Children are just little smiling casualties and they understand. They trust their leaders.
19. You are so sick of having cash in your pocket. The new implant is so much better ! When you go to a yard sale, don't forget to bring your electronic transfer box, so the credits contained in your chip implant can be transferred to the seller's chip implant. You've heard stories the implant allows tracking your every move with supercomputers, but the NWO wouldn't abuse such a technology, would they?
20. You know, that voicing your opinion is bad. You have no right to complain. So shut-up ! Everything has been worked out for you, because you're too stupid to know better. It's so much better to be like that cow in the field you pass on your way to work. Not a care in the world. The cattle don't complain, so why should you?
21. Funerals are such a painful affair. We won't have these anymore. Those that die from car accidents or natural deaths, will have the privilege of involuntarily donating their organs to keep the NWO elite alive. When someone dies, you just need to dial 1 - 123 - REMOVALS. This is what the convenient NWO freedom is all about. When you see the smoke rise from the chimney at Removals Headquarters, pause no more than one second to say goodbye to what was left of your spouse. Quickly proceed with your implanted arm to the grocery store. That is, only on the day you are allowed to be there.
But since the NWO thinks for you now, you now longer even know what day of the week it is. Now why is that homeland security man dressed in black, pulling back the bolt on his machine gun as he approaches your car?
Did you go to the store on the wrong day? Is your chip implant working right?



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