Zimbabwe - All Whites
& Asians To Be Gone By 2005
No World Outrage At Blatant Racist Despotism. If A White Government
Were To Ethnic Cleanse All Blacks...Imagine The World Response

From Jan Lamprecht
I had this response to my article from a former Rhodesian, now living in the UK - who travelled to Zimbabwe recently. It gives a deeper insight into Mugabe's racism which stretches even against Asians, as well as how the tribal views of Zimbabwe clash - with the Shona's buying into his lies. This suggests that the main killing/oppression to come will be against the Matabele. -Jan
Hi Jan, I have just read the posting from your friend in Zim. On my recent visit to Zim I found the Shona supporters of ZANUPF were all for this policy. It was like they were blind to the mess the country was in, and somehow blamed the whites for it all. The Ndebele I met had quite a different outlook.
They have the opinion that the loss of the whites is the main cause for the dilapidated state of the nation. I must agree with them.
If we take a look at African states since they gained independence, all of them have failed. Surely, this must make the West realise that not one black leader can make a country work, with the exception of Botswana, but even they are soon to be seriouly dented by the Zim economic fallout.
The knock-on effect will also dent South Africa's economic (in)stability. If the 'whites out by 2005' is successful, there will be no hope for the country. In a recent posting to you I said it would take 50 years to bring Zim back to its former status when handed over to ZANUPF in 1980.
If all whites are driven out, then my prediction of 50 years is seriouly underestimated. Asian business friends of mine are under constant pressure from ZANUPF who want to force them out of business. Asians and whites hold the shakey economy together. Lose them and the whole shooting match will collapse.
This 'only blacks in Africa' will never work. Without 'white' money (and industrial-business-agricultural competence. -ed) the whole continent is doomed.
Even more annoying is the number of Zim blacks washing up on England's shores begging for a safe haven. Some are CIO agents, though heaven alone knows how they get into England; I mean what do they put on their visa or Entry Clearance application forms -nusery teacher?!?!
So, the respone must be - all whites out of Zimbabwe: all blacks out of England. Is that racist? No, it is not, unless you admit that Mugabe is also acting on pure racist grounds. But no one will say a black is racist, no, he is just reactng to years of misrule by the 'white bias'. Crap!!!
ZANUPF is a racist bunch of losers who will starve a nation just to make a 'point'. The question is, who will they blame next? The whites I have met in Zim are quite prepeared to work alongside the blacks, but it is the blacks (ZANUPF) who are not prepared to work alongside the whites. Could this be because the whites will show them up to be the incompetent idiots they really are (with the exception of those who sell their pride and suck up to the black leaders).



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