Was One Of The Mexican
UFOs Of US Origin?

By L. Rubim
Dear Jeff,
Is it possible that the object I point out below is the elusive TR-3A, the TR-3B or a new hybrid design TR-3x? I am saying this since the object seems to be very close in design to the TR-3A, has a tail (just like the TR-3A)and a circular/cylindrical base possibly more like the TR-3B. Is it possible that the base is retractable and by being so, somewhat aids lift or landing? Is it the anti-gravitational powerhouse of the object?
Also the apparently slightly flatened/rounded nose is closer to the elusive TR-3B. Please take note of the slight protrusion on the left wing outlined in blue in the Mexican UFO and on the drawing of the TR-3A. The similarities are there.
I would like to make clear that this object is different from the other objects that approached the Mexiacn aircraft. The other objects are without doubt UFOs. This particular object displayed a different appearance from the other objects and its design is reminiscent of the TR-3x series of stealth aircraft, as one can see in the images presented. In my view, this aircraft may well have been deployed to follow the other objects(the real UFOs).
According to Mr Don Phillips, former Skunkworks worker and CIA contractor, currently associated with the Disclosure Project,there is strong evidence to suggest that the pilots of the SR71 stealth aircraft and the post SR71 stealth aircraft pilots were and are also briefed to monitor traffic coming in and out of the planet. This particular object may have a assumed a behaviour similar to the UFOs not to blow cover when the FLIR equipped Merlin C-26A came into scene unexpectedly. Please note the design similarites between the object in question and the TR-3A stealth aircraft. Also note that there is a slight design variation, similar to the TR-3B, which indicates that this may well be a new hybrid design craft, incorporating the features of both.
Once more, I repeat that all the objects in the video (apart from this one) are real UFOs.
Kind regards,
L. Rubim
The source for the TR-3A image was .



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