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Meteor Footage

FromT. M.
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Meteor Turning Night Into Day!

Hi Jeff -
I was looking at the stars last night till 2 AM when I turned in. At approximately 2:40 AM today (Thurs 06-03-04), a meteor was reported to have been witnessed by quite a few people. Unfortunately, I was NOT one of them! I'm still kicking myself for not staying out just a little bit longer. Arghh
Anyway, it was visible from here in Tacoma all the way east of here (about 250 miles).
A local news link to the story is here.
I have attached an interesting movie that actually shows the meteor lighting up the whole area, and the only video that I have found that actually show the meteor itself! You gotta see this! The thing that gets to me looking at this video is how SLOW it appears to be traveling. Also, there is a huge flash that lights up the whole parking lot but the object itself does NOT appear to get any brighter during that time. They claim it is the same object, but I don't know. Reports of "sonic booms" were reported also.
Keep up the great work!



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