Los Angeles Unusual Object
Caught On Film

Brian Vike

 Hi Guys

Now this is certainly a strange object. Also the same object the fellow here caught on video, Jamie Maussan has a similar footage of the same thing. I received permission to post the fellows photos. These I took from the fantastic video footage the gentleman allowed me to view. Really strange but darn interesting.
Take care Brian


 Los Angeles Unusual Object Caught On Film

Date: August 26, 2002
I copied your email from the posting of the ufo footage on Rense. I have captured a ufo on video myself and would like you to see it.
I live in Los Angeles and saw a large, strange object over the Los Angeles sky which I videotaped. The object is white, long and looks like a "worm" in the sky. I have seen a lot of footage and this looks like some objects I have seen from Jamie Maussan in Mexico.
I am a cameraman by trade and the footage I have is excellent with trees and telephone wires as frame of reference.
Please tell me how I can show this to you.
Thank you to the person for the report and allowing me to post the photos.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Home - Phone 250 845 2189
Parrish, Ed.
It's a wind indicator for skydiving.
Jumpmasters tape three lengths of clotheshanger wire to the end of a crepe-paper streamer and throw it from the plane over the drop zone. When it lands, the pilot flies over the wind indicator and begins counting seconds as the plane flies back toward the drop zone. When the plane arrives over the first jumper's desired impact point on the drop zone, the pilot begins counting again until the plane has flown the same number of seconds as the inbound trip.
The pilot uses the point then directly beneath the plane as a reference, and that's where the first jumper exits when the jump run begins.



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