Where Will You Be Tomorrow?
What's your greatest asset? Is it your time, your money, or your life? In the current situation you are about to lose all three.
Your time is no longer yours anymore. Your money, under the terms of Patriot Acts One and the parts of Two that have been passed, will no longer belong to you once the next attack 'happens.' Your life, under the then pending Martial Law, administered by FEMA, will hang by the thinnest of threads, depending on where you are when the order is given.
What exactly is FEMA, in terms of its powers, once it's activated?
"EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months."
This has all been arranged for you; by paid-off government officials, who just took the money and looked the other way-whenever it came to what will become of you and me!
"Once the next 911 happens, the nation will be put on condition RED, and then we'll have PATRIOT II by executive order. This will unleash FEMA to do what it was designed to do - which is to round us all up, strip us of anything anyone in government might want, and throw the rest of us away. This will be courtesy of that secretive black-ops shadow government known as FEMA - that rising curse that gives shape to all the nightmares that Bush wants each of us to fear. This terrifying new world will exceed all natural bonds, and will even surpass our innate wish to remain a viably free and prosperous society. This will make Orwell's 1984 look like a fairy tale. (note: we have had a report that this link might contain a virus. Please beware.)
All of the above was what 911 was really all about. September 11, 2001 was the trigger that began a national and international reign of fear and paranoia. Using this new 'terror' of an unknown and much feared 'enemy' ­ the public in America was easily led into the attack upon Afghanistan. That place that had been at war for many years already was held up to the world as the terrorist haven for Islamic Outlaws, bent on killing Americans. If so, they were outlaws trained, equipped, and financed by the CIA; having been created by that agency to resist the Russians several years before.
The flags were flying high, the bloodlust was pumping ­ and no one questioned how a bunch of rag-tag bandits inside a network of caves could have pulled off the events of 911, without help from American insiders. Most also failed to notice the newly developing, but land locked oil fields that surround Afghanistan. The oil from those fields needed to get to the sea, and would have to pass directly through Afghanistan. US military bases had been established before the war, north of Afghanistan in preparation for the attack we'd planned to carry out before September. Yet this was not mentioned or discussed by media, because it was the true point for what we went into that country to do.
After the Afghan pipeline deal was completed, and Al Qaeda had been created and identified as the brains behind the Taliban: then the media identified al Qaeda, as our one true global threat. This then, became a simple matter of linking the globetrotting terrorists to "the evil dictator of Iraq." It didn't matter that Saddam and terrorists had nothing in common, and in reality hated each other: nor did it matter that Al Qaeda was a CIA creation from the start. This was another unilateral "decision" handed down from the oval office, and that was that. No questions were asked no real justifications were ever given. Again Americans just bought the whole package, based on their trust in the word of George W. Bush, as the president of the United States.
After Afghanistan the real point of everything could at last begin. "Operation Shekhinah" Israel's intended Blitzkrieg, designed to steal Middle Eastern oil and land, was initiated. This included all of Iraq as part of the map of Greater Israel, and that's been in the works for over three decades now.
This too was seen by the White House as a simple matter, given the gullibility of the American public to believe their staged productions that based all 'our' actions on protecting America from nuclear, biological, or chemical attacks upon US targets. For six months the boys & girls in government trotted out their tattered "evidence" and demanded a preemptive strike upon Iraq-"to save American lives," of course!
The mantra became American National Security, and armed with nothing more than that, Bush overrode the UN, trashed the Atlantic Alliance, mocked our European Allies, and nearly destroyed NATO: to "go it alone in Iraq." Bush would stop Saddam from sending his stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and or nuclear bombs to reign down upon American cities. The public, still mesmerized by 911, bought this new performance and got more flags, and thumped their chests, and off we went to war with the Brits close behind us, and the world clearly opposed.
In our haste, no one bothered to point out the true status of Saddam's military power prior to invasion. They had no air force; only a handful of defensive missiles, and according to their declaration and to UN weapons inspectors; no WMD's and no nuclear capabilities at all. The "war" immediately began. Rummy had crushed all opposition in the Pentagon, and re-written everything about how we'd fight this "war." He was wrong on each and every count, militarily, tactically and strategically. He wasted half our armor and the vehicles on his "Road to Baghdad" because he failed to understand the power of the desert sand storms. He also failed to consider the mechanical limits of the tanks and other vehicles that were never made to be driven like sports cars through the deserts of the world. Eventually the 'force' arrived, and attacked Baghdad, but the enemy had vanished. Bush used the opportunity to declare Victory over "major combat," and then the real war began.
That ugly and continuing slide goes on as this is being written, with no security or stability anywhere in country. We invaded we said, first to rid them of WMD's and then it was Saddam, and then it was-well no one any longer knows exactly why we went there. But, "we're there now, so we're going to "Stay the Course" whatever that might mean. Fascinating study, if it weren't for the millions of people that have died there, amid the lost political fortunes and the shattered plans of so many greedy interests. Bush keeps insisting; "nothing will keep us from accomplishing our mission in Iraq." Yet no one can say what that mission is or was, never mind what it's become today! What's clear is that there is still NO PLAN, and there have been no apologies for anything that we've done.
Recently the treatment of the POW's, has now come to light, and has begun to show how we think about the people and the population of Iraq. To stop the bad PR, the CIA got back into the business of fake videos. Within days they falsified evidence, again to try to change the world's opinion of those that are resisting our invasion. Bush claims that we're there to stop the terror and the fear that has become a way of life today. But it was not Iraqi's that brought this fear, or caused this new strain of terror that stalks the people of that land. It's less than 6 weeks from "the handover of power" and with the murder of the head of puppet-government, just yesterday, things don't look good for the future of Iraq, or for the USA. We attacked a nation with a brutal dictator, but under Saddam there was a form of daily life. And now what's there, is something no one wants to live in.
No one knows exactly why we went to war at all. Few Americans care about the causes anyhow. The reality is that this administration has much to answer for on every front: In policies, in practices, in the lies and deceptions that were used to drag us into war, when there were several other options-none of which were followed.
Then there are the costs of all of this. Casualties include the stability of the entire region, peace in the whole middle-east, the massive loss of human life, along with a lot of US treasure to underwrite this failed attempt. Also lost was the Iraqi way of life, the history of a people, and most of all the trust of the rest of the world, that once believed we had integrity and honor and that our word actually meant something on this planet. In money we may never know how much we lost. And in accountability-well here's one version:
All that's gone now. And with it there's a new distrust in every corner of the world today: Because what was attacked along with those two countries were all national and international law as well. The erosions of world order that this administration set in motion will reverberate for decades: because the stains of their corruption will haunt the world for generations yet unborn.
What's reflected above is the callous misuse of the public's trust, for private gain, with no consideration for the destruction of societies, of nation states, or of the world community-that's on top of the unconstitutionality of all that's happened here at home.
Privately it comes down to huge increases in the prices you will pay for all you buy, or use, or want. Ultimately this will be about "your time, your money and your life!"
But it's also about whether we can still be part of the community of nations. If you think that does not matter, then you haven't tried to travel lately, or tried to buy-or-sell anything to someone else, beyond our borders. The world's become a very small and overcrowded place, and none of us can dictate terms to all the rest, without consensus and belief. Meanwhile gasoline just passed $3 a gallon in Northern California.



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