What? And Why?
By John Kaminski
Ever wake yourself out of a sound sleep because you were screaming at yourself in a dream?
Personally, I've never done that before.
Yet, I just did exactly that.
Over and over, I kept berating myself with this manic mantra, tossing and turning, sheets all tangled up in a sweaty knot. All those stories I'd written. This subject and that approach. This example and that phrase. Has it been a waste of time? Most people didn't believe what I was saying. They couldn't see the importance of it. It was like I was stumbling through a darkened town in the middle of the night shouting "FIRE!" and sleepy people rolled over in their beds and muttered "What the hell is he raving about?" before closing their eyes and going back to sleep. Only the town was America. The year 2004.
My message was not getting through. People couldn't see the value of it, the purpose of it. Why would anyone need to know something like that? That their government had a master plan to kill millions, and had already killed tens of thousands.
A conspiracy theory, that's all it was, right?
What importance could this knowledge - that was so important to me! - possibly have for ordinary people just trying to live their lives, just trying to get by. If they kept their heads down and let the power brokers have their way, it would all blow over - right? And America would return to the Elysian vision of the past - right?
Yet my voice wouldn't let me sleep, and my wheezy snore turned into the very clear barking of a drill sergeant in my turbulent brain.
"This is very important, John. Wake up. They haven't understood what you've been trying to say. Thank clearly about this. Think about what would work. Think about what would really reach them."
On the film, the plane flies serenely, over and over, slams into the facade of the skyscraper, over and over we watch the video and try to deduce the truth from slow motion puffs of smoke. From how those towers fell on cue, as if somebody pulled a switch.
You know what a harbinger is? A harbinger is a clue that shows that something is going to happen soon, especially something bad. You know when that plane drove into that building? That was a harbinger of what's going to happen to your very own future!
I've said it over and over. The U.S. government planned, executed, and then covered up the 9/11 caper, covered it up with layers of clumsy lies and false leads, like pseudo hijackers with phony names and heartwrenching cellphone calls that couldn't have possibly been made. As Barb Honegger recently wrote on the Conspiracy Planet website, they covered it up by piggybacking the whole plot on a military exercise that was being conducted that very day, so that the air defenses would hesitate intercepting the hijacked airliners, so that the practice exercise could become real, and the rich oil pigs could get their way playing hog-in-trough with all the coins in the U.S. Treasury.
There were so many other reasons: Silverstein's insurance scam, the fact that the Twin Towers needed to be demolished anyway because of flawed construction techniques, the zillions to be made in shrewd investments guaranteed by the foreknowledge of destruction, and a sure way to defame Muslims permanently as an excuse to steal their oil.
But mostly it was to terminate American democracy, because as Zbigniew Brzezinski had warned us, no nation could be democratic at home and rapacious abroad. And America needs to be rapacious abroad to please its defense contractors, to satisfy the international bankers who control all our money. This was a good way to end democracy once and for all, and the deed has been done.
The fat cats who run everything - how do you spell Rothschild? - determined that this would be the event to trigger permanent war, the social state that makes bankers the most money. And since there was no convenient enemy to nurture carefully until it was time to destroy him - like Hitler or Saddam - the natural thing would be to pin the blame on Muslims, and continue the racist crusades that have been going on for a thousand years.
Just like WTC1 and Oklahoma City (where, in the latter, shadowy Muslim puppets were waiting in the background to serve as patsies just in case the phony story about the Patriot wackos in rental truck fell apart - but thanks to corrupt courts, McVeigh was fried and very few smelled the real story that bombs inside the Murrah building meant our government did that job, too), 9/11 was devised in Washington, like all those other events, for the purpose of replacing the unpredictable chaos of liberty with the tightly regimented exploitation of sheer totalitarian profit maximization. That's what NAFTA, the Patriot Act, the FCC consolidation were all about. And 9/11. Mission accomplished. The permanent war is on.
Our whole system of living is based on a lie. The lie that we can pile up enough money so that we don't have to be honest and compassionate, that we can kill anybody we want and take whatever they have and make it our own. That is what the American way has become. And most of the rest of the world, sycophantic cowards all, timidly follows suit.
American prosperity is based on war. And we, the average citizens, get so little of it. Most of it goes to those who get the Bush tax breaks and no-bid contracts. You know how it goes with addictions: the more you have the more you want. So now with the American economy, the plan is to crash it, eliminate most of the population, and resell the real estate that will be taken by default. Great plan. Superior profit potential. For those who have the guns.
9/11 was no attack by Islamic malcontents. It was a deliberately scripted terror event to turn America into a police state and simultaneously make billions of dollars for the richest people in the world, some of whom live in this country, many of whom live in Europe, Arabia and elsewhere. They were the same friends of the Bush family who stole all those treasures from the Iraqi museum. Many members of the Council on Foreign Relations know exactly what happened on 9/11, why it was done and how it was planned. Some of them are even on the official commission investigating the matter. Some of them also own the giant media conglomerates who ten minutes after the Twin Towers fell declared Osama bin Laden had done it.
The planes flew into the skyscrapers and people died because it served the profit purposes of the richest men in the country. This is what that FBI report into pre-9/11 investments found out and this is what the infamous Chicago Board of Options report stated. But both documents have been suppressed by the corrupt FBI, which says publicly there was nothing suspicious in the pre-9/11 stock trades.
We must demand that this evidence be released to the public. We must demand it. It will reveal some of the most well-known names in America as exactly the people behind the 9/11 caper. The most well-known names of all.
The FBI's lie about this report is of the magnitude that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction when it was invaded, but the American people don't seem to care if their government lies to them, even if it means the ritual sacrifice of their own children in Iraq, or their own countrymen in New York City.
9/11 was a lie, but the American people don't care, even when they realize that the same fate awaits them in our new police state future.
I am awake. JUST TELL THEM WHAT HAPPENED. I understand the facts, the context of American history and the machinations of the international bankers, that Bush is a moronic sociopath manipulated by rich people with big plans. Big evil plans. And they don't care who they kill. Including you.
I am awake, but the rest of the country continues to slumber. They just won't wake up. It is the sleep of fools.
And why do you need to know? WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?
Because our soldiers have been taught to gun down innocent families for no reason. For no reason at all. For the lies their generals tell them. And because one of those doped-up, brain-dead, radiation-laden soldiers is really pissed that he's been lied to, left in harm's way, and ordered to do things he wouldn't have done of his own accord in his worst nightmare.
It's not drug-induced dementia, it's policy, devised at the very top of the organizational chart of the U.S. government. That snake that eats its own tail. These soldiers you support and venerate, who have learned to kill women and children without a second thought.
Now his worst nightmare is about to become your worst nightmare. Because one of those sorry soldiers has a bullet with your name on it.
And like the plane that drove into that tall building, which you just can't believe was ordered by your own government, you probably won't believe this story until you feel that bullet enter your body. And then you will believe it.
Stay tuned. It's likely to happen soon.
Sooner than you think.
John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his Internet essays published on hundreds of websites around the world. In addition, he has more recently written "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001," a 48-booklet written for those who still believe the government's version of that say day. A second collection of his essays, titled "The Perfect Enemy," will be published later this summer. For more information, or to make a contribution to his work, please visit



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