Government Meters On
Private Water Wells Coming
Paying Tax On Water You Already Own

From Ted Twietmeyer
Nothing but money and greed has caused the devastation of our beautiful blue planet, whose beauty when seen from space hides the evil below. There are no other planets even close to our precious jewel, within many light years anywhere out in the cosmos.
As stated on an old Rockford Files episode by the show's lead character with an Oklahoma smile, "it just keeps on comin', doesn't it ?"
Such is the assault upon us. First our freedoms as human beings, now even breathing will be a considered a threat because YOU expel carbon dioxide and that's just not "acceptable." The Kyoto Accord has considered taxing everything that creates carbon dioxide, including people. An even larger threat to our freedom as human beings, lies in the right to have water. Not heavy water, but just, plain, water.
There have been some recent developments that clearly have declared us a "threat" to the earth. A threat to the same planet that was put here for ALL of us to live on by God. A select group of power-mad snobs who look down their collective noses at the masses and see us as an 'annoyance.' Or as Henry the K once said: "useless feeders." Someone should give him a mirror...
What am I going on about? The UN comment about our planet being a dustbowl [3]. Let's not forget to thank them for their endless judgments, and their untreated collective myopia. Armchair globalists, the worst of the worst.
Now we are being told how we're losing the planet. Surely it can't be the fault of leaders that allow THOUSANDS of acres of land in the Amazon to be razed every year. Of course not. That's ok, that's progress. Who needs those trees anyway ?
And it surely can't be related to millions of acres of desert that was once farmed, but is now abandoned as heavy metals leached out of the ground from farming become part of crops grown. Such is California..
We cannot forget China- land of the Wal-Mart main factories- which has lost 36,000 sq, miles to desert already. Perhaps the encroaching sand upon their space will eventually force them to decide to invade the USA. But the question is: will they be wearing Wal-Mart blue mocks with giant words printed on them, "How may I help you ?" For some reason, they always forget to print the rest of the question- so it properly reads "How may I help you out of your money ?"
And this is just the beginning of the pillaging of the planet. Therefore, the lawgivers of Landrew [1] (aka UN stooges) must step in for our own good. All kneel and bow..
Agenda 21 [2] is exactly what it says- an agenda. A TOTAL CONTROL agenda, the worst kind there is. Its really a variation on the Robin Hood approach as all the global plans are - steal money (and water) from those that have, and give it to those that don't.
It ultimately includes putting water meters on PRIVATE water wells which has already begun in some parts of America. An ordinary well like the one you or someone you may know has. Water wells easily cost more than $3,000.00 to drill, and this doesn't include the cost of operating AND maintaining them.
This figure does not include the cost of the pump (hundreds more) and the wiring, piping, pressure controls, etc... And they want to tax wells ? This isn't like the county tax used for maintenance of roads. With this tax, they are NOT going to maintain your well, only the meter on it.
I know all this, because I have a well. For example, our well cost $1850.00 in 1982, and is 108 feet deep. That's considered a fairly shallow water well by today's standards.
Today that same well would cost more than $3,900.00. All wells are drilled using a truck mounted rig, and a well driller charges X dollars PER FOOT. And in the western USA, wells more than 2,000 feet deep are common. Often the cost is $20,000.00 or more, and communities often get together and share that cost and pay for maintenance. And the UN would tax that, too. So what does $20k buy ? A hole in the ground, with a steel casing that prevents the hole from filling in and being contaminated with soil bacteria. No pump, pipes, wiring, valves, pressure switches or paying the electric bill to run it. None of that.
Over my dead body will anyone put a meter on my well. I'll fill it with concrete first and move to where I can drill a well where NO ONE will see it. It will bring new meaning to the expression "hard water.".
Are you on public water ? You still won't be safe from the greedy fingers of the UN. The gestapo UN tax will be levied ON TOP of the water tax you might be paying now. In the USA, tax upon tax is declared to be illegal according to our founding fathers and documents. So is "taxation without representation." There was a time when people actually got mad and refused to be the doormat that people emulate today. They lay down and whine saying "what can I do about it ?" and ask for more.
But according to the globalist- oriented UN...our country's founders didn't know anything either, and the UN knows better. Those Great values the founding fathers gave America that made it the greatest nation on earth ? Oh, they were all wrong too. Live in Canada and think you're safe from all this ? NO - Remember this is a UN tax levy, so every developed country gets hit with it.
No one is safe. The key words to remember are "developed country."
So WHERE will all that collected money be sent ? To the US, Canada or to whatever country it was collected from ? NO. You don't deserve it and as a GLOBAL citizen you are forgetting the UN Robin Hood principle. The only countries that won't be taxed, will be those who are the benefactors of the new global welfare state. They get the checks from the UN, our new landlords. Those countries that benefit, can be summed up as "just above the equator in the western hemisphere, and below it. We won't mention any names here...
And if you are one of the countries that are begging for scraps at the master's table (the one located in the dining room of the UN) then you don't need to worry. All will be delivered to you in due time, taken from the hands of those "that have." Now we move one step closer to a global welfare state.
The droids in Washington who have usurped your rights, and overstepped their authority do so for only ONE reason. Simply, because they can. No one stops them. After the UN tightens the screws on the ordinary citizen, then those people will complain and whine "they can't do that !" when its too late, and they already have. So get mad and make your feelings heard. If you are someone who thinks I'm wrong and more Robin Hood type taxation is a good thing, then you should be living in the UK already.
Lets look at some of this, in plain english from UN documents about water control that prove my point. From 18.16 from the UN document [4] we read:
"Actual charging need not necessarily burden all beneficiaries with the consequences of those considerations. Charging mechanisms should, however, reflect as far as possible both the true cost of water when used as an economic good and the ability of the communities to pay."
Translation- if you are deemed "needy" then you don't need to pay at all. So if you're not paying, then someone, somewhere else is. And that will be you. Note the words "charging mechanisms" used here. If you are unemployed but live in a middle class community- too bad for you. You'll still have to pay.
Notice the words "ability of the communities to pay". Individual people mean nothing to the UN. This is no different than your property tax today- it doesn't matter if you're unemployed or not, pay it or lose it.
Finally on this subject, we learn that the youth are not left out of the equation- in fact they are clearly "targeted" [5] for education. Some of us call that brainwashing.
In Santa Clara county, they have already clamped down on water wells as a few direct excerpts from a local authority's statement below clearly illustrate. We can see that the water doesn't really belong to the people that live there at all. You might be a human being, but you have NO RIGHT to expect a drink of water, taken from God's green earth on which you are born as illustrated here and clearly written by a lawyer. If you can become something other than a person, the law won't apply to you:
"Well permit requirements
No person shall dig, bore, drill, deepen, refurbish, or destroy a water well, cathodic protection well, observation well, monitoring well, exploratory boring (45 feet or deeper), or other deep excavation that intersects the groundwater aquifers of Santa Clara County without first obtaining a permit from the Santa Clara Valley Water District." [6]
Note the clever "45 feet or deeper" statement. Now we wouldn't want anyone to drill deep enough during an exploratory operation for a piece of land someone is planning to build on. Someone just might findwater WITHOUT BUYING A PERMIT ! Yet it also tells you that you won't find any real usable water at less than 45 feet.
When a well is drilled, water is often found at fairly shallow depths, even at 10 feet deep. But since wells usually function by water trickling in the bottom, the output capacity in gallons per minute is what counts. For domestic wells, this is about one gallon per foot for a standard steel casing. The process of determining the flow rate while drilling, is called "bailing." I don't mean the kind of bailing that the Bush administration is doing.
Here's how it works. A tube is lowered on a cable with a foot valve. When it hits the bottom, the valve opens to fill the tube. Then the tube is withdrawn by the drilling rig, emptied and the process repeated for one minute. The fill rate and depth determines the well's rate in gallons per minute.
If recovery is not sufficiently fast enough as required by a bank for funding, the well is drilled deeper. However, one can hit saltwater at any time. Doing so requires the hole is filled with concrete by law, so it will not contaminate any other ground water. All the money spent drilling is wasted, and the process must start over and so do the drilling costs.
Where I live, there is a nearby gas well. Such wells present a risk, in that natural gas is present where there are salt domes.
It made us sweat all the way through the drilling process.
Even some farmers who have paid for the great expense for a well of high capacity as needed to run a farm, may continue to pay forever. Farmers aren't suffering enough. More must be heaped upon them. How long before what you read below becomes commonplace ? It will, because counties and towns will see dollar signs.
Here's a living example from Terrell County, Georgia:
"The Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission has installed water meters on a Terrell County farm irrigation system. Division Director David Eigenberg said "It looks very similar to the speedometer and odometer on a car. As water is pumped, the hand will fluctuate around the amount of pumping that occurs. And then the totalizer or odometer will accurately account for the amount of water that has flowed past this meter." [7]
Note the word "fluctuate." In engineering, that's usually a term reserved for a random process. So what does the totalizer or odometer do ? Why, it measures the amount of times the "hand" fluctuates ! (Is the "odometer" mentioned for measuring just how many miles the water ran past the farmer ? But you knew that...)
Further, we can learn more about the power of an unfair burden upon all in the same article:
"House Bill 579 last year requires that all farm wells have a meter by 2009. That would be over 21,000 meters right now. The meters are installed at no charge by the state on all watering devices registered before July 2003. " And to think these metered wells will remain tax free ? Who would believe that. Even Agenda 21 implies the taxation is coming.
Eigenberg further boldly says "farmers understand the need for the metering. They are a very good steward of our natural resources. And they want to know what their application rates are and their flow rates are, and this metering program will help provide that information."
Eigenberg says farmers "understand the need."
I challenge Eigenberg to show us just ONE farmer who will say they want ANOTHER MONTHLY BILL that metering will eventually be used for, if it isn't already.
Eigenberg then adds:
"An eight-inch system can pump 500 to 600 gallons per minute. With the dry weather so far this growing season, most of these metered irrigation systems are working overtime. It's just another point of why it's so important to try and protect our water, and use it in a very efficient way."
Translation: We're eventually going to TAX you for every drop you use. Georgia House Bill 579 is just a precursor to it, and supports UN Agenda 21. It will serve as a test case for it. In essence, they will meter and charge YOU, for YOUR WATER, that you pay to pump up from under YOUR LAND. We don't care if YOU can't afford enough water for your crops to grow healthy in the boiling summer heat. No doubt Eigenberg's statements were issued from an air conditioned building. Note his words "try and protect OUR water." So who is "our ?" As you can see, they plainly illustrate that water under the land doesn't belong to the farmer ! More rights taken away by another brainwashed, government droid. No doubt spoken eloquently by Eigenberg, with a gentle southern smile on his face. Bend over,'re next. Just wait and see.
Back on the farm Mr. Douglas standing on his Green Acres out there in the boiling sun, will be nervously staring at that "fluctuating needle" on the meter, while watching his crops being watered with liquid gold, and trying to decide when to switch off the pump. Walking back to his home where Lisa Douglas awaits, he'll be hoping it wasn't too soon in the boiling summer heat. And then wondering just who will be paying for a new tax sure to follow...
And more farms will be doomed, because farmers cannot increase the price of their crops to compensate. Farmers receive offers from food processors for their crops when they bring them in at the end of each growing season. To the food processor it makes no difference if the farmer accepts the price, because the food processor doesn't care. The farmer does cannot dictate price at all. Farmers and food processors all know once a crop is picked, 'the clock has started.' With each passing day and hour the product gets ever closer to being unusable and over-ripened, closer to becoming nothing more than fertilizer. Hence the farmer unwittingly places himself into a corner when he takes the fruits of his hard labor to market. The same also applies to livestock farmers. Therefore, water taxes will play a serious, destabilzing role in our agrarian sector.
Derry Brownfield [8] is a highly respected farmer of more than 70 years with BS and MS degrees, and has nurtured a one hour radio show for several decades. It should be required listening for morning radio. Derry has stated that farmers are getting the very same price per pound for beef as they did back in the 1930's. And Derry should know, because he keeps his finger on the American farmer's pulse. Derry is perhaps the most knowledgeable farmer in North America about the barrage of new government regulations. Is it any wonder that a water tax will drive farmers under BY THE THOUSANDS who are barely surviving now on 1930's prices ?
About the only time to tax water wells would have been back in the fifties and sixties when most people could afford it, and electrified water wells were in widespread use. That is, if it would not have been an unreasonably high tax. And the time to remove these meters would have been back in the early 1970's, when the heyday of the last century ended and such taxes would have begun to become unbearable. The UN is way behind the curve on this and missed their opportunity. In the fifties and sixties the UN was still in its infancy. They dragged their collective feet as slow as they could. But now the globalists are pushing this equivalent of double taxation on the masses. Globalists see the UN as a means to an end for control of earth's water.
Desalination systems [9] are now a viable option. Coastal states could do wonders protecting water tables with these after they make the investment. The majority of people in the USA live near one of the three coasts. We can stop drilling wells and using aquifers when sea water is accessible, just by using existing reverse-osmosis technology. Most of the water that's consumed, ultimately ends up back in the environment so no harm is done.
The UN talks about the world as a dustbowl. I'll describe here what such a storm is like to be inside of. Remember this is NOT a problem or desertification of the USA- its a normal phenomena for certain parts of America.
Some years ago, I was visiting some relatives in Kansas. They own many thousand acres of wheat, and in every direction around the farm that was all you saw. We were outside when Cal said "there's a storm comin'- everyone into the barn." We watched from the cavernous combine steel barn, while the beautiful cloudless blue sky overhead belied what was about to happen.
There it was, perhaps a mile away- a WALL of rolling sand. If one didn't know better, you would swear it was a rolling hill....except it was moving quite fast. As it grew closer, Cal pulled the huge sliding doors shut. Within minutes it arrived. One could hear the sound of sandblasting against the steel building. After a few minutes, it left as fast as it arrived. He opened the door to a beautiful day once again.
These storms have been known to easily strip paint off cars down to the bare metal and frost car windows. And it doesn't do your exposed skin any good, either. Cal operated his farm using his water well. Miles from the nearest town, they will most likely never have a public water supply. And based on the chemical cocktail in those water sources today- he's much better off with his own well.
This is still America, not Nazi Germany.
At least not yet, and it won't become that if ALL OF US STAND UP. It is patently wrong to penalize a developed country, for the laziness and bad attitude that many third world countries have. Turning the entire planet into a global welfare state will accomplish nothing but more misery, and teach the lazy countries of the world that their behaviour will be rewarded. Therefore, they will do even less to help themselves than they do now.
UN, just get out of everyone's shorts - you're not wanted anywhere.
[1] Fictional character from the original Star Trek series- brainless droids
that dispensed law. (Like anyone you know today in Washington ?)
[2] Agenda 21 table of contents that shows how far this has gone:
[3] Desertification Treaty details
[5] Youth targeted for Agenda 21 Education:
[6] Well restrictions:
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[8] Derry's webpage:
[9] Just a few desalination systems available. There are many more
companies. The list below illustrates how far water desalination systems
have progressed. This is NOT intended to be advertising and I receive no
funds whatsoever. The suppliers shown below are for educational purposes only.
(No endorsement is made or offered here for any company below):
a. Up to 100,000 liters per hour:
b. Small scale renewable sources:
c. 600 gallons a day from the ocean:
d. 31,000 gallons a day:



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