Langreo, Spain Sighting
Confirms Mexican UFOs?
Langreo - A Haven For UFOs?

From Scott Corrales
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
By Luisma Diaz
La Nueva España
May 16, 2004
María del Pilar Dávila, a resident of the town of Llandosu, recorded a video in April -- broadcast by TVE -- showing strange objects in the sky whose characteristics are similar to the ones seen in Mexico.
LANGREO - Last month, elements of the 501st squadron of the Mexican Air Force detected 16 mysterious lights moving at unheard-of speeds over the skies of that country. Military radars also detected the presence of these strange objects in the Mexican sky. Subsequently, members of the squadron informed their superiors of the incident, and the Mexican government decided to transmit the images last Tuesday in an unprecedented act by a military body.
But in order to find strange events related to signtings of strange flying objects it isn't necessary to go so far. On April 1st of this year, a resident of the small town of Llandosu, in Langreo, saw something unusual in the sky. María del Pilar Dávila is a fan of astronomy and has always enjoyed scanning the constellations, planets and whenever possible, won't miss an eclipse. On April 1st, at around 9:30 pm, she went out of ther house armed with binoculars and a camcorder. The reason for this was an alignment of five planets -Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn- visible to the unaided eye, something that will not occur again until 2036.
Maria's was startled when she took her binoculars and tried to focus on the five planets and instead, found something altogether different: Before her eyes were six lights that "attracted her attention". Four of them were vertical and the other two were horizontal, forming "a sort of inverted L". It was then that she decided to record it on her camcorder.
"I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing. All I'm sure is that it was something strange and for which I could not find an explanation. The recording lasted a minute and a half "with what tape I had left." She went inside for another cartridge and upon coming outside again, "the lights had vanished».
It was then that she called her husband and both examined the recording. "As I looked through the camera viewfinder, in black and white, it all seemed very strange. But once I saw it on a color TV set, it looked even stranger."
Aside from the "L-shaped" formation it was possible to see "something like a series of tubes with an orange halo. After seeing this we thought perhaps that it was the [International] space station."
After discussing this with some friends, the matter was forgotten until the Mexican events last week led her to "research the matter a little out of curiosity, just to know what it was we had seen. I have always been skeptical when it comes to this subject." Therefore, she got in touch with experts from Television Española. Following an analysis of teh video, the producers of the Por la Mañana morning show decided to air it in a segment devoted to the Mexican sightings. On Friday, Maria del Pilar Davila was also interviewed on the Milenio 3 program, devoted to paranormal themes and transmited by the SER network, something that she didn't care for very much. "We've only been living a short while in the town, which its a wonderful place, and frankly, I wouldn't want to be known as "the nutcase" or something like it, because we've never believed in these stories. Now, with what has happened, I'm filled with doubts, but I suppose there's a logical explanation for everything."
For the time, Maria del Pilar Davila has only found out what the object she filmed wasn't: "The TVE people have consulted with experts in the field and we know that it was neither a meterorological phenomenon nor the international space station as we first believed." The recording shall be returned to them on Monday, but as regards the ultimate explanation, "I'm not sure if we'll know them someday."



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