Are The Mexican
UFOs Triangular Craft?

From: Darryl Barker
Jeff, Regarding the recent Mexican UFO footage from March 5, 2004, I'd like to make mention of some simple observations; perhaps too simplistic, but at least I'm not trying to write this case off as ball lightning. The debunkers are truly desperate.
In image file C26FLIRFRAMEC posted on your site at: ". could what appears to be two UFO light configurations consisting of three lights moving in unison, and possibly connected to a structure, actually be two triangular craft? If one looks at two illustrations from the Janury 5, 2000, Illinois UFO case, Illinois UFO Image 1.0 represents a view of the triangular UFO from below and at an angle, as witnessed by ground observer, Lebanon, Illinois, police officer Ed Barton. The similarities of configuration are clear and to consider a possible off-axis orientation of apparent flight by the Mexican UFOs, it has been reported by some witnesses of the flying triangles, that the triangular craft are capable of flying on their side, at an angle not consistent with the plane of trajectory and with their flat "rear" sides forward.
In Illinois UFO Image 2.0, the 1/5/2000 Polaroid photograph shot by Millstadt police officer Craig Stevens, the lighting pattern also resembles the arrangement of three lights as seen in the Mexican Air Force footage, but at a slightly different angle and obviously, without the level of brilliance as seen in the Mexican infrared images.
Also, early in the 1/5/2000 Illinois UFO sighting, officer Ed Barton noted a pair of distinct bright lights at a distance, which were "extremely bright", illustrated in Illinois UFO Image 3.0, which look very much like what we see in the dual light configuration of Mexican C26AFLIRFRAMEA. Barton"s sketch for the police report, as seen in Illinois UFO Image 4.0 resembles the two-light image as seen in C26AFLIRFRAMEB.
Perhaps these are just concidences, but I'm curious if Mr. Maussan or anyone else has considered the possibility that the Mexican UFOs may be of the triangular variety. The UFO maneuvers reported by the Mexican Air Force aircraft are consistent with those reported in some flying triangles sightings. Thanks for your time.
- Darryl Barker Analyis of the 1/5/2000 Illinois UFO sighting at:



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