Rumor Mill News Agent
Wins Historic 1st
In UK Election
Revealing the "Truth on the Doorstep"
Goes Down Well With UK Voters!

From Rayelan
One of our agents, whose identity is being protected, has won a historic first for a minority party at the elections in Britain.
The political party for which he stood, fully understands the nature of the British establishment and NWO... aka... Royal Institute of International Affairs; CFR; Bilderbergs; Synarchists; Nazis, Fabians etc. etc. etc.
Our "secret" agent ran on a platform of telling the truth about who controls the three main political parties in Britain... AND against an established, sitting opponent who is a household name in the area of the election.
Please read the rest of the article at this link:
"Rumor Mill News does not fit into a box. This place is as vast and lawless, and deep and unpredictable, as the urge to freedom. Nobody on the other side will ever understand what makes it tick." Oliver Haddo, RMNews Agent



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