'Rings-On-A-String' Contrail

From Leuan
These photos were taken with my new Olympus c8080 last Sunday, Anglesey North Wales.
I've seen this aircraft four times here in North Wales. It comes from the direction of Ireland and over to Chester. This aircraft flew right over head last Sunday about 12 noon. The thing is there were lots of other jets flying over as well, jumbos, etc. They all made a sound and left the usual vapour trails behind them.
I was busy taking some flower pictures with my new c8080 and by pure luck happened to look up just as it went over head. I really don't recall looking up because I heard a rumbling or anything, but I have to say that I couldn't swear to that.
Also, I couldn't swear that It's shape is defiantly deltoid but it didn't seem to have the same shape as a jumbo...what I mean is I don't think it has wings like a regular airliner.
I can defiantly say there are two engines because with my own eyes I clearly saw two streams coming out the you can see from the photos. They were spaced apart most defiantly - not side-by-side in the middle. Also, this aircraft is white.
When I watched it last week it was flying at least as high as the jet airliners but could have been flying much higher...difficult to say.
On one occasion, I filmed it from my house with my Sony Hi8 camcorder. Even though it's got a 20x optical zoom with optical image stabilization, I was disappointed when I watched it on my TV. The TV didn't give the sharpness I'd hoped for and the aircraft looked no more than a white dot leaving the vapour trail behind it. I've still got this brief footage (I hope) somewhere in a stack of tapes.
My partner and I were shopping in Chester one day when I saw the plane leaving the same perfect rings-on-a-string vapour trail over head. I immediately brought Angela's attention to it and she was amazed to see it so clearly (I'd previously mentioned there was an elusive aircraft that made such a trail.)
What was very interesting at the time was that not one other shopper and there were agreat deal looked up to the sky. So this aircraft is not hiding itself, it flies around in broad daylight against beautiful blue skies and hardly anyone sees it.
Hope this is of some use to you.
 From: "Rod"
Here is the contrail pics. Had to find it on the video. Its dated 4-19-04 at 5:30 P.M.
When I saw the article on the website I thought "Damn, I've seen those before". Then I remembered I shot video of it that day because it looked so unusual. I did not see the object that left these.



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