Psy-Ops & Stupidity!
Central Intelligence Agency
Director of Psychological Operations
The Puzzle Palace,
RE: Your latest attempt to alter the facts
In your War upon the World -
Your latest entry in the War Upon the World, that hasty and ill-thought out attempted video, supposedly from Al-Qaeda, is not only miserably inept but it's factually a farce.
All that muscle & fat (in the victim) had to have taken a bit of time, if it were possible at all - and where was all that blood? Anyone within a few feet of this supposed event would have been covered in blood ­ but only if the body attacked, in the tape, had been alive at the time. Any fourth year med student knows this, most street people know this, so how was it exactly that you thought this could survive public scrutiny? Maybe that's why you preferred that Americans be "spared" the viewing of your new tape? It's clear you think we're really stupid-but this goes far beyond the pale.
There is this other telltale bit of evidence shown by the neck itself: was it ragged or cleanly sliced? Any professional could have spotted this one. Unless the details match with what you say happened, you run the risk of discovery. So far only a few have chosen to dispute the facts ­ but it's early yet. Time is not your friend in this, and that's because you were sloppy. You really need to get some better people, if you want anyone to believe your continued efforts to twist the truth.
Give it a couple of days and see what develops - this was just too much like a stage play to have been a real event-and most people upon reflection will begin to realize this. Apparently you still believe that the word of US Intelligence Agencies means something in the wider world. If so, that's a grand-delusion of your own creation. Most people outside D.C. and Tel Aviv recognize that the Bush Doctrine of 2002 was built on nothing but Deception & Lies. Because of this fact, nothing that you say now can be accepted without buckets full of proof, and this tape contains nothing that even approaches that reality.
Review the tape as theater, amateur theater, but a dramatization at least. When seen in that light it's clear to any thoughtful viewer that this tape was made to completely destroy any sympathy for the Iraqi prisoner's who so recently received both the attention and the sympathy of the world. This tape of yours was meant to be the perfect counter-point-the event that would reverse public opinion against the prisoners held in Iraq and Afghanistan: which is why the insurgents would NEVER have done this, especially not now, not when the whole world was just beginning to see their actual plight.
Another ugly fact that is beginning to leak out that goes to motive for "changing the subject NOW" is that 9 out of every 10 people pulled in, by you and yours, were released - with no charges filed. If that happened here we'd call this kidnapping, and Rummy and his thugs don't want the public to dwell on any of the facts that make this entire episode so ugly-because if Americans ever figure this out there might be a lynching in DC, or at least impeachments all round.
You and your cohorts at Offense and State created these fake wars, wars that were made possible by the completely covered-up events of 911, in which your fingerprints were also evident and plentiful. Having declared war upon essentially feudal nation-states it became clear that you needed to capture the "enemy" but you couldn't find soldiers, because as organized groups they do not exist. Instead, you just rounded up the population and made accusations, played with them and then cut some loose. You killed a few, and continued to pretend that you are actually interrogating real suspected enemy forces, however there is little or no proof that any of this has actually happened because everything is SECRET. Sometimes the Puzzle Palace gets overly enthusiastic about secrecy. You really should be more circumspect, and far less irrational. These were pretend wars, with pretend prisoners, but all the deaths in both were real. You need to focus on that reality and skip the bullshit from the Bushwhacker and his masters.
Consider this: How many "terrorists" have been to any kind of trial, how many have been found guilty or sentenced anywhere? Think people - where is the proof that what CIA, Offense, State and Defense are saying is a fact? Despite the prisoners held in Cuba, in Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq: and despite all our barbarity and our mirrored savage behavior directed by the IDF ­ what has been the result of all these people being "captured"? What are the real numbers of the dead, of the captured, of the tried and of the convicted? This matters people ­ because all of that is being done in your name!
So, Psy-Ops, it's easy to see why you might want to change the subject, and try again to paint the people we have bombed, butchered, imprisoned and generally destroyed, back into the category of inhuman and beastial types: Animals that "we" must continue to slaughter. However, that tape does not make the case against rebels, insurgents, loyalists or indeed anyone because those characters standing behind the supposed victim could be anyone at all. From the look of them, none of those men have missed a meal in 10 years. They have the look of mercenary contractors, or Special Forces playing a bad part in a high school play.
This entire original drama that produced this fake tape is also false. Because the people you chose to "guard" these prisoners - were not trained military personnel. Guard members receive two weeks training a year, plus one-weekend a month. And what kind of person goes into the National Guard today - to almost certain damage? Who would sign up to lose their real job, damage their bodies, possibly their minds and maybe lose their lives, for money? It can't be for patriotism or for transnational profiteers, and it can't be for recognition as national heroes, because the president has yet to honor any fallen soldier by attending a single funeral. Even your coffin has now been forbidden to be seen by the very public that you may die to protect ­ so WHY?
But those guarding the prisoners in Abu Ghraib are in no way soldiers, they're not even military potential ­ they will do whatever some jerk with stripes on his or her sleeve or bars on the shoulder tells them to do. With this cast of willing fools, you and the Bandits can do whatever the hell you want with whomever you sweep up in your Nazi-like, middle-of-the-night raids. Especially when the ones doing the sweeps are nothing but a bunch of hired guns, with zero on the line. In addition to not being overseen by US military commanders, these "private mercenaries" are probably paid by the head for every one they bring in. This might explain the arrests of children and the extremely old and infirm (suspects)? give us a break.
Throw in some sex to spice it all up and you have the perfect scenario for pretend victory, in a pretend war. Your "guards" who are supposedly angry with all these hardened fighters, because "they are the ones killing our buddies" kind of overlooks a basic component of the whole war effort.
We attacked them and we attempted to destroy their country based on a whole briefcase full of lies and deceptions. That makes those people who are fighting us resisters to our aggressions, patriots in their own land. Think a minute about what that makes us. It's not pretty, and your tape will not be swallowed as any part of truth. Someone died, because someone killed and then decapitated him. But WHO did this is an open question and will need to be examined. This is not a fact because you say so. You get paid to twist the truth and lie to one and all-forever. As the agency of the US government that lies, your "word" and your involvement anywhere means death to any truth that might have been within the facts.
This entire "Operation Seize Control" is failing everywhere you've gone to play. Anyone with eyes can see the truth. We're rounding up bodies, without cause, without leads, without anything but a head count to fulfill ­ probably for bucks. Now you and yours are finally beginning to panic, because the truth is oozing out of every fetid crack in what you tried to do.
When the public finally sees behind the shabby curtains that you've tried to cover with the flag, there'll be little mercy for anyone involved and you'd be very near the top of that long and ugly list. You're demise can't happen soon enough!



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