Ten US Navy Carriers
Now At Sea - Only Two In Port
USS Carl Vinson Has Gone Out

From Radwick
This brings the number of carriers over the horizon to 10.
This would prove to be a most COSTLY exercise if in fact this is ONLY an exercise.
OR,Are they all on emergency operational deployment???
Of the remaining 2 carriers only USS Nimitz is deployable as the USS Eisenhower is having its nuclear power plant refuelled and will be out of commission for several years.
USS Carl Vinson goes out.
USS Abraham Lincoln goes out.
USS Roosevelt off the coast of Europe
Seven carrier battle groups deployed in "summer pulse 04".
Notice how the article says that the seven carriers deployed represent every carrier that is seaworthy. When in reality there are now 10 carriers at sea. Completely unprecedented.
Seven Carrier Strike Groups Underway for Exercise "Summer Pulse 04"
The seven aircraft carriers involved in "Summer Pulse 04" will include: the Norfolk-based USS George Washington CSG and the San Diego-based USS John C. Stennis CSG, both currently deployed, and Yokosuka, Japan-based USS Kitty Hawk. The Mayport, Fla.-based USS John F Kennedy CSG will begin a combined and joint exercise early this month, followed by a scheduled overseas deployment. The Norfolk-based USS Harry S. Truman CSG will conduct a scheduled training exercise followed by overseas pulse operations with the Norfolk-based USS Enterprise CSG, beginning early this month. USS Ronald Reagan will conduct operations in the U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Southern Command theaters during the ship's interfleet transfer from Norfolk, Va., to its Pacific Fleet homeport of San Diego.
Where are the Carriers?
US Navy
Very unusual....especially as most of UK royal navy put to sea a few weeks ago....
Operations Map



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