The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 60
Bush White House Created Violence
By Sherman H. Skolnick
News from all over, some overground, some underground. With analyses and details censored by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press. Taken together, it may clarify a few matters.
To further the overthrow of the degenerate, backward Saudi Royals, and to seize the Saudi oilfields, the Western oil cartel continues to murder foreign oil executives, including Americans, resident in Saudi. This, to justify bringing Emergency Troops into Eastern Saudi to grab the oil facilities; U.S., British, and French forces will be the Saudi oil facilities occupiers and overlords. France has been previously blocked, since a one-sided agreement, since 1922, from dipping into the Mid-East oilfields. French possession of films and other proof of the American CIA/British Intelligence/British Royals' complicity in the murder of President Kennedy, is a device to strongarm and blackmail the Bush White House and Queen Elizabeth II.
A great flare-up of supposedly unrelated violence, to be falsely blamed onto "Arab terrorists", rather than covert espionage special forces, is now to be expected. Why? Disgruntled and restive top U.S.Military brass, Admirals and Generals, persist in vowing to arrest Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush for treason. Including staying silent after Daddy Bush told him of some great impending violence, which was September 11, 2001. With the younger Bush going along with Daddy's pre-arranged military stand-down. Including staying silent about the "pulling" of the World Trade Center twin towers and WTC Building 7, with prior-inserted internal explosives. [Larry Silverstein, leasing boss of WTC, used the secret architecture term "pulling" on a post-911 TV Show when discussing how Building 7 fell down, many hours after the morning, and with no flying object having hit the building.]
To keep up the price of oil, the cartel has arranged to blow up one or more Iraqi oil pipelines and to murder a top Iraqi oil official.
Saddam Hussein's wife and daughter visited him in person in supposed U.S. custody. They say IT IS NOT HIM! Apparently, U.S. has in custody a superior put together double, a virtual twin. In the fall of 2003, Kurdish militia seized what they thought was Saddam, imprisoned him in a hole, and asked the Bush White House for ransom.
The Kurds wanted 40 million dollars and promises of Kurdish independence. The Kurds, with U.S. Troops as staged grabbers, turned over "Saddam". When the Kurds persisted in their demands for the ransom, the Bush Crime Family, notorious cheapskates, refused to pay. Instead, as arranged by Daddy Bush, former head of the U.S.Secret Political police, and the handler and supervisor of son George in the Oval Office, arranged to silence Kurds. At a huge Kurd gathering, the American CIA blew up the place, killing and seriously wounding 200 top Kurdish tribal and other leaders.
The real Saddam Hussein is most likely parked in a basement in Moscow. This was reported in April, 2003, shortly after the U.S. invasion, without a Declaration of War, of Iraq. [Guess who talked about this publicly? Hint: he is co-host of the Cloak and Dagger Program.]
The real Saddam Hussein, not the virtual twin, is too dangerous to be publicly put on trial. He was created by the American CIA. [Sheepishly admitted in a detailed report, 4/10/2003, by the CIA News wire service, United Press International. They claimed to have been able to find and interview numerous current and former CIA officials about the spy agency's role in creating Saddam. Also the Reagan/Bush White House, run actually by Vice President Daddy Bush, supplied Saddam with various ingredients for horrendous weapons. Documented in "Spider's Web", by Alan Friedman, published 1993.]
Saddm can give direct, eyewitness testimony how Daddy Bush instigated the eight year Iraq-Iran War, to keep up the price of oil, September, 1980 to 1988.And how Daddy Bush, through U.S.Ambassador April Glaspie, on behalf of Daddy Bush, in 1990, fooled Saddam into believing Iraq's quarrel with Kuwait over slant-drilling and Kuwait occupying oilfields actually belonging to Iraq; that the fight, said Glaspie to Saddam, was a private matter, in which the U.S. would not interfere.
The real Saddam Hussein is one of the world's richest men, a result of being a private business partner with Daddy Bush in previously jointly
extorting huge sums from the oil-rich weak sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. Details came out as a result of an unpublicized Chicago law case.. [Visit "Secrets of Timothy McVeigh"].
Saddam's eyewitness, irrefutable testimony could put the entire Bush Crime Family in prison for various high crimes against the American people and against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Including but not limited to Daddy Bush bringing into the U.S. supposed Iraqi military intelligence and other military "defectors", many believed to be double agents, at the close of Persian Gulf War One. Two thousand are resident in Oklahoma City. Some were implicated in the multiple explosions, with diabolical internal weaponry, of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building, April 19,
For geopolitical advantages, two huge foreign terrorist-instigated events, occuring in the U.S., have been covered up by the Bush Crime Family in conjunction with their fellow financial and military criminals, William Rockefeller Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
[As to Clinton and the Rockefellers, visit my website series, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Political Police,]
Timothy Mc Veigh was a domestic dissident, as a surrogate for Iraqi Intelligence. [To be noted, Iraqi Intelligence, it was later discovered, paid for the huge Anti-Iraq War Movement in the fall of 1990, just prior to the start of the actual shooting war, January 16, 1991.]
The second actual foreign terrorist event was the July, 1996, two missile shoot-down, off New York, of TWA Flight 800. Several years ago, as moderator and producer of a non-commercial, public access Cable TV Program, I did a one-hour taped show with some of the leading counter-terrorist experts in the world. Off-camera, they gave me the details, known in their trade, of how two missiles brought down Flight 800.
The missiles were fired from an Iranian-owned former Soviet submarine, manned by a Russian mercenary crew. The missiles were fired in airflight take-off slot which was to have included El Al, the Israeli Airline. El Al was delayed, and TWA, taking off in El Al's slot, became the target.
Bill Clinton, running for re-election in 1996, ordered the true nature of what happened suppressed and blamed instead on internal supposed technical defects in the Boeing plane. Clinton did not want to start a geopolitical confrontation with the Moscow government that took over after the downfall of the Soviets.
Flight 800 was scheduled to be going to Paris. When Clinton refused to dredge up the remains of the downed plane from the ocean bottom, the French were about to send over a 300-man crew to do the same. After all, 60 French nationals died in the shoot-down, including 8 top officials of the French CIA. The French spy agency team leader, perhaps from prior knowledge, refused to get on Flight 800 with his team.
President Clinton reluctantly relented and ordered a dredge up of the remains of Flight 800. The pieces showing the missiles hitting the front of the plane were suppressed. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, long a sabotage aircrash whitewasher, covered up the pertinent details. Some two hundred eyewitnesses who saw the trail of the missiles coming up from the water and hitting Flight 800, were not allowed to be witnesses at the NTSB fake hearings.
[Visit our website series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage".]
The Bush Crime Family is in no position to start up with the Iranians. The Teheran government has various documents, films, video, and eyewitness testimony available, of the treason committed by Daddy Bush in paying for the delay of the release of the 52 U.S. hostages in Iran. The Reagan/Bush ticket won the White House in 1980, by treason, sidestepping the dreaded possiblity of an "October Surprise" were it possible for incumbent Jimmy Carter running for re-election to have succeeded in getting the hostage release just prior to the 1980 Election.
Now, the Iranians are reportedly massing troops on the Iranian-Iraq border. They are seeking to pressure, if not blackmail, the Bush Crime White House, into somehow withdrawing our troops from a terrible bloody quicksand called Iraq. The Iranians have plenty to blackmail the Bushies with. Such as how they brought in the downfall of the Shah of Iran who on behalf of the Persians, demanded a bigger cut from the oil cartel.
Religious folks from all over the Moslem world are coming into Iraq, through their porous borders, to fight for the sanctity and honor of their religion. They gladly become assassins, even suicide bombers, to throw out the American foreign invaders that are defiling the Mid-East. Many Iranians actually visit religious shrines and artifacts located in Iraq.
In sum, the Bush Crime White House has various motives to orchestrate violence, domestic and elsewhere, and blame it on somebody else's relgiion. Such as to divert a patriotic military seizure of the currently treasonous U.S.. Central Government. Such as to divert attention from the impending U..S. financial collapse, including the absolute destruction of the U.S. credit infrastructure. Such as, to divert attention from details possibly becoming more publicly known of the treason involved in putting our young people in harm's way, by sending them to be seriously wounded or die in Iraq, for no American interest or purpose. That is a country of upwards of 300 million people attacking, without justifiable cause, a nation of less than 20 million people.
Question: Will the peons of America, the shirtless ones, the common folk, be cursed by failing to somehow stop the rise of America's Hitler?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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