The Overthrow Of The
American Republic Part 59
More - How Bush Stole The White House

by Sherman H. Skolnick
Remember. Carrying Florida in the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election was essential. Whoever won the popular vote, would get all of Florida's Electoral College vote. And that Electoral vote, in 2000, was needed to capture the Oval Office.
There were a number of reputed bagmen, blackmailers, and corrupters in the picture.
===Katherine Harris, chief Florida election official, heiress to an orange juice fortune, but greatly ambitious to get a higher office, while persisting as reputed Jeb Bush party girl and baglady, while using front of night club performer. Now in Congress (R., Fl.).
===Florida Governor Jeb Bush, prepared to be the transit point for election GOP big bribery loot from Orlando-based Disney theme park (hang-out for public officials and media types, part of the homosexual underground), and Coca-Cola, adjunct worldwide operation of the American CIA (reputed trafficker, raising covert spy-bucks, using sniff-proof, undetectable Coke pop cans, overseas in particular, to ship the Real Thing, "containing Cocaine, up to the maximum amount permitted 'by law' ". [Stepan Chemical Co., maker of the secret Coca-Cola base, with by-product cocaine---yes, we understand you deny knowing anything about any of this. And yes, perhaps you suggest we look in the dark corners of some of the Coke Bottlers worldwide. And yes, as to that, some loudmouth types are not prepared to give a pass to the IRA, Irish Republican Army, regardless of what some say is the rightness of their geopolitical grievances against he Brits.]
[Visit our website stories, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts, as to dope, IRA, Stepan. As to corruption of U.S. Supreme Court, see part 9 of that series.]
===Marc Raciciot. Montana Governor up to the January, 2001 period. Accused of complicity through bank money laundering, of Canada-cross-border dope trafficking through his State. Later, Enron lobbyist and head of Republican National Committee and head of George W. Bush 2004 Campaign. Reputed member of media-government homosexual underground. Contended to be bagman to Southern Florida Democrats now reputedly attacked by Gore as "crooked".
===James A. Baker 3rd, key figure in Daddy Bush White House administration, and later, with George W. Bush. Joint reputed bagman with Raciciot to corrupt Southern Florida Democrats and put the big fix in with "Gang of Five" on U.S. Supreme Court including ring-leader Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (known as an arrogant "go to Hell Judge" and an open Fascist) and Chief Justice William Rehnquist (an open bigot) in Bush versus Gore, arbitrarily installing George W. Bush as the resident and occupant of the White House.
Since 1993, Baker has been a senior counselor of the war-mongering, money-laundering worldwide crime operation called Carlyle Group, also instrumental in the big fix in Florida.
===John F. Kerry, like Bushies, member of satanic cult, Skull & Bastards Society. Secret Democrat turncoat as stooge for the Aristocracy. Causing gut hatreds and feelings, while claiming to be either Jewish or Irish, actually neither. Kerry has been part of a mob of U.S. Democrat Senators, being actually closet Republicans, aiding in screwing Gore out of being inaugurated as the duly elected President in January, 2001.
The plutocrats, the secret society, the Bilderburg Group, has apparently at their June, 2004 meeting, already anointed U.S. Senator John Edwards (D., No.Car.) as the new U.S."elected" President. Since that group includes the barons of the monopoly press, they will twist the brains of Americans to make Edwards the new President. And naive, poorly informed Americans will still believe that they decided who was to be President when it was actually decided ahead of time and foisted upon the know-nothings. At the hands of the more-and-more arrogant Establishment, Ruling Class, "powers that be"---or simply THEM---U.S. Presidential elections are a fraudulent dead letter, a magic show decided ahead of time and performed on half-awake Americans.
In sum, more than fifty million dollars was used for the Southern Florida/U.S. Supreme Court trick. Can Gore un-trick the situation?
King Louie and Marie Antoinette dishonored France. George W. Bush, as supervised by Daddy Bush, and their gang, have dishonored America. Need we remind anyone what the remedy was in France?
So, what I wrote about immediately and exclusively after the so-called "election" of 2000, is more and more, being shown to be true. Those who heretofore called me a "liar", may be required to eat their words.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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