The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 56
Bush-Kerry Scandal May Trigger 'Military Coup'
And 'Overthrow of the U.S. Government'
By Sherman H. Skolnick
A spokesperson for the Bush Family has apparently been pleading with a major worldwide news organization, not to proceed with a story they have.
The reason given? "Because it may trigger a military coup" and may cause "The Overthrow of the U.S. Government".
The explosive details may turn out to be the biggest scandal in the new millennium.
The news group has eyewitnesses, kept in security and so far concealed, already interviewed on videotape, who confirm that there was a joint pact and plot, in which George W. Bush and John F. Kerry participated. That this was done under the auspices of the super-secret satanic cult, operating under code number "322", the Skull & Bones Society, of which Bush and Kerry are members. Kerry, as the older member, initiated Bush into the cult using their traditional cavorting, au naturel, in a windowless building on the Yale University campus, called "The Tomb", while both were in a large size casket filled with mud.
Among the matters contained in the so far embargoed story, are the following:
[1] As supervised by Daddy Bush, George W. Bush was instructed to follow orders and "to stay out of it" that is, to defer action as Commander-in-Chief, permitting a military stand-down and other contradictions to what a President/Commander-in-Chief should immediately do upon being informed of a great disaster.
[2] The scheme, like the pre-knowledge of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, was to disregard the resultant bloodshed of Americans, since it was for a profound purpose. As to Pearl Harbor, to wake up Americans and force them into a war to save England and British interests from being over-run in Asia by the Japanese, and in England itself, by the Germans.
As to the home-grown events of September 11, 2001, among the purposes, while disregarding the resulting bloodshed of Americans (about the same number as died on December 7, 1941), was to galvanize common Americans into action to supposedly fight back the encroachment on the U.S. of "Arabs".
[3] As supervised by Daddy Bush, once head of America's secret political police, George W. Bush and John F. Kerry were to assist in creating what in espionage parlance is called "a legend", that is an entirely made up and fake story to blame onto patsies operating on a parallel track.
[4] As confirmed by the so far embargoed news group story, a renegade member of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, was to assist the plan. Nicholas Berg was groomed as a "penetration agent", although purportedly a Jew, to pretend to be sympathetic to Saudi Arabs in particular. Berg befriended various Saudi and other Arabs being trained for very low level, very routine airplane flying, under the auspices of U.S. Military facilities in Florida, Oklahoma, and California, among other places.
[5] A sort of "spark-plug" for this work was Mohammed Atta, purportedly a "ring-leader" befriended by Nicholas Berg. Atta was financed in part by large sums funneled by Daddy Bush and others via ISI, the Pakistan Secret Political Police, originally set up by Daddy Bush.
[6] On behalf of Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, and John F. Kerry, penetration agent Berg purchased an airplane ticket in the name of Atta, by way of setting up Atta and other Arabs for the "legend", the spy trick, as patsies.
[7] The ticket was purchased through Oklahoma with the ostensible assistance of a former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, former U.S. Senator David L. Boren.
Boren was a graduate of Yale University and reportedly like Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, and John F. Kerry, is a member of the super-secret Skull & Bones Society. Boren was Oklahoma Governor 1975-79, and U.S. Senator 1979-94. He was the longest serving Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
Boren was forced out of the U.S. Senate as a result of an attempted hush-up of a homosexual scandal, wherein pictures were made available to the monopoly press showing him in homosexual cavorting with other members of Congress, the executice branch of the U.S. Government, and the homosexual underground in the monopoly press.
Boren is a close associate of George J. Tenet (like other Directors of Central Intelligence, he does not use his real name). Prior to 9-11, Tenet's CIA helped obstruct FBI agents in Minneapolis who sought in August, 2001, to examine the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui, later accused with the purported Arabs of planning 9-11 tragedies. Moussaoui is reportedly actually a U.S. Government espionage operative. He spent six months in Norman, Oklahoma. He was not only an associate of Nicholas Berg, who allowed him to use his computer with its password, but Moussaoui was also an associate of the co-pilot who later was on the fatal flight by which Minnesota U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone was assassinated, October, 2002 by a sabotaged plane crash (he was expected to be re-elected and Wellstone was considered Anti-CIA).
Boren's close associate has been CIA officer David Edger who had been in charge of CIA surveillance over the Hamburg, Germany Al Qaeda cell which included Atta. The FBI and American CIA obstructed the German authorities in the Hamburg matter by arranging key American witnesses not to be available for evidentiary hearings and trials.
Boren has been a Director of ConocoPhillips, overlapping the interests of the Bush Crime Family, through Pennzoil-Texaco and the worldwide war-mongers and profiteers, the Carlyle Group.
Boren has also been a Director of AMR Corporation, parent firm of American Airlines, Inc. Boren has been in a position to reportedly conceal and withhold data as to flights on 9-11 as to American Air Lines, which may contradict the official position of the Bush White House and the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press. Boren was in a position to seek to hold back data as to Mohammed Atta, and as to ticket procurer Nicholas Berg for Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, and John F. Kerry, in a joint treasonous pact to inflict bloodshed on fellow Americans and falsely blame the same on to "Arab" so-called "hi-jackers".
[8] George W. Bush, Daddy Bush, and John F. Kerry are gravely concerned that the news group, so far sitting on this story, has reputed proof that for Bush-Kerry and the apparent treasonous plot, that Nicholas Berg, for their plan and scheme, arranged to plant, in the middle of the street near the attacked twin towers of the World Trade Center, the alleged passport of Mohammed Atta, somehow in pristine and undamaged condition.
[9] There is some doubt as to whether Nicholas Berg is dead as represented by a purported video beamed up from London. Berg's role in this, and data he turned over to The Mossad, has enabled them to apparently continue blackmailing large sums out of the Bush White House, to be used for Israel's military defense. From a candid position, Israel finds themselves in a perpetual struggle with Arabs, by the slim piece of land being set up in 1948 by British divide and conquer policy, to control the oil-soaked areas in surrounding places occupied by Arabs and Persians.
[10] Unanswered questions:
===Is the person known as Nicholas Berg really dead? If so, was he murdered, not by Arabs, but by a special assassins' team arranged by Daddy Bush to attempt to cover up the foregoing?
===Will the news group succumb to the pleading of the Bushies, that these matters, if widely and publicly revealed, would bring down the American Central Government and may set off a patriotic military coup to rescue the American common people from a bloody murderous faction of "the powers that be", the Establishment, the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class---plainly, THEM?
===Other than a devastating profound scandal, WHAT will rescue the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution from its current condition as having been cancelled because of false tales that "the Arabs" attacked us on September 11, 2001?
===Under the circumstances, can reasonably informed people actually believe a Presidential Election is possible, in the traditional way, in the year 2004? Both expected Presidential candidates have committed treason, which is apparent to anyone knowing the details of the story a major news group is sitting on, while America burns to the ground. Only fools and those who hate this previously blessed Land, can stay silent in the face of treachery.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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