Overthrow Of The
Ameriican Republic - Part 55
Wars & Terror - Knowing In Advance?

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Some divide up the power of the world in two ways. One, is large standing armies. Or, secondly, great archives of some other nation, or tribe, or geopolitical force's profound secrets.
One is generally visible and known. The other, mostly not.
Which, in the final analysis, is the most powerful?
In the 1920s, U.S. General Billy Mitchell was put on Court Martial. Why? He angered the old-time other Generals and Admirals. He said future wars will be fought and won with air power, not navies. He showed one airplane can bomb to bits a mighty battleship. About 1923, he predicted that someday the U.S. territory of Hawaii, at Pearl Harbor, where the U.S. fleet is kept, will be attacked by airplanes. Entrenched, encrusted uniforms did not listen. He was punished.
[Movie, "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell". Also, book coming out, 2004, "A Question of Loyalty: Gen. Billy Mitchell and the Court Martial That Gripped The Nation", by Douglas C. Waller. Various search engines show the documented books of the prior knowledge of the White House, to the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Many years later, a populist newspaper, "Spotlight", printed the front page of a newspaper in Hawaii, with the headline, published ONE WEEK BEFORE PEARL HARBOR, that an attack by Japan was expected.]
The Truman White House suppressed data showing that the U.S. defense of South Korea, 1950-1953, was treasonously compromised, in that the U.S. was supposedly part of a U.N. force that included the Soviet Union. AND, that the Moscow government knew our military defense plans AHEAD OF TIME. Tens of thousands of ordinary Americans were slaughtered to no avail.
Great bloodhshed of U.S. soldiers would have been avoided if those who knew the whispered secrets were overheard.
The Johnson White House well knew that the origin of the U.S. involvement in Viet Nam, through the Gulf of Tonkin incident, was obtained through a bloody treason.
Did a more common American overhear or find out, that the Aristocracy had a plan to scrap the U.S. Constitution, and particularly its Bill of Rights, September 11, 2001? That the plan was by the crazies in the U.S. Military, in Norad, in the White House, and elsewhere? The treason was like the aborted plan, "Northwoods Project", of 1962, The Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted to instigate an attack on Cuba? How? To blow up U.S. buildings, U.S. airplanes with American pasengers onboard, and similar home-grown bloodshed, to be falsely blamed on Fidel Castro.
The book with the documents of 1962 , a blueprint for 9-11, was published right before 9-11. ["Body of Secrets" by James Bamford.] After 9-11, who, if anyone, connected up the dots?
How many years, if not decades, must pass, before ordinary Americans understand "Arab hi-jackers" did not attack the buildings in New York and the Pentagon? The Arabs were like Lee Harvey Oswald, on a parallel track, positioned and publicized to be falsely blamed.
The incidents of 9-11 were supervised by Daddy Bush, the former chieftain of America's secret political police, as the real supervisor of the occupant and resident of the White House, his son, installed by a Five-Judge, Fascist-inclined majority, like a Military-Style Junta on the U.S. Supreme Court. Among the motives for the dirty home-grown bloodshed was (1) to side-step an impending financial collapse of the U.S. by emergency proclamations by way of countering "terrorism" and (2) to completely divert if not suppress public attention of an expected late September, 2001 report, that the Electoral Vote controversy of Florida, was a monstrous voting fraud. Large media groups ordered and paid for a re-audit of the Florida ballots. When the report was finally sheepishly belatedly issued November, 2001, the press-fakers, with false patriotism, protected George W. Bush from scandal.
Some among the Aristocracy, "the powers that be", the Establishment, the Ruling Class---whatever you call THEM, were greatly angered on April 29, 2004. On that day was posted on various websites a Middle-Finger News item, head-lined The Terror Cartel, by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom, that there was an apparent plan to further control the U.S. by a home-grown plot, on the West Coast, to destroy Golden Gate Bridge.
Part of the apparent plot, to go into effect on Saturday, May Day, 2004, included the efforts of California Governor Arnold SchwarzenNAZI (we call him that, his elders having been in with Hitler in Austria). Arnold arranged to withdraw the National Guard patrolling the bridge. Arnold conveniently left the country to give a fako speech in Israel, attempting to white wash his family's Nazi links.
So, two independent-minded journalists, Skolnick and Bloom, uncovered what seems to have been a treasonous further plot to cancel the Bill of Rights, by way of falsely-blamed Arab terror to target Golden Gate, a worldwide known American icon. And all this, at a time of low approval ratings for George W. Bush, corruptly and fraudulently installed as the occupant and resident of the White House. The real duly elected President, Albert Gore, Jr., was simply not inaugurated.
[As to the fraud upon the High Court and corruption, installing George W. Bush into the Oval Office, visit my website story, "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts", parts 9 and 10.]
Hey, is there a medal to be given for saving Golden Gate Bridge? Ask the liars and whores of the press if they understand any of this.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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