Proof MSG Causes Obesity In Experimental Studies
The data is in and it is staggering: Scientists have been using the common food additive Monosodium Glutamate to create fat rats and mice to experiment on. In hundreds of studies produced worldwide over the last thirty years, Monosodium Glutamate has been injected under the skin of day old mice and rats to produce obese rats and mice with a predisposition for diabetes.
Just as the occurrence of obesity and diabetes has risen to record levels, so too has the public,s ingestion of MSG. MSG, also found in ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein and Autolyzed Yeast Extract, is being added to a huge selection of restaurant food and processed food found in supermarkets.
According to the Glutamate Association, a government Lobby group sponsored by many of the companies that use or produce MSG in its various forms, the reason that it is added to food is simple:
"Studies have found that adding MSG to certain foods, such as soup and mashed potatoes, has been successful in increasing the food intake in institutionalized elderly populations.
John Erb, author of the book The Slow Poisoning of America believes that MSG is the food industry's equivalent to Nicotine. "Studies have shown that people who eat food laced with MSG eat more of it, and faster than food that does not have this additive. If it makes the elderly eat more, what is it doing to our nation,s children?
Glutamate is an amino acid that can excite almost every major organ in the body, especially the brain. It occurs naturally in milligram amounts in some harvested foods. Now, however, a person can get as much as a teaspoonful a day. John Erb finds this especially disparaging considering in some countries of the world one tablespoon of MSG is given to dogs to make them go into epileptic convulsions until they die.
"When ingested by human test subjects MSG directly affects the Pancreas stimulating it to triple its standard output of insulin output. This unnatural amount of insulin finds the sugar in the blood and converts it to fat. A few hours after you eat MSG the excess insulin the MSG triggers reduces your blood sugar level so much that you become tired and even hungry again. In animal test subjects this excess insulin leads to hyperinsulinemia: the chronic overproduction of insulin. The pancreas becomes so out of control that the body starts producing killer T cells to shut it down. Is it any wonder why diabetes, obesity and lethargy in our youths are at an all time high? Junk foods, processed foods, even cafeteria foods are now laced with large amounts of exitotoxic glutamates. John Erb reports.
"Too much glutamate in the brain overexcites the neurons until they die. Many people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines can trace their trigger to eating too much MSG. If it can give an adult a migraine what can it do to a developing fetus? John Erb asks.
John Erb theorized just what too much MSG could to a fetus when he was invited to attend the Defeat Autism Now Conference in Washington, D.C. He presented a report that outlined how MSG can affect a fetus before it is even a month old. The placental barrier is not developed and the embryo gets a full dose of whatever chemicals the mother has in her bloodstream. In this first month the brain is forming and glutamate can alter its growth possibly leading to ADHD, and in worse case scenarios, Autism. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and Dr. Bernard Rimland, considered experts in the field of Autism in Britain and United States respectively, as well as many other physicians at the Conference, said the Erb Report on Autism was a very real and probable explanation for many cases of Autism. They agreed that the connection between the uncontrolled increase in MSG and the ballooning rate of children born with Autism deserves a great deal of further study.
Having researched over five hundred studies that use MSG to create obese mice and rats, John Erb took his concern about the food additive,s safety to Washington. He was invited to report his findings to Senator Tom Harkin of the Senate Agricultural Committee. On April 19th, 2004, Mr. Erb met with the Senator,s aid, Alicia Morris, at the Agricultural office in the Birksen building. Ms. Morris was shocked by the ten page report that Mr. Erb gave her. The report, titled Published Medical Studies Linking the Food Additive MSG to Obesity outlined fifty studies from the over five hundred he has catalogued in which rats or mice were given MSG to make them obese and hyperinsulinemic.
John Erb suggested that the Senator should take action on the information in his MSG Report before the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act is passed by the Senate This act, known as The Cheeseburger Bill, would protect food manufacturers and restaurants from litigation stemming from discoveries such as Mr. Erb,s: MSG has been proven to cause obesity and pre-diabetes in test subjects and is used as a food additive to make people eat more. He believes that the FDA should ban the adding of glutamates to the American diet until the food manufacturers can prove that there is no danger to the public health. Mr. Erb concludes that "Considering that the same chemical used to make fat rats is used in uncontrolled amounts in our nation,s food supply to make us eat more, it is doubtful that they could ever prove it safe for human consumption. One wonders how it was ever approved to be added to our food in the first place."
MSG may not be the only cause of obesity, but it is the chemical of choice used by scientists to create obese subjects in lab experiments.
Senator Harkin is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Conference on Obesity sponsored by ABC and Times Magazine in Williamsburg, Virginia this June. It will be of great public interest to see how much of the Erb Report he is going to disclose.
You may request the report Medical Studies Linking the Food Additive MSG to Obesity presented to staff at the United States Senate Agricultural Committee, or the report Monosodium Glutamate and Autism, The Erb Theory presented at the Defeat Autism Now Conference at



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